Monday, July 20, 2009

The Politics of Evil

I watched the news today as Sarah Palin explained why she was stepping down as governor. Her reasons were sound and for the first time in ages, intelligent and honorable.

Liberals had won control of the state senate in the recent election (not through popular vote, but by political backroom dealing), and this would make Palin a lame duck governor, unable to do a thing the rest of her term. The liberals would deliberately block her every move from this point on, and she knew it. All she would be able to do would be to draw a fat salary and make goodwill trips overseas for fun, which is exactly what most politicians would do. She chose instead to give them the finger and leave.

Good for her. She's the first honest politician I've seen in thirty years. It's a shame she's leaving, but in truth she's doing the right thing. Think about it.

Again today the liberal media was ass-deep in Jackson tributes, and hordes of pundits spewing his praises. I wanted to gag. Every last faggot, liberal, chimp-hugger, black, and talking head in the country are gearing up for tomorrow's Jackson gala...or should I say funeral, in which once again that bleached-out coon will be the star of the show. A ham to the last.

This is the same nigger that straightened his hair, had thirty-five face jobs to make his features more Caucasian, married a blonde (of course), but claimed to the last that he had a "skin disease" that caused him to turn white.

Yeah, I know all about that disease. All niggers have it. It's called "wanna-be-white-itis." Anyone that believes a word out of that buck's mouth doesn't know blacks at all. They'd rather lie when telling the truth is easier. It's in their very nature to lie.

The worship of this sick, perverted pedophile is a testament to the depths of depravity our society has sank. This is the same buck that dangled a baby by the leg over a balcony, and who got off of two molestation charges because he's black and famous. If that freak had been white he'd still be rotting in prison.

American justice is a joke; the laughing stock of the entire planet and rightly so. I saw de' Rev. Al Sharpton tonight,demanding that we all "show some spect' fo' de' Jacksons! Yazzuuhh!" Respect? Respect what? Respect is something you earn, you liver-lipped loudmoutt. None of the Jacksons deserve respect. None of them.

There was a forensic artist on the tube the other night, and he had a facial model of what Michael Jackson should have looked like, and would have looked like, if he hadn't had all those stupid de-cooning procedures.I cracked up when I saw it. That's because the man's model looked exactly like any other bubble-lipped, smashed nosed, nappy-headed Ubangi now jamming our ghettos and prisons. People have forgotten what an ass-ugly little niglet he used to be when he was first starting out.

I heard some bleeding heart blubbering about his "genius" in song writing and performing, and how the world would miss him. Gimme a break, lady! There has never ever been a single hit song or performance that any Motown buck ever sang or did that wasn't written by a white! But being the hams for credit and attention that they are, whenever a coon buys the rights to a song, he makes sure that he also buys the credit for it. That's why it's only long after the song or performance is news that the truth gets leaked out. Almost all of your Motown hits were written by famous white songwriters, from Paul McCarthy to Barry Manilow. The sheer hypocrisy of America today sickens me.

It's going to be a miracle indeed, if the natives don't get restless during the funeral and subsequent parade in LA over this dead buck. I've yet to see blacks pass up an opportunity to chimp-out. I'm also positive that if they do go tearing the hell out of the city, that the liberal talking heads will immediately start justifying it, claiming that they're "only venting their understandable frustration with whitey for keeping the poor black man down." I am so damned sick of hearing this tripe that I could howl at the moon! But now we get to the real reason for all the media coverage on Jackson: a diversion.

Yep. The politicians are pushing and promoting this event because they want the public's attention focused away from the real horrors going on right now, namely the Cap and Trade Bill, and Super Chimp's new medical program. Both are guaranteed to put all working poor out on the street.

You think I'm kidding? If these bills pass, we have had it! Even Vice Prez Biden is now at odds with Obama, declaring that the chimp doesn't know squat about the economy, and is going to destroy the country out of sheer stupidity. Well, American yuppies are getting exactly what they voted for; a stupid buck nigger as de' prez... And they've got the gall to be surprised that he's screwing up everything? Funny..I seem to remember warning people that this stupid buck would do exactly that. Now didn't I? Hmmm... The bill for each American for these two nightmares will average around $6,000 each! And that's per year folks.

