Sunday, August 23, 2009

Black Crimes and Misdemeanors

I watched a news clip today as some nappy-headed buck stood before a judge in a t-shirt and those baggy pants they love to wear that shows the world their unwashed black ass. He had gotten out of prison just three months before for aggravated assault, and now he was standing before yet another judge on murder charges.

Now mind you, this buck was so damned stupid that he actually expected the judge to turn him loose on bail so he could beat feet to niggertown and vanish into the woodwork like the cockroach he is. That's exactly what all bucks do whenever they get in trouble, and all the other niggers help to protect them, regardless of how heinous the crime, because after all, they all are capable and guilty of similar crimes by the time they're old enough to say "mufuggah". Well, the judge keeps reading off counts and announcing"No bond!"

When Mr. Chimps realizes what this means, he explodes and turns on the white guy standing near him and proceeds to punch out the stranger for no other reason than because he was white. His blows were quick and vicious. Finally the guards tackle this ape and haul him off.

Personally I'd have taken him to a back room and cut his throat. The world has far too many murderous coons in it, and more are hitting the streets every day as these nasty-ass ho's continue to screw and pop them out fo' de' weafeah checks. Yazzuuhh!

I can't think of anything less sexy than a nappy headed ho'. YUCK! No wonder those bucks chase our women. Have you ever smelled one of them up close, standing in a line? ARRRGH! They reek like unwashed ass, a dead carp and B.O. But getting back on subject, this buck was only one of a dozen examples of nigger mayhem I saw on TV in just a three-hour stretch.

Another story opened with a buck speeding in a stolen car, trying to escape a police helicopter and three troopers. Talk about stupid. And of course Rastus sideswipes several innocent working poor, destroys property, injures people, and finally flips the car, trashing it. And you know this coconut-headed menace escaped unscathed from the wreck and promptly proceeded to beat feet across a series of neighborhood fences and yards, leaping them like an Olympic marathon runner.

If there's one thing that eons of running from hungry predators in Africa did for the nigger, it was to evolve speed in their heels. Because man, niggers can run! They finally brought this buck down, but had to play a "rap tune" with their night sticks on his nappy head to get his attention and cooperation...LOL!

That little drama is repeated by the thousands daily, all over our country. Niggers are literally out of control and getting worse by the day, as liberal chimp-huggers spew out an ever increasing flood of pro-nigger propaganda and deliberately squelch every negative story that hits the news wires. This is criminal, and these news carriers should be charged with violating constitutional law for stifling the First Amendment.

Nigger murders are epidemic. I don't care which police show you tune in, the culprits are almost always black. And if they're not, they're wetback. The murders are always senseless as well. Some buck walked up to the window of a carload of whites stopped at a red light, pulled a gun and demanded their money. When the money wasn't made instantly available, Buckwheat pumped two deadly rounds into the head of a housewife with three kids, then ran like the cockroach he is.

At the same time, liberals in DC are fighting hard to disarm the public so they'll be even more defenseless against these apes. If they ban guns, does anyone honestly think the niggers are going to happily obey the law and turn in their guns? If you do, you're a blithering idiot. The only people being disarmed will be the very people that need

But then, the liberals know this folks! Don't think for one second they don't. They want you defenseless! So what if it costs hundreds of thousands of innocent white lives? Our leaders are controlled by JEWS who despise us and want us dead. Disarming us helps with their final agenda. The sheer evil of these bastards astounds me. I've studied conspiracies all my life and dismissed most of them as pure bullshit. But the Jewish conspiracy to destroy us is not only quite real, it's also the most brilliant and insidious plan ever devised by an evil race of degenerates.

Sure, courts are now throwing the book at niggers. They're giving most of them life without parole. But they're only a drop in the bucket. Most perps are never named, let alone caught because as we all know, all niggers look alike. This really screws up identification of perps and confuses the crap out of witnesses, who are routinely picked apart by unscrupulous defense lawyers. All they have to do is put a half-dozen
other nappy-headed bucks in a line-up, and the witness is lost.

That's why once a coon makes it into niggertown, the odds of ever catching him drop radically. The one thing that liberals do that absolutely enrages me, is assume that these evil simians possess a conscience. They don't. They have no remorse whatsoever for their crimes. The only thing a nigger is ever sorry about is getting caught.

When I see these idiot chimp-huggers making special trips to the prison that's holding the killer of their daughter, to tell him that "they forgive him", I desperately want to grab those fools by the neck and beat the snot out of them. They make fools of all of us, and the niggers just laugh their asses off at the silly crackers. Niggers have no remorse. Ever.

Government statistics report that 88% of all bucks in this country are either in prison, in jail awaiting trial, on parole, on probation, or somewhere else in the justice system. And the remaining 12% are the smart ones that haven't been caught yet.

