Thursday, June 18, 2009

Public Perverts

A minor news article I just happened to notice on the internet. No big deal, no great ruckus being made over it. Just normal everyday news in our time.

It seems that the openly sodomitic principal of a middle school western New York has pleaded guilty to charges of harassment and exposure in a public park. Forty-six-year-old Frank Waclawek received a one-year conditional discharge in town of Tonawanda court yesterday. He'll only pay a 300-dollar fine. Waclawek was one of three men caught in a police sting operation, which was designed to catch men engaging in lewd acts at a local park.

In other words, the man in charge of a whole school full of impressionable twelve to fourteen year-olds was caught in the process of committing a sodomitic act in a public park. Apparently either he didn't have a bedroom at home, or else he gets some bizarre thrill out of doing these things out in the open for the entertainment and edification of passers-by.

No word on whether or not the parents of his pupils have raised any objection to having this pervert in charge of their kids, or whether the local school board intends to do anything. Probably not, lest they be accused of the horrible crime of "homophobia."

What in God's name is wrong with us?

We not only tolerate these deviates, we now routinely allow them access to our children. There are now "gay" scoutmasters in the Boy Scouts, "gay" rock music videos to corrupt teenagers, "gay" couples are allowed to adopt infants (you'll notice the hapless babies are always of the same sex), and Vermont has just allowed these freaks to "marry" one another. Sex education in the schools now teaches graphic perverted sexual techniques of both the homosexual and heterosexual kind.

Have the majority of people in this country lost all sense of decency? I don't think so. I believe that the majority of people and certainly the majority of parents of young children hold this foul perversion in utter loathing and they don't want it anywhere near their kids.

What White Americans have lost is not their sense of morality, it is their courage. We all know this is wrong, and yet we are simply too cowed and intimidated by the politically correct system to stand up and fight it. What kind of man won't stand up and fight to protect his own sons and daughters against being defiled in mind and body by perverts?

That rumbling sound you hear is George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson rolling in their graves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

in an unrealated matter, this $4 Billion "cash for clunkers" addition to the $106 Emergency War Funds bill really has me pissed off.

4:33 PM  
Blogger PH_Productions said...

It can be said that people deserve whatever they permit.

10:16 PM  

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