Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cultural Assassins

I saw a spot on TV this afternoon where a bunch of really squat, fat, ass-ugly mestizo women, fresh from the Rio Grande were standing in front of a microphone at an LA city council meeting, demanding more services for their hordes of illegal wetlets.

Now mind you, these aren't American citizens. Hell, they're not even immigrants. These are invaders here illegally, against the will of the vast majority of Americans. And because they know that our corrupt and evil liberal government would sooner arrest us, their own citizens than these greedy parasites, they now walk our streets with arrogant impunity, dragging their mobs of state-supported delinquents behind them, as if they had a right to be here.

Our government flatly refuses to deport them, and has made it crystal clear that any and all efforts on the part of American citizens to protect their own borders will be met with imprisonment and even death. And now Obama and crew are holding closed door meetings in the White House as I write this, plotting ways to grant full amnesty to these bastards, and to kick the south American border wide open, allowing millions and millions more of these greedy parasites a free path to our doors.

And why do this? The economy? It's already been proven beyond debate that wetbacks are badly draining our economy and stealing jobs from native Americans. So what then?
Compassion? Yeah right. From the same people that will gleefully lock up any white that dares to fight back? I think not.

Then why? There has to be some reason why they're doing this to our country. They know these invaders are bringing crime, drugs, gangs, disease, and cultural pollution to our nation, so that's not the reason...or is it?

If I were going to destroy a nation, I can think of no better way than to introduce millions of hostile foreign nationals into their culture. After all, there is no redeeming reason for their being here. Not one. They serve absolutely no other purpose than to destroy. Not one of you reading this can come up with even one good reason for letting them in here. That's because there are none.

When a Mexican, South American, or so-called "legal" immigrant enters our sacred country, he already knows he's not wanted or welcome. They've been informed of this many times by other relatives and people, long before they ever arrived. They also know that they are entering the U.S. against our will, by force of our corrupt government only. And yet they still they come. That's because they don't give a rat's ass what you or I think, anymore than a burglar cares about the victims he robs. That's because they're here for the exact-same reason: to take.

They're here to siphon up the fruits of whitey's labors; as much and as quickly as they can, exactly like they would do any victim of thievery. Because remember, the Hispanic culture is steeped in theft. It is not only a part of their culture, it is an accepted part, much like pinatas and tequila. Mestizos steal. It's who they are.

To them stealing is no big crime, no big deal. Being predominantly Catholic, they honestly believe they can live like the devil all week long, then confess all their foul deeds to the father on Sunday and be forgiven, leaving a nice, blank slate for the coming week. Their conscience is clear, and their coffers are still full of another man's hard earned possessions.

Life is simple for the mestizo. I remember years ago when, as a paperboy I had to ride through a wetback barrio every morning. There was one very nice looking lawn chair parked on the front porch of one of the run-down hovels they call home i.e., a trash-blown yard full of dog shit, overturned cars, half crazed mongrels, dead grass, and dirt-streaked wetlets. Every few days that chair would be parked at a different front porch, being stolen from one house to the next, over and over, until by the end of the month, that chair had made its way the entire distance from one end of the street to the other. The old term of "musical chairs" took on a whole new meaning to me.

Then one day the chair vanished entirely. So I figure that some wetback from some other street had spied it, and that it was no doubt making the rounds on a new street somewhere in the heart of wetback land.

This is who they are. But then add in another crucial equation into the mix and you have the ideal tool for the liberal\Jewish Agenda, which is their undying hatred of whites. Like the niggers, and like all mud races, Hispanics are deeply jealous of whites. Our very existence reminds them of their inferiority, and they hate us for it.

They look in the mirror in the morning and see a squat, short, brown, shovel nosed, rubber-lipped, bulgy-eyed, slope-browed, ass-ugly, low intelligenced mongrel mix of Aztecs and Spaniards. They compare themselves mentally to the tall, blue-eyed, fair skinned, beautiful, highly intelligent whites and they feel only hatred. Hispanics are pumped full of testosterone, and when mixed with an exceedingly low IQ, become a recipe for disaster. It makes them aggressive, sexually overactive, and after a couple of beers, highly dangerous.

Any fool knows that you never give alcohol to an Indian or an Hispanic. They flat can't handle it. Alcohol shuts down a large part of higher reasoning in humans. And if you didn't have much to begin with, this can turn them into homicidal maniacs...and often does. Our prisons are stuffed with them. In fact many of our states are now nearing bankruptcy from the increasing cost of jailing all these criminal invaders. What they truly need is execution.