And the way that damned chimp has it worded, if you don't pay, you can be arrested and everything you own confiscated by the government! It's just a ruse for the installation of the communist state. Wake up, people! This nigger's got to go!!!

I was reading some of the blogs from the John Birch group the other day. What I read really disturbed me because of the sheer idiocy of it all. One guy was talking as if he were an expert, pronouncing that Obama was only 1\16th black, and that the rest was white and Indonesian.

Yeah, right. And I met the Tooth Fairy last night too. What a moron! I guess that's why all of Obama's relatives..including his gramma and brother are as black as Sambo? This fool was actually saying that blacks were superior to whites in many ways.

Now mind you, this is a supposedly conservative group. This only demonstrates to us just how hopelessly lost most white Americans are today. They're are so screwed up in their thinking that trying to reason with them is not only futile, it's dangerous. This is why I warn my fellow white activists to distance themselves from the label "conservative". Call yourself a traditionalist or an independent, or a Anything but a member of one of these evil parties.

Our nation was doomed from the start by this two-party system because it never gets a chance to travel in a straight line and accomplish anything. Instead it staggers through the political arena like a drunkard, careening from one way of doing things to the other every four years, depending on which party gets in power.

This system has to be abolished, along with the idea of the popular vote. As I've already explained in the past, voters should be screened for intelligence, education, integrity, mental stability, and other factors before ever being allowed to do something as important for the fate of this nation as vote.

The timing of the final collapse is still up in the air. It could happen tonight, tomorrow, or even next year, depending on how soon the enemy gets his ducks in a row. The only thing for dead certain is the fact that it is coming. All any fool has to do is examine all the mountains of evidence piling up to see the reality of this. No nation, I don't care how powerful and rich it is, can withstand so many deliberate assaults on so many fronts.

Our fall is inevitable. There are still a ton of naysayers out there that are dismissing the entire idea as paranoia. This has a lot more to do with fear and their refusal to face reality than it does with any proof to the contrary. They're scared. And rightly so. But sticking your head in the sand won't prevent anything, it'll only guarantee you get it in the ass first.

To stop this madness we must all get up and start raising hell in every way possible. Each of us have avenues of expertise and authority where we can make a dent of some sort, and combined we can be a real force for change. But that starts with one person at a time and builds from there.

Everywhere we turn now, we see corruption and stupidity on a scale unmatched in history. And speaking of history, it will record the fact that we had more than ample opportunities to prevent this nightmare, but chose to do nothing. I'd have to say we deserve our fate...wouldn't you?

Politics in this country, and indeed around the world has become evil in the extreme. Our government protects the very criminals destroying us. Be careful what you say, and who you say it about. Free speech is dead. Just look at Bill White and Hal Turner. Their words got them tossed in prison, not their deeds. If that isn't evil, I don't know the definition.

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Palin drinks from ZOG's toilet and manages to have the few non-whites in Alaska on her staff. So I am throughly confused why any white would find her to be a great candidate for whites. Neither Democrats or Republicans are our friends.

1:30 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

What you have to understand, Ray, is that any search for ideological perfection outside the Fuhrer himself is doomed to disappointment.

Realistically speaking, perfection in our Movement simply doesn't exist. We are all contaminated by bits and pieces of Amurrican crap floating around in our brains, neoconservatism, capitalism, democracy, etc. These things are drummed into us at a very young age and it's almost impossible to escape them.

