Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Religion of Humanism

Regardless of what the liberal media has told you for the past sixty years, liberalism is not a political philosophy. It is a religion and always has been.

The definition of a religion is a belief structure based on faith, not scientific fact (for the most part anyway). All the religions of the world have this in common, regardless of their origins, and some are far more ludicrous than others. The Jews believe their "Messiah" has yet to come and set them up as rulers of the Earth, placing their hooked-nosed, greedy asses over every other superior race on the planet. Talk about a pipe dream!

But the liberals are the worst. They deny the existence of any and all supernatural forces or anything not explainable by their philosophy, including UFOs (which we now happen to have an abundance of hard scientific evidence proving their existence), and will even deny hard scientific data if it conflicts with their belief structure.

They believe in the genetic equality, and indeed the superiority of the nigger over the Aryan, and for that matter, all other mud races. They have doctored textbooks, burnt scientific findings and censored hard data because it conflicts with their agenda. They have imprisoned and discredited respected leaders in the scientific community for refusing to knuckle under and go along with their propaganda and bullshit campaign, and have even had some killed. These nuts mean business.

Liberals are on a mission, and that mission is the total and complete destruction of the white race and culture, and its' replacement with a mongrelized culture and race made up of a mishmash of failed races and cultures, in order to create a dumbed-down slave race of chocolate idiots that can be easily controlled and worked as slaves, with the Jews sitting on top, though many of the liberals really don't have a clue as to the fact that the damned Jews are behind all of it.

They're the biggest victims of them all, because they're the dupes, the maroons that have enabled this tragedy. And for some disturbing reason, once someone has converted to liberalism, you can kiss it. You'll never be able to get them back.

If I believed in demonic possession, liberalism would be my prime example. A liberal is totally incapable of reason. You cannot get them to look at their actions and beliefs objectively, you can only get screamed and ranted at. I've watched in amazement many times as some liberal talking head went bonkers on some discussion panel, refusing to let anyone with an opposing view speak at all, but instead taking their time slot away from them and screaming at the top of their lungs, literally spraying spit and foaming at the mouth with their eyes glazed over. The only thing missing was a grand-mal seizure (doctors are such condescending assholes..."Grand-Mal" means "real bad.")

They ignore all solid proof that their beliefs are pure bullshit and destroying the nation, and instead scream the benefits and joys of integration and diversity. It's enough to make me puke in my coffee cup. They fit every last criteria for someone that is either brainwashed or possessed.

Years ago, I ran into Moonies pretty regularly, before their evil Korean leader was finally deported from the US. Today he'd be welcomed by the liberals with open arms. These Moonies were classic examples of brainwashing, and remind me to this day of die-hard liberals. Their eyes were glazed over and red, and they always looked tired and stressed. They went around all day and all night, preaching the word of Rev. Moon and begging for money for that evil bastard. He became a multi-millionaire this way. To this day I don't understand why some irate parent didn't blow his head off.

But then, just look at what the Yuppies have allowed to happen to our country! The very fact that a chimp-eared coon could even make it to White House says it all. Nothing surprises me any longer.

The main difference between Moonies and liberals is that liberals are violent and sneaky. They'll stoop to anything to succeed in their evil agenda, including lies, betrayal, murder, assault, false accusations, you name it. Nothing is sacred. Nothing. They are the single worst enemy this nation has ever had.

If you know anyone that is starting to lean toward that sick, twisted philosophy, do your damnedest to break them free of it before it's too late. Because I've yet to see anyone get loose from that accursed spell once they go under it. I call it that for want of a better word. Whatever it is, it's dangerous as hell.

Just remember never to trust a liberal. Never tell one your secrets or put yourself in a position of compromise with one. I promise you that you'll regret it deeply in the end. There's some things you just don't do in life, and that's one of them.

Never believe one. A liberal will tell you anything to further their agenda. All bets are off. Honor, morals, and integrity have been replaced with "situational ethics." That philosophy teaches that it's OK to lie, cheat, steal, betray, etc, and not feel any guilt about it, because "it was the necessary thing to do at the time." In other words, it's a license to be a lowlife maggot.

Liberalism affects every aspect of their daily lives, and like drug addicts, they associate only with other fanatics, and all they do is sit around and rant about the evil bigots and racists, and what they plan to do to us next. The sheer viciousness and bitterness of their talk will make your hair stand on end. It did mine.

More solid proof that the Jews are behind it is easy to get. All one has to do is say anything anti-Semitic. I can guarantee you the sparks will fly!

I just wish I could get white America to wake up and smell the Jews in all this. In the meantime all I can do is continue to pound away at their stupidity with the truth. It's one weapon they can't ever destroy. Truth is funny that way. Only the evil fear and hate it.

I advise all of you to do the same. Pound away at everyone you can. Do your best to get them to see the truth for what it is. They may not like it, but the truth has never been popular anyway, and neither have those that spread it. It's the price we pay for having integrity and morals. But like the old saying goes, I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger Ray Seltz said...

The irony is that conservatives are the primary CONSUMERS of liberalism, but wouldn't know it if it slapped them on the ass with a 2 x 12 board.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shortly after 4:00pm (eastern time)today Hal Turner was arrested on a warrant of "harassing communications" from the State of Connecticut.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Team Euro said...

Religion and liberalism are one and the same. EVERY "mainstream" religious zealot I have ever met or come across in my life has been a brainwashed globalist who was willing to diversify anything and everything in the name of some god(s). Many people will disagree with me on this and wonder how it is possible that I could be racially enlightened and STILL an Atheist, but I inform them that I still refuse to buy into the rhetoric of "humanism" who claim to be non-religious. These humanists are a religion of their very own, as you mentioned in this recent article.

What do think of this, Harold? Do you personally believe it is impossible to be an Atheist/Secular and a racially aware activist? Many people in the movement I come across are still stuck on the Judeo-Christian philosophy and are in sharp conflict with my views on this.

7:32 PM  

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