Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thieves Among Us

Yesterday the House passed a half-trillion dollar foreign aid bill! Did you get that? And we didn't have a thing to say about it. Nothing! Let me ask you something folks: How much money would that be to ease the financial burden if it were split among every working person in America?(None to the freeloading welfare parasites). Well? Don't you think that kind of money would do a lot to heal our wounds? Of course it would! but instead our ass-kissing, power mad leaders are going to give our money to our sworn enemies!

Am I the only sane person left in America? Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? Well?

We've got literally millions of desperate American families here in our homeland that can't pay the rent, can't buy food, and can't even buy gas to look for work. Suicide rates are skyrocketing as more and more people just give up. And yet these self-same leaders that are constantly spouting glib platitudes about how they care for the common man, are giving the farm away to enemies of the Union, just to garner a few "attaboys" from these worthless, greedy despots.

This isn't only evil, it's insanity. Just what part of guilty of high treason don't you people get? Talk about giving aid and comfort to the enemy! You can buy one hell of a lot of comfort for half a trillion bucks!

When I first got the news about this new massive giveaway courtesy of Super Koon and Pelosi, I almost had an apoplectic fit. I wonder just how many of you can comprehend how much money that really is. If that money were to be split among the working class of America..not the parasites, wetbacks and welfare niggers, but the actual working people in need, it would come to over $20,000 per person! How much good do you think that kind of money would do for all our people and the economy? Bailouts my ass! Fixing the economy starts at the bottom, not at the top with all the thieving Jews where the problem originated!

That kind of money would end the housing crisis overnight. It would reopen thousands of small businesses and start up new ones. It would pay off a lot of old debts and get millions of homeless off the streets and back into the workforce. And don't you think our leaders know this? Of course they do! And this is what burns my ass the most.

The majority of Americans are so stupid they can't add two plus two. Any fool with an IQ over 15 can see that our economy was deliberately crashed. This was done in preparation for martial law and a police state takeover. Our evil leaders don't want the economy fixed! Get it? This whole fiasco was deliberate. And the sooner people wake up to this fact and realize that our government is our mortal enemy, the sooner we can do something about it..and them. We are being ruled by a pack of unscrupulous, corrupt, and evil mobsters that have absolutely no qualms about killing all of us to further their evil agenda for more power.

It's always about power and wealth. It always has been since the dawn of time, and always will
be. Every great civilization that has risen and fallen in mankind's long history was destroyed by this very same group of bastards. Oh, the individual names have changed with the generations, but their goal has never altered and never will.

That's because Evil is least it thinks it is, and has been behind all the suffering this old world has been put through down through the ages. The karmic and blood debt these maggots owe is beyond measuring. Death by slow torture isn't even enough..but it's a start, and believe me, if I had my hands on these sonofabitches, they would experience a whole array of creative ways to scream.

I would order it for the sake of all those countless innocents that have suffered and died because of these monsters. I would make sure that their screaming and agony was televised to the whole world, so they could serve as a lesson and a warning for all those lowlifes out there that would ever dare to dream of pulling something so evil again. And rest assured that no matter how many of them we root out and destroy, there will always be some that slip through the cracks. Evil people are slippery.

Yeah, I know. It sounds ruthless and barbaric as hell. But the rules of civilization only apply to civilized people, and these bastards are anything but. Laws mean nothing to them except as tools to screw and control us. They are lawless people.

I'm one of those characters that is fully aware of the number and depth of the crimes these people are guilty of. Whenever I see some politician enter the room at some state affair, and all the worshippers and wannabes start applauding the clown just because he walks in the door, I want to run into a corner and puke my guts out in disgust. Giving respect to people like him is criminal. The liberals then jump in and glibly announce that they're showing respect for his position, not the man. Bullshit. They're kissing butt, pure and simple. If the man occupying the position is corrupt, the position itself is corrupt and not worthy of respect.

I've had a lot of naive people accuse me of having no respect for any type of authority, which is a lie. But respect must be earned. I don't give it blindly, especially to politicians, which are suspect because of their very profession.

