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Did The Jews Murder Michael Jackson?

[Believe it or not, there are a lot of blacks who have no more use for the Jews than I do. This was written by one such negroid and it eventually found its way into my in-box. I make no comment on its accuracy, but it's an interesting example of the way the wind is blowing out there. People, even blacks, aren't completely stupid. They know the Jews better than the kikes may realize. - HAC]

Michael Jackson lived his whole life surrounded by vipers. They would set him up in compromising positions, have a series of families of "victims" sue him, portray him in the mass media as a serial pedophile thus denying him any defense (of course, even with all the negative publicity, the families kept sending the children over), force him to settle the lawsuits, and then lend him the money to pay them, all on the security of his once considerable assets.

This process of stealing his money went on for years, until there was nothing left to steal. The Jews then came up with the idea of having the frail Jackson pay everything off with a huge concert tour, one that neither they nor Jackson thought he could physically survive. If he didn't do it, they would seize all his assets and ruin him. Essentially, they decided to go for the age-old solution, the pound of flesh. Jackson would pay them off with his life.

Due to his many health scares, it became impossible to insure Jackson for the tour, particularly when the kosher shysters got greedy and vastly extended the tour, so the promoters had to "self-insure', meaning they would take all the risk if Jackson in fact couldn't finish the tour. As everybody knew he wouldn't be able to survive the tour, this was unacceptable, and Jackson became more valuable dead than alive. Alive, he would just create more debt to be shared amongst the creditors, with no more assets to pay them off. Dead before the tour, the banksters could divvy up his tangible assets and use his preexisting insurance to cover the rest (they almost certainly had insurance on his life as security for their loans.)

Jackson, no dummy, was completely hip to what was going on, and who was stealing from him. "Jew me, Sue me" and "Kick me, Kike me."

Is Michael Jackson a hardcore, Mel Gibson-style anti-Semite, or is this just another case of the Jew-run media trying to make a brother look bad? If you haven't already heard, tapes have recently been released to the media of Wacko Jackson accusing Jewish people of trying to suck his blood. To wit:

In phone messages obtained by ABC News, the apparently prejudiced pop star likens them to "leeches" and claims they conspired to leave him penniless. "They suck...they're like leeches...I'm so tired of it," Jackson tells former adviser Dieter Wiesner in one of them. "The Jews do it on purpose." The ugly message, which was made two years ago and aired yesterday on Good Morning America, was one of several provided by Wiesner's lawyer, Howard King.

One can presume that these phone messages were leaked to their cousins in the media by this Wiesner fellow and another fellow named Marc Schaffel, who are currently suing Michael Jackson for money they say he owes them. Sounds like some pretty shysty (sic) business, if you ask me. Then check out how they try to play Jacko, bringing up old shit from 10 years ago and also the fact that he recently relocated to a Jew-hater country out in the Middle East, as if that has to do with anything.

Jackson had to apologize to Jewish groups a decade ago after he included lyrics like "Jew me/Sue me/Everybody do me/Kick me/Kike me" on the song They Don't Care About Us. Jackson, who relocated to Bahrain after he was acquitted of child molesting charges, did not respond to the revelations. You know they did that shit on purpose. [Remember, this is a nigger writing. - HAC]

Brothel-owner Wiesner's suit was dismissed, although it appears there may have been some kind of settlement. Marc Schaffel, whose job before hooking onto Jackson was a gay porn producer/director, only won a small amount of what he originally claimed, and Jackson's countersuit was successful (it is clear that Schaffel was the direct target of Jackson's rant to Wiesner.) Jackson lost his ownership of the Beatles catalogue to Sony, run at the time by Tommy Mottola, described by Jackson as the devil.

I think we can assume that Jackson's increasing connections to the Muslim Middle East, and his probable conversion to Islam - after being forced (?) to pick a surrogate Jewish mother for his children (more access to his money) - was partly an attempt to escape the shysters.

The greed of the Jewish shysters extended the tour to the point where it was uninsurable. Either the stress of the impossible tour killed him, or they arranged for him to be given a "hot shot" - a mix of whatever was supposed to be in the shot with heart-attack inducing, and completely undetectable, potassium chloride - to finish him off (note how the mainstream press is suddenly filled with stories of his drug addictions.)

Either way, they got their pound of flesh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

blacks and jews just don't mix together.
blacks in general are more aware of the jewish problem than whites are.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That doctor who allegedly did CPR for 42 minutes on Jackson had a lot explaining to do (if he survives or can be found again). Like how in CPR training they tell you to do it on a firm surface, not a soft surface like a bed.

And 42 minutes to get an ambulance and EMT's in Los Angeles? I know the place is screwed up, but 42 minutes?

Dave 07022009 / 1123

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the same conclusion too -

The 911 operator stated first thing get him on ground !!! Get him on ground first but the
"Experienced" Doctors were all doing their stuff on bed , and waiting 42 minuties before they decided ok he is almost dead its safe to call in the doctors -

The drug details are just being provided - so that the real culprits cannot be identified.

It was stated he lived 4-5 min from the hospital since it too paramedics 3 min to reach his residence !!! ...

These doctors waited 40 min !!! while they could have just put him into the car and rushed him to hospital in frist 10 min.

It does not ADDs up

2:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does no one here know that Jews control everything. (Media, Movies, Law,) THE WORKS. Jews are so connected they can make anything happen. (Including M.J.'s death).

Ever since he said the words ("Jew Me") In that song "They don't really care about us" they started making sure he never gets a big break again!!!

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Jews are never wrong, never guilty and never responsible for anything"

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shocking jolt of reality as i found your page by accident, the human race is just plain fucked. you have made that point very clear.

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the most part it is Sephardic Jews that have made whites and blacks enemies of eachother. There are always race issues but considering it was Jews who were responsible for bringing over black slaves it has become fairly obvious

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our textbooks tell us the Portugese brought the first blacks to Europe. The Nation of Islam's research tells us they were Portugese Jews.

1:38 PM  

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