Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Negritude On The Air

A black "hip hop" disc jockey in New York City has been arrested for offering a $500 reward for the whereabouts of a rival's four year-old daughter, so he could urinate on her and sexually abuse her. He did this on the air in the hearing of easily a million or so listeners. In view of the contents of most negroid "rap" music, I'm surprised anyone took any notice.

Troi Torain, 42, who goes by the name DJ Star, and was co-host of the “Star & Buc Wild Morning Show,” was arrested on May 12th by detectives from the NYPD Hate Crimes Unit. (Since his threats were directed against a black child, it's a hatecrime. He probably could have threatened the entire white kindergarten population of Long Island and gotten away with it.) He was also ordered to surrender his gun license and a handgun.

Torain, 42, was fired by Clear Channel Radio's Power 105.1 station on May 10th, after he went on the air, possibly drunk or stoned on drugs, with a wild and gibbering tirade of insults and abuse against one Raashaun Casey, known as DJ Envy, who works for rival station Hot 97. This was the result of a long-running feud between the two hip-hop stations which are rivals for the huge and highly lucrative New York negroid listening market.

For days prior to Torain flipping out, DJs at Hot 97 were threatening him, taunting him and making offensive remarks about members of his family, such as calling his mother a prostitute. (Sounds like an old Richard Pryor routine.) Torain responded in kind by making "racially offensive remarks" about Gia Casey, Raashaun Casey's part-Asian wife, and he culminated his bizarre booga-booga tirade with his offer to listeners of $500 for information on the whereabouts of the couple's child, for the purposes aforementioned.

“I will come for your kids,” Torain said, according to transcribed excerpts from the DA's office. “I finally got the information on his slant-eyed ho' wife.” Torain also called the couple’s child a “little half a lo mein eater” and said he wanted to “do an R. Kelly on your seed, on your little baby girl. I would like to tinkle on her.” The comments apparently were referring to videotapes in 2002 showing a man bearing a strong resemblance to black singer R. Kelly having sex with someone who appeared to be an underage girl and then urinating on her.

Torain has been charged with aggravated harassment and endangering the welfare of a child, misdemeanors that could potentially incur a maximum sentence of a year in jail if he is convicted.



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I wonder if Torain's homies will be attending the National hip-hop conference being held in Seattle this week?

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