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Who Gets To Be Immortal?

[I like to re-post this one now and then as food for thought.]

Most of these short pieces of mine are news commentary on our many immediate problems, but sometimes I think we need to step back and take a look at long term issues that affect the future of our race and civilization.

I'd like to comment on a book by a Jew named Ray Kurzweil called The Singularity Is Now. I haven't been able to dig up anything on the web that states positively that Kurzweil is a Jew, but judging from his name and his photographs in youth, maturity, and middle age which I have been able to find, if this guy ain't a Jew, he's missing a good bet.

Kurzweil's book discusses a topic that occasionally slips in around the edges of the mainstream media, and then usually drops quietly off the radar screen, since I think the Establishment is puzzled and worried by this, unsure how to handle it when it finally breaks out onto the front pages of the world in one way or another.

That topic is this: it is entirely likely that, within the lifetimes of those now living, science will find a way either to greatly extend human life to a length of several centuries, or possibly even be able to make more or less immortality for human beings possible. Nope, not making that up. Dead serious, pardon the pun.

Kurzweil says this will be done by what he calls "nano-technology," tiny little blood cell-sized robots that are injected into people and which will repair bodily damages, what Kurzweil called "DNA errors," (i.e. genetic defects) and also reverse the effects of ageing. (Not sure if that word is spelled with or without an "e"; I've seen it both ways.) Kurzweil himself claims to have slowed down his own ageing process to two years' worth in eighteen years.

But sub-microscopic robots aside, there are other efforts being made in medical and scientific research laboratories around the world to halt and reverse human and other animal ageing, and some seem to hold promise and even seem to have worked, at least in lab animals. One of the most prominent contributions is from some Japanese who claim to have located the ageing gene in cattle and to have birthed genetically altered cows who have what the scientists think are the right chromosomes removed. Unfortunately, cows have a natural life span of about thirty years, if memory serves, so we won't know if this works for quite some time.

But Kurzweil claims that by 2029, the technology for robotic and biochemical prolongation of human life will exist and will be available for use. I won't go further into the scientific aspect of this. For those who are interested, Amazon carries his book.
Suffice it to say that it seems to be that, one way or another, extended human life span if not actual immortality is something that may well be on the table in time to re-invigorate and revitalize at least a few of us Baby Boomers who haven't keeled over yet.

This brings us to the subject which I suspect ZOG wants to put off dealing with for as long as possible. How will this technology be used? How will it be distributed and by whom, and for whose benefit?

In essence--who gets to be immortal? And who doesn't?
Who decides who gets the "Fountain of Youth shot" or the little robots in his liver or whatever the viable technique turns out to be?

Will our wonderful lords and masters open up this technology to the entire human race, and let everybody now on earth live for five hundred years, or eternity, purely out of the goodness of their hearts? Yeah, right. Suuuure they will.

But surely, surely no government or ruling elitist clique would possibly try to hold back such a wonderful discovery as the conquest of death from all of humanity? Surely no one would be that mean and cruel and selfish? If you believe that, I have this bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to interest you in.

What will almost certainly happen is that the present ruling elite in business suits, Jewish, Zionist, capitalist, and discreetly homosexual, will find some way to classify the immortality pill or whatever the process is as Top, Top, TopTopTop Superduper Secret and establish some kind of secret society or Board of Eternity to act as a kind of tribunal or high council, deciding who gets to live forever and who has to die along with all the rest of the peons.

That thought scares and enrages me. Do we really want that decision in the hands of people like Rahm Emanuel, George Soros, Karl Rove, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the neocons, the super-lib intelligentsia, and the ruling elite of Israel? Or some secret cabal thereof, like the Bilderbergers or the CFR, or the Club of Rome, the Skull and Bones society or the Bohemian Grove orgy club?

Do we really believe, for example, that someone like David Duke will be graciously allowed to take the magic beans or whatever they are and live for the next five centuries? Never mind Your Friend and Humble Scribe, myself? Or anyone who dissents from Anglo-Zionist hegemony?

At the other end of the scale, suppose the liberal and Zionist ruling elite decide they need to be good non-racists and extend the right of immortality to the teeming millions of blacks and browns and yellows in the Third World. Just what we need, fifty million Somalis and Sudanese extending their begging bowls over pinched, starved faces, some of them two centuries old. To pay for it all, Big Pharm prices the Perpetual Pill or whatever the treatment is out of the budget of ordinary White working families.

A situation may arise where in theory anybody can be immortal, but in practice only the rich can afford it. Kind of a variation on the old saw about how you can't take it with you. In the Brave New World, if you've got it to begin with, the question won't arise.

Think that's not possible? With the lock the pharmaceutical companies and the AMA and similar claques have on medicine in the West, it is often easier and less expensive or just plain free for little Oogie Boogie in Nigeria or Rosita Sanchez in the slums of Bogota to get basic childhood immunizations that cost a White working family in this country a months' combined wages for a multi-income family.

You know, we really need to start thinking about this as a race and as a community and make the decision that when the immortality pills start getting handed out, the White man isn't left out in the cold. The cold of the grave.


Anonymous Jean said...

I don't understand why anyone would want to be "immortal" in this lunatic asylum. I don't believe in the "cold of the grave". I believe that I am "immortal" anyway....that my soul is immortal and that this is just one stop for me in my journey through the universe. So...let others attempt to be "immortal" here. It will never, ever happen. God is still in control no matter what.

7:51 PM  

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