Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here It Comes: The Amnesty

The Breitbart web site says: "President Barack Obama will present plans for immigration reform this year, Hispanic lawmakers said Wednesday after strategic talks at the White House. Obama 'was clear and eloquent and determinate to let us know that we are all together in the route of comprehensive immigration reform,' Democratic lawmaker Luis Gutierrez told reporters after the discussion between the president and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC)."

In other words, the President of the United States sat down with Mexicans in the White House and conspired with them to destroy the country.

"Obama will convene a public forum on the issue probably in two months, according to New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. The White House said in a statement that the meeting was robust and strategic and that Obama will work with CHC members to address immigration reform in both the short and long term."

In other words we're going to have amnesty rammed down our throats by the Democrats, and there's not a damned thing we can do about it.

Well, people, this is it.

Jug-Ears and McCain tried amnesty in 2006 and 2007, and both times White people managed to scream and curse and shout so loudly that they backed off, rather like a wounded man lying all alone in the wilderness can sometimes manage to frighten off the buzzards by screaming and shouting and throwing sticks. But the buzzards always come back.

Now everybody has either lost their job or is so terrified of losing their job that they will be too frightened and confused and distracted to put up much of a fight, and so millions of Mexicans and other Third World scum who are taking those jobs will be rewarded for breaking the law by being made permanent residents, including the loathsome "macacas", the Asian-trained engineers and IT workers who have displaced hundreds of thousands of Americans in the highly-paid technical industries.

The key code words to look for in the so-called "immigration reform" debate are "path to citizenship" and moaning about all these poor wetbacks "living in the shadows," a smoke screen for the fact that their criminal invasion of our country is about to be rewarded with the golden prize they seek, stolen from the weak and supine hands of the American people, who will henceforth be officially headed for extinction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the South thought that congress was dominated by the North and they could not get a fair hearing as Northern states had more votes than southern state they left and formed their own nation more conducive to their needs.We now have a Senate than is 60% liberal democrat and the same can be said for the House.We can no longer vote our way out of this mess. The conservatives in the Senate have already announced they will not fight the nomination of Sotomayor.This bitch loses the most important case of her career by having it over turned by the very Supreme court she want to join! That, in itself, should disqualify her.
Hate Crime laws have passed the Senate. Next is Communist health care, and then Amnesty and then gun control and we have not the votes to stop it! SECEDE!
Joseph Anthony

9:59 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

There should be no surprise here. As time passes the enemy will become more blatant in their efforts to exterminate us. Miscegenation, abortion, destruction of marriage, corruption of our youth and homosexuality are firmly entrenched. Eventually, these monsters will feel themselves in a position to be able to begin shooting us into pits. The signs and evidence are all there for those who will acknowledge them. Whether you do recognise them or not the enemy will still work towards their goal, which is our destruction. Anyone who is able to think rationally cannot fail to come to the conclusion that the flooding of all white countries with millions of sub-humans is a deliberate policy. That it is a policy designed to destroy us as a distincy race through the inevitable miscegination that follows and through the destruction of our cultures and civilization that ensues. The British and Americans enthusiastically helped the enemy to destroy the people who might have saved us over sixty years ago. As a reward for that the enemy immediately set about destroying British and American society. That is the kind of malevolent life-form we are up against and there is no placating it. It comes down to fight or die. No other way.

5:26 AM  
Anonymous BLU-82 said...

This is frightening information indeed. In Sweden where I live, there have been a massive decline in the economy since about one year back. Industries are closing or moving abroad, people loose their jobs and so forth. What is very surprising though is that Sweden still got free immigration, one can apply once and if one recieve a negative answear to ones request for citizenship , one can apply precisely how many times one wants, til you are allowed to stay. Meanwhile the government(taxpayers) pay once vacation. About 15-20 percent of Swedens population are non-white today and the numbers get worse dramatically for each day that passes. 40 years ago Sweden was very homegeneous with only one or two part per thousend that were nonwhite. Sweden is expected to become majority non-white within 30 years. The most homogeneous country today is the both Korean countries followed by Japan, in Europe it is believed to be Portugal that is the most homogeneous country. The number of interracial relationships in Europe is rising dramatically, especially in Sweden, GB and France. Europe is predicted to become majority muslim within 100 years. The western Europe will fall first. Even today muslims are demanding their own territories in Germany and GB. The situation in the USA might look bleak, bet I guess its even more grim here in Europe. These liberals who got the power here are hellbent to murder our culture and kill off every one of us.

7:13 AM  

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