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Auschwitz Survivor Claims Elie Wiesel Is An Impostor

Slowly, slowly, ever so slowly, the Holocaust lie is beginning to crumble away.

Many more brave scholars and men of integrity like Germar Rudolph, Fred Toben, Ernst Zundel, and Bishop Richard Williamson may face prison still, but I predict that within another generation these horrible laws will be quietly shelved, and once more men may speak freely about the true events of the Second World War. Well, hope springs eternal, anyway.

The independent researcher and web publisher Dr. Henry Makow has reported a story completely ignored by the mainstream media. It seems that long-time professional Holocaust survior Elie Wiesel is a fraud and an imposter, and his accuser is not some Revisionist or wicked "neo-Nazi" (whatever that means) but a genuine Auschwitz survivor.

Dr. Makow tells us: "In May 1944 , when Miklos Gruner was 15, he was deported from Hungary to Auschwitz-Birkenau with his mother, father as well as a younger and an elder brother...He, his elder brother and their father had an inmate number tattooed on their arms and were sent to perform hard work in a synthetic fuel factory linked to IG Farben where the father died six months later. After that, the elder brother was sent to Mauthausen and, as the young Miklos was then alone, two elder Jewish inmates who were also Hungarians and friends with his late father took him under their protection. These two protectors of the young Miklos were the Lazar and Abraham Wiesel brothers." [It should be born in mind that Dr. Makow is not a primarily Revisionist, and pays lip service to the extermination myth, which makes the following story all the more credible.]

Dr. Makow goes on: "In the following months, Miklos Gruner and Lazar Wiesel became good friends. Lazar Wiesel was 31 years old in 1944. Miklos never forgot the number Lazar was tattooed with by the Nazis: A-7713. In January 1945, as the Russian army was coming, the inmates were transferred to Buchenwald. During the three months this transfer took, partly by foot, partly by train, more than half of the inmates died and amongst them was Abraham, the elder brother of Lazar Wiesel. In April 8, 1945, the US army liberated Buchenwald. Miklos and Lazar were amongst the survivors of the camp. As Miklos had tuberculosis, he was sent in a Swiss clinic and therefore was separated from Lazar. After recovering, Miklos emigrated to Australia while his elder brother, who also survived the war, established himself in Sweden."

Yadda yadda yadda. Here's where it gets interesting: "Years later, in 1986, Miklos was contacted in Australia by a Swedish journal and was invited to come in Sweden in order to meet an 'old friend' named Elie Wiesel... As Miklos answered that he doesn`t know anyone with this name, he was told Elie Wiesel was the same person Miklos knew in the Nazi camps under the name Lazar Wiesel and with the inmate number A-7713... Miklos still remembered that number and he was therefore convinced at that point that he was going to meet his old friend Lazar and happily accepted the invitation to fly to Sweden in December 14, 1986.

"Miklos recalls: 'I was very happy at the idea of meeting Lazar but when I got out of the plane, I was stunned to see a man I didn`t recognize at all, who didn`t even speak Hungarian and who was speaking English in a strong French accent... so, our meeting was over in about ten minutes.

"As a goodbye gift, the man gave me a book titled Night of which he claimed to be the author. I accepted the book I didn`t know at that time but told everyone there that this man was not the person he pretended to be.'"

"Miklos recalls that during this strange meeting, Elie Wiesel refused to show him the tattooed number on his arm, saying he didn`t want to exhibit his body. Miklos adds that Elie Wiesel showed his tattooed number afterward to an Israeli journalist who Miklos met and this journalist told Miklos that he didn`t have time to identify the number but was certain it wasn`t a tattoo.

"Miklos says: 'After that meeting with Elie Wiesel, I did research everywhere I could for twenty years and found out that the man calling himself Elie Wiesel has never been in a Nazi camp since he doesn`t figure on any official list of detainees...Elie Wiesel never wanted to meet me again. He became very successful; he takes 25 thousand dollars for a 45 minutes speech on the Holocaust.

"'I have officially reported to the FBI that Elie Wiesel is an impostor but had no answer. I have also complained to the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences with no result. The American and the Swedish media which I tried to contact were indifferent. I have received anonymous calls telling me I could be shot if I don`t shut up, but I am not afraid of death any more. I have deposited the whole dossier in four different countries and, if I died suddenly, they would be made public. The world must know that Elie Wiesel is an impostor and I am going to tell it, I am going to publish the truth in a book called The Story of a Stolen Nobel Prize Identity."

Some day, I don't know when, or how far in the future, there will be a tipping point, some kind of straw that broke the camel's back.

One of these bizarre and fraudulent stories about false Holocaust memoirs, bogus "survivors" and their descendants raking in the cash, or some ridiculous Holocaust story that is simply too outrageous for belief, is going to suddenly grow legs, possibly on the internet, but most likely in the mainstream media which through some subtle alchemy I cannot as yet foresee, will recover their conscience for a brief moment in time and do their duty by printing and broadcasting the truth.

The story will grow legs despite anything the Jews can do to suppress it, and all of a sudden the entire world, with a collective gasp, will get it about the so-called "Holocaust."

The whole world will realize how terribly and viciously and cynically we have been deceived for generations, and there will be Jews hanging from every lamp post.

Oh, well, we can dream, can't we?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oy vey ist mir.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the "raised by wolves" book has been exposed as fiction....but the most outrageous one was the woman who claimed to have saved a family diamond in the camps as a little girl by swallowing it and later picking it out of her feces EVERY DAY FOR 14 MONTHS!!!! Kinda encapsulates the entire jewish psyche in a nutshell, eh?

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Phil said...

In another generation we will be very close to the point of no return. Most of the few remaining Whites will be age 50+ and politically irrelevant. Any public outcry against the jews' lies will be a side-issue at best. Even if the story broke today, would our supine brethren have the stomach to DO anything about it?

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Truth" that has to be defended by a law is no "truth" at all. Why is Holecaust denial a crime?

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course his name Elie Wiesel says it all- I mean his surname sounds an awful lot like a similar word which is spelled "weasel."

So Elie Weasel decided ( just like a typical Kike) to get rich off of the Holohoax lie by building his own set of a court of Aryan law he'd have to be scalped and nailed to a cross.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elie Wiesel is an imposter who speaks English with a strong Serbian accent. He entered France in 1954 and his entry card from the Yugoslavian embassy can be seen on the internet. However, it does not show his name. His real name is probably something Serbian.

1:02 PM  

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