We all have our weaknesses. I myself confess to being an occasional Rush Limbaugh listener. All part of the heavy price the world continues to pay for what we did to Germany in 1914-1918 and 1939-1941.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barry Manilow is a Jew.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article raises many points of interest. I do not believe in a universal franchise and I would say even in an all white and racially conscious state (The two terms are NOT the same)we cannot allow every single white person to vote.
Likewise demographic studies have shown that Obama got 96% of the black vote and the only segment of whites who went over to the "dark side" was not based on regionalism or wealth but age. The majority of the whites in the 18 to 30 age group voted for Obama. His main speech writer on staff is a 28 year old white male!
Joseph Anthony.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fanatical "New Religion" of Liberalism asserts that it is some pervesrsely "sacred civic duty" of Whites to yield up all vestiges of our former Freedoms and surrender all the fruits of our labors in rthe name of "social justice" to enable the invading hordes of muds to breed us out of existence. We are expected to endure the oppression which was historically heaped by the Judeo-Bolsheviks upon the Negro and willingly accept blame for their oppression without daring to question the false witness sworn against us by the same billionaire Jews whose family fortunes were made by stealing Negroes from Africa to sell into bondage throughout the New World which our European ancestors discovered and transformed from sparsely-inhabited wilderness to great Civilization. Never are we to mention the fact that the Jews provoked wars all along the African coast, offering the warring tribes guns and watered-down liquor in exchange for prisoners captured from rival tribes during the Jew-incited conflicts. No one is to mention the ongoing use of Negro slave labor in Jewish-run diamond mines throughout Africa to this day. No one is to mention how, during the 1920s, members of the Negro Council of the American Communist Party were systematically denied compensation for assisting the Jewish organizers of the Red Left and their many front organizations in their efforts to subvert America's culture and wreck its racial identity. Even some of the rank and file Communists themselves at that time began to criticize the "un-communist" manner in which their pet chimps were being treated by the organizers of the Treason which they were committing. The phrase "stench of slavery" was even used in one such critique of the Communists' exploitation of Negroes. A Google search of that phrase will locate an online reproduction of the article.

"Democracy" is, in fact, a Leftist code-word for Communism, having roots in the Stalinist practice of "Democratic Socialism" wherein debate was permitted on a particular issue under consideration by the Comintern until such time as the final draft of whatever new policy was formally adopted as State decree, after which no further discussion was permitted under penalty of a fatal stay in a Siberian gulag. "Peace" is defined by the Red Left as "the absence of opposition to Bolshevism" in Marxist propaganda of the past and present.

What the niggers, beaners, gooks, mongrel muds, and white traitors don't realize is that the chains of chattel slavery are slated to be clamped onto all non-Jews not murdered for resisting or for being suspected of potential for resistance by the paranoid Yids once these shabboz-goyim have enabled the Yids to impose their tyranny.


1:01 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

My weakness is that I still prefer an American beer, despite the Jew's hand in that business.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ray - how about brewing your own? "Northwest American Lager" with a tasteful label in green, white, and blue?

Dave 07212009 / 1659

4:58 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

There are plenty of examples of parasitic life-forms in science fiction which could be analagous to the jew. Christopher Rowley's 'Vang', for example. However, I think that Orwell's 1984 still best describes the sheer malevolence of the jew mind. Even the readers of sites like this sometimes don't seem to realise what monsters they are. It's not enough for the jew to just kill you. He would much prefer to destroy your spirit and all that you value first and see your despair before he kills you. It has always been his way. The kikes in Russia used to relish forcing their victims watch their families being tortured and murdered first. They did the same to Germans in 1945, are doing the same to Palestinians today and will do it to American whites tomorrow. The suffering that our people undergo at the hands of muds now is something that the jew brought about with malice aforethought. Jews are happy that white farmers and their families are being murdered in South Africa and Rhodesia. They enjoy the fact that thousands of white women are raped by apes each year. They look forward to the time when they and their puppets can kill us enmasse. This is not paranoia, but observation of standard jew behaviour over a long time. It is difficult for a rational person to understand that they are hated so much simply for who they are, but it's a fact nonetheless. I don't know whether the white race will react to what the jew is doing to us or not. What is clear though, is that we are approaching a time of 'critical mass', so to speak. I firmly believe that the world will be vastly different ten years from now. The kike is very powerful and very dangerous, but he is not all powerful and not as smart as he thinks. Our race may become irrelevant or not, but I don't think that the jew will prevail. He is just too vile and destructive and no society, or even nature itself, could tolerate him indefinitely.

5:36 AM  
Blogger harpax said...

I think Palin is not really reliable. She should not have quit, even with all the cards stacked against her. Being a governor is still power, and I nor most people like a quitter. Perhaps if she said she was going to re-join the Alaska secessionist movement, or if she came out and said what a complete sell-out Mccain was (and his staff, who turned on her the moment the campaign was over), I might have some sympathy.
Palin seems like she needs to be given a reading list. Maybe the NW trilogy? Get her to read it, and then see what her answer is. I liked Palin in that she was 'one of us' (a reasonably reformist-type middle American), but she flies the Israeli flag in her office and I'm sure she will support the war de jour.
But at least Palin didn't do as Ron paul did and appear on BRUNO. What was He thinking?

3:46 PM  

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