They are a criminal race.
Every single day that I get in my car and leave my home, I take a chance. That's because the second I hit the streets the niggers are watching me, waiting and looking for an opening to get to me. Here in California whites are considered a prey animal by all the niggers and the wetbacks, who are nothing more than a smarter version of nigger.

Just once I'd like to see our liberal-controlled media actually report accurately the amount of black and brown crime in our nation. The deliberate censorship of our airwaves is criminal..and dangerous. Lying to the public is costing tens of thousands of lives every single year because let's face it folks, most whites are naive as hell, and dumber than a day-old nigger. They've been brought up their entire lives to believe every word that cometh out of the mouth of those lying bastards.

When the revolt hits--and it will--I pray that my fellow whites remember these assholes and deal with them accordingly. Don't let them scurry off like the cockroaches they are, only to pop up again later and resume their evil. We must make damned sure they never do this again..ever.

Liberals, Jews, niggers and faggots despise me because I report the truth. I tell it like it is, and I always do my best to back up what I say with proof. And if I don't post it with my article, it's always available on demand to anyone..and I hope they don't like it. The truth to these maggots is like a light switch to roaches. The instant the light of truth is clicked on them, they scurry like hell for the safety of the darkness. Truth terrifies evil. It exposes them for who and what they are, and shows the whole world their true evil motives.

Niggers, wetbacks, faggots, etc., are the foot soldiers of this evil agenda which was masterminded and controlled by the Jews. Even your everyday kike agrees with their plans. That's because they all truly despise us. They were raised from birth to do so.

When you see a nigger perpetrating some crime, remember who sent them here and why. We can no more blame the nigger for being a nigger than we can blame the sky for being blue. That's it's nature. It is what it is. We must put the blame squarely on the backs of those responsible for inflicting these apes on us in the first place..the Jews. Or as Hitler so aptly put it; "Dig down a few centimeters into any social ill and you will find a Jewish maggot."

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The crime rate by blacks is overwhelming. On a whole, they are amoral and savage. The only solution is unrestricted open season on the muds.

What baffles me the most, is how the self-destructive and primitive black culture is embraced by the western world. In particular, white females that date, marry and breed with niggers are true race traitors and only hurting themselves anyway.

- Frank in Seattle

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's what niggers will do to a city:

click on "The Ruins of Detroit" for a garish visual that needs no explaining of what niggers will do to a city left undefended from these apes. There's one photo of a bank vault - where every last one of the lock faces was removed from the deposit boxes - as if anybody would have left anything of value when the bank closed. Then most of the drawers were pulled out and dumped. Almost every accessible window in every building is broken, only the ones that couldn't easily be hit by a rock (or bullet?) are intact or uncracked. Theaters and even churches are ravaged by these animals, as if nothing means anything to them and all works of fine craftsmanship, from carved chairs to ballroom pianos are mere targets of opportunity for their mindless acts of violence.

I note particularly that in the school and libraries they leave books more or less untouched. Guess they can't (or don't want to) read.

THIS is what awaits the rest of the country if we don't DO something about them, and soon!

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jews and Niggas have very similar DNA except for one property.

Jews cannot run as fast as their Nigga lackeys -so the Jew needs the Nigga to commit the crimes that Jews wish they themselves could perpetrate. The Nigga has been bred to run fast and jump as high as a basketball hoop.

It would not surprise me if there are labs in Ghana wherein Jews are creating Nigga DNA that can run fast and resist H1N1 Flu outbreaks.
Thus during flu outbreaks the Niggas can raise hell and steal from whites that have fallen prey to Zionist death plots.

Niggas were created with athletic endurance- which is God's way of
giving the world a race of laborers to build a better world- however, the Monkeys should have been kept in cages when they were not needed for menial tasks-otherwise they will have sex with anything that moves or stirs in their line of sight-including raping white women.

It should ( and will) be a law that if a Nigga has sex with a white Aryan woman the Monkey will immediately be terminated.

Jews and Niggas both lack the genetic capability to use intellectual forward thinking to build their own civilization.

It is a genetic fact that Jews and Niggas have absolutely no remorse for anything they do due to their inferior DNA. They do not possess the neural circuitry which allows for a personal response of "shame."

The DNA of Aryan decendants has this moral capacity to evaluate right from wrong and to think before acting on impulse.

There is no Biblical evidence for Aryans to possess any guilt about remanding the Apes back to Africa where they belong.

Since Jews love Niggas so much then Niggas should be shipped to IsraHell as well- and let the Jews devolve their DNA further by copulating with the Gansta-Niggas!

Since Kikes love Gansta-Niggas so much- let's ship the Apes into IsraHell and see how the Jews feel about that!

Let's see if the Kikes would like to have bubble-lipped lackeys having sex with their children and giving birth to a hybrid race of Banking-Gangstas that can run fast
and put a ball through a hoop.

11:52 AM  

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