Saturday, July 18, 2009

Latest Percy Weller

Hi Harold,

In Percy's latest video he explains why British police are giving shoppers little sets of bells to put on their wallets,purses and mobile phones.

Below is the url for a picture to go with video:

I've also started a Percy Weller blog to go with his PcWeller Twitter.



Anonymous brian boru said...

One can't help but be struck about how insane liberalism is. A true liberal is as mad as the most fanatical religionist. Evidence is irrelevant to them. So long as the 'law' is at their service they will do everything they can to implement their crazy equalitarianism. We are all going mad in the process. A society that tolerates the ludicrous situation described by Pc Weller is as delusional as one which believed in witches and demons and the lies propagated by the criminals who ruled the churches. Hacking the hands from the thieves, who are largely Third World scum, is the rational response to pickpocketing. A liberal would no more consider that than he would the presence of millions of sub-human invaders in his society. What would our ancestors have thought about these people?

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fanatical "New Religion" of Liberalism asserts that it is some pervesrsely "sacred civic duty" of Whites to yield up all vestiges of our former Freedoms and surrender all the fruits of our labors in the name of "social justice" to enable the invading hordes of muds to breed us out of existence. To that end, we are forbidden to offer any resistance to the theft of our property by muds, and are threatened with punishment for offering any resistance whatsoever. This is the face of Jewish oppression, the face of pure EVIL!!!


7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:14 AM  

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