We desperately need to start forcing these parasites to leave our homeland. They've already destroyed their own homes through non-stop mindless screwing and stealing, and now they come here, thoroughly intending on continuing their evil lifestyle over the bodies of we who built this land. This is about as evil as it gets folks. You think about this and think hard.

Name one positive thing that has come out of the illegal invasion. Just one. Like I said earlier, you can't. This means that they were allowed in here for one reason, and one reason only; to help destroy our culture and country! Do you understand this? This means that your benevolent government is deliberately trying to destroy you. How much more proof do you need? Do you need one of them to start shooting at you?

We now have almost as many Spanish TV channels as English in this country. You can no longer call just about any utility, or corporation, or government office without first being asked to "Press One for English." All of the products we now buy have both languages printed on them, and there's barely a wall left in this country that isn't covered in wetback graffiti.

Recently a new concrete wall was erected around a construction site. It was a very nice, expensive wall. And to protect it they erected a chain-link fence, just 6 inches in front of it, topped with razor wire. Yesterday morning I drove by the site, only to discover much to my disgust that sometime during the night, some very determined wetback maggots managed to squeeze between the razor wire and fence, and paint a whole slew of Mexican profanities all over their new wall, making it look cheap and worthless, just like the wetback punks that did it. It's times like this that I'd give all I own for just five minutes in a locked room with these turds from the Turd World.

If you're new to any town in California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, and others, and you want to find out where the wetbacks live, it's easy. Just start watching for trash and graffiti. The same goes for all the other mud communities, regardless of ethnicity. Some are worse than others, but the differences are minor compared to the destruction these cockroaches wreak on our land.

This is reality. No, the liberals don't want you talking like this, or thinking like this. That's because there is no place for the truth in theworld of the politically correct. You are allowed to speak fondly of the filthy, the depraved, the evil, the lowlife, the corrupt, and the greedy. You are to hate and put down any and all things and people that promote God, morals, ethics, patriotism, the work ethic, traditional values and honor.

That's because the two philosophies are exact opposites of each other, having their roots in opposite power sources; good and evil. It's really that basic. No mortal man can remain a liberal for long with becoming spiritually corrupted. It's not an opinion, it's a fact.

Let me ask you a question: Who would you rather entrust your children to for the weekend; an atheist homosexual liberal, or a Christian conservative? Kind of a no-brainer isn't it? So why are you having such a problem calling a spade a spade? "Be ye either hot or cold. For if you are lukewarm I will spew thee out of my mouth!" --God.

God hates a coward, a fence straddler, someone afraid to stand up for what they believe in and take a few lumps for the cause. It's always easy to say you're on the side of right when everybody else is too, isn't it? But it's a horse of a different color when you're getting attacked for it, now isn't it?

Why should God reward you for risking nothing? Do you want to know who made all the great changes for good in history, and this country? Men. Real men. The kind of men that were willing to make any sacrifice it took to do the right thing, and devil be damned.

This is exactly the kind of man we need now, in this calm before the storm. Whites need to stop worrying about what others think..especially their enemies. I only worry about the opinion of two people; my own conscience...and God. In the final analysis those are the only two that really matter. All great men know this..and live it.

To say that America needs immigrants, either legal or illegal is a lie. With each new ugly brown face that arrives here, our culture is damaged that much more. Today's immigrants don't come here to become Americans and join our culture. They come to install their old culture on our soil. They hate white Americans and hold no gratitude for being allowed to come here. They see us (and rightly so) as fools for letting them in.

They are a great deal like the cowbird. This bird lays its egg in another breed of bird's nest, then flies away, leaving the poor sparrow or wren to raise it's young for it. But as the cowbird chick grows, it becomes a huge monster, working the little sparrow to death to feed it's voracious maw, while it systematically kills and pushes out all of her true young. So that in the end she has raised the killer of her own babies as her own.

Today's immigrants are human cowbirds. They siphon from our freedoms and resources to raise up a brood of millions of enemies inside our own borders. America flourished and exists because of the Anglo culture and people. That was, and is the identity of America. Our leaders are systematically and deliberately destroying it, all in the high sounding names of "freedom and democracy."

Bullshit! And what amazes and appalls me the most is the wholehearted way in which so many supposedly patriotic whites have embraced this suicidal policy.

These invaders, be they illegal, so-called "legal", or home-grown parasites, are all here as cultural assassins. They were either brought here, baited here, or cultivated by the exact-same group of evil men whose crimes against humanity defy description. Execution is literally too merciful for them.