Most honest people would never want to get involved in politics in the first place. That's because any fool knows that politics is stuffed with crooks, liars and thieves. Every once in a while a good man gets in office for one reason only, and that's to straighten out the mess these corrupt bastards have made of things.

Well, our country is in a real mess right now, and I have serious doubts that it can be saved by any other method besides violence. I am always speaking out against unnecessary violence and acts of pointless terrorism. But there are times when violence is the only viable answer. And right now our nation is so hopelessly hog-tied by so many crooked men and women, that we're left with damn few options.

Revolt is coming just as surely as the sun rises. I get a kick out of the naivete of our leaders who refuse to face this fact. They smile and smirk at anyone who even hints at the possibility. They'll be laughing out the other side of their faces when it strikes. I wish I could see the look on their corrupt faces when they get the news from their kiss-ass aides that thousands of angry Americans are outside, clamoring for their heads. That day is just around the corner, like a runaway freight train rounding the bend.

Most of us are fully aware of the government's plans for martial law and the implementation of a police state. Many of the reports we get from a great many different sources say that they will attempt it sometime in July...this month, in fact. That may or may not be true. In fact it could happen tonight...or two years from tonight.

One of the first rules of conquest is to keep the target guessing. And I can guarantee you all that we know damned little about their true timetable and agenda. Never underestimate these bastards. They have a lot of money and can hire the best and the brightest to do their planning and dirty work for them.

To assume anything about these freaks who rule us is dangerous. We should all live every single day as if it were the day they strike, because it damn well could be. These mobsters are terrified of us, and will do almost anything to neutralize us as a threat. But if they can wait us out, our guard will slowly lower and we'll stop worrying about them. That's when they'll strike.

So it's up to us to strike first. We must take back our government and arrest all of these treasonous bastards. I no longer recognize this government as legitimate. It no longer represents the people in any way, shape, or form.

Liberal politicians are deliberately ignoring us and overriding the will of the people to pass whatever laws, bills, and regulations they see fit. Their arrogance is beyond measuring. These are criminal acts. We have a responsibility and a sacred duty to take back our government and nation before these monsters finish destroying it.

A lot of damage has already been done. No matter what we do, we'll never see this nation back the way it was before they polluted it with such major evils as integration, civil rights, affirmative action, political correctness, and above all, liberalism.

But we can save a remnant and form a new Aryan nation from the ashes of the old. Let the muds destroy themselves. We'll build a nation that adheres to the old laws and the old ways, and whoever tries to disrupt it again will meet with a grisly death. That will be added to our constitution as a safeguard against lowlifes ever again getting a foothold into our way of life.

We must treat the thieves among us like the Moslems treat thieves. That's one part of their belief system I totally agree with. It's ruthless alright. And it's time we were as well. We've put up with far too much for far too long already.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw tranny jewboy Stu Rasmussen the mayor of Silverton, OR on CNN last night. What a perv !!

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree! There are so many crooks in high places who richly deserve torture far worse than what they ordered to be dispensed against the ragheads they held at Gitmo that there aren't enough hours in a day to type a list of all of their names. Fully half of Congress, half of the Judges at all levels, most members of the Executive branch, the top shareholders and executives of numerous corporations, all of their lickspittle lackeys, and all the Jew bankers who fund it all with their counterfeiting scam deserve to be placed under arrest immediately, charged with high treason, tried by an Aryan court, and punished in whatever way suits their level of involvement. The kingpins of the conspiracy deserve to die VERY slowly and painfully. Those who answer directly to them deserve the gallows or the guillotine, the next level deserve a bullet to the head. The lowest level of lackeys ought to be shipped to some remote island, they and their offspring sterilized, their new home surrounded by sharks and a military blockade. Let the low level servants and their children live out their days cut off from society with no hope of return and no chance of reproducing future generations of stooges to authoritarianism. As for Obongo, he deserves to face Impeachment before a new, all-Aryan Congress and have his worthless illegal-alien black ass shipped back to the jungles of Kenya to live out the rest of his days swinging from trees and throwing coconuts and spears to fight off lions and cannibal niggers.


4:45 PM  

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