I know Evil. I have looked it square in the face, eye-to-eye, and I can tell you that it exists. And after a lifetime of battling it, I can spot it in a second without fail. And I can tell you all with a dead certainty that liberalism is the most insidious incarnation of evil in the world today. Evil is highly intelligent, it is ruthless, and it is relentless. And it never compromises unless it's to come back at a later date and take an even larger bite out of you.

I'd have to say that the most frightening aspect of muds and liberals and Jews today, is that all of them; every last one of them, has the same aura or "presence" around them and in them. Once you learn to see it, it'll make your hair stand straight up on the back of your neck. It's a lot like the old monster movies where the aliens possess a whole town full of people, and they all walk around like zombies, looking for brains to

They all have the same underlying goal in life...get Whitey. But there's one big difference between those old movies and our enemies however: this is for real.

We must wake up and deal with our treasonous leaders before it's too late. We must. What these evil men espouse as a "noble vision" for America is a nightmare from Hell itself. We have evil, greedy people invading us through the authority of evil, greedy leaders. Both must be removed as quickly as humanly possible or we will never be able to look or children and grandchildren in the eye when they ask us why our country was so wonderful once, and such a toilet of evil now.

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger Ray Seltz said...

"an atheist homosexual liberal, or a Christian conservative". These days, it's a toss up.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LH- Turn off the TV, get out of the house. Please

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you ever read the Texas document of secession in the civil war era? It is as if It could have been written today when they list their reasons for separation from the U.S. It is a very racially conscious document.

Joseph Anthony.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Team Euro said...

LH, I have to disagree with the erroneous claim that Spics have a higher testosterone level than Nordics and Slavics. Latinos generally are shorter, higher percentage of body fat, have flabby bitch-tits from the high levels of estrogen, and smaller muscle mass than we do. Scandinavians and Slavs like heavyweight boxing champs Vitali and Wladimir Klitchko (Ukraine) are taller, stronger and far more muscular than fat ass negroids and Latrinos, and it certainly shows. Sorry, but spics are complete chumps and generally have more genetic problems than us. Some of the white Hispanics in South America that never mixed with savages might be bigger and taller than the average paco, but these half-breeds aren't shit.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i read every word! every word is true...i can't find fault in any of the ideas put forth in this article. nicely done,

9:51 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

Every single white country has the same situation. The communist in charge of emigration here in the UK stated a couple of days ago that he wasn't worried that the population of the country would reach 70 million in a few years, or that most of that increase would come from sub-human invaders. This country is now one of the most crowded in the world. We have no way of fighting the demons in charge because only the government and the criminals have guns. In the US, at least, you still have your guns. However, you won't have them for long as the kike will work relentlessly to disarm you. Kikes like their victims to be helpless. They don't like to be in personal danger as they are at present if only whites would realise it.
HAC shows in his novels how the resistance could begin, but there is no sign of it at all yet. With the death of millions of our best men in kike-instigated wars courage has become rare in the white race.

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The main reason the government are letting illegal immigrants into the country, is to ensure they stay in power in future.
Once they give them legal status and a vote, plus a hefty benefits cheque every month, why would these people suddenly vote into power a party that didnĀ“t want them there in the first place? Why do you think the labour government in Britain has remained in power for so long, despite being absolutely incompetent? They have been doing exactly the same thing for several decades now.

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The kikes are recruiting the wetbacks to fight yet another proxy war of genocide against Whites ... to finally accomplish installing Judeo-Bolshevism in America whereby only kikes have private property rights. If the kikes ever succeed, all their pet niggers, gooks, and wetbacks will quickly learn that the chains of slavery were only loosed from the niggers after the War of Northern Aggression to enable the kikes to use their pet shitskins as weapons against Whitey. In fact, the kikes' having stolen the niggers from Africa was a well-planned assault on Whitey from its beginnings. The vast majority of those who used shitskin slave labor on Plantations were kikes who needed to have non-kikes do their farm labor for them (Bible believers will remember the Curse of Cain) as the hands of kikes were forever cursed by God to fail at tilling the soil. Shitskin slave labor, however, enabled the yids to insert the niggers as their proxy to till the soil for them, and drive White farming families out of business just as cheap gook labor destroyed America's consumer electronics and automotive industries a century after the niggers were turned loose from bondage to advance the second phase of the kikes' exploitation of them.


3:44 AM  

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