Sunday, June 14, 2009

Letter To A Liberal Idiot

[Our friend and comrade the Lone Haranguer has been having an e-mail argument with some liberal Muggle.]

Dear Blondie,

You make the same argument all bleeding heart liberals have been making out of ignorance for the past 50 years. It's painfully obvious that you know absolutely nothing about these other races or what motivates them.

We do. Did you think we just woke up one morning and decided to hate these people out of boredom or a need to blame someone for the world's problems? Get real.

I can guarantee you that every last one of us would love nothing more than to be able to forget the whole mess and go on with our lives. The trouble is, we can't. We can't because the mudslide won't let us. Our entire way of life and our culture are being destroyed by these animals. They care nothing for anyone or anything but instant gratification and the meeting of their most basic animal desires.

I'm going to give you some hard scientific facts next. These are not opinions or trumped-up figures from some fringe group. They are verifiable government statistics released from places like the Census Bureau, the Justice Dept, and the FBI.

First off, the average IQ of an inner city black is exactly that of a government institutionalized retard, which is 66. The average dog's is 28. They are not capable of having any lofty thoughts or angst over their lack of a career. All they think about are what any animal thinks about: sex, food, fun, and violence.

It takes over two years for government figures to be collated and released to the public, therefore the latest statistics we have on black on white crime are from 2007. New ones are due out any time now. I want you
to think about these:

Number of white women raped by buck niggers: 36,407 (and that's only the ones reported. We all know that's a small number compared to those that refused to report it out of shame or fear).

Number of niggers raped by whites: zero.

In 2005 there were 645,000 violent attacks on whites. 90% of all those attacks were committed by blacks.

90% of all race crimes are committed against whites by blacks.

Blacks murder whites at 18 times the rate whites murder blacks.

170 million violent and non-violent crimes were committed by blacks against whites. This number has no doubt skyrocketed with the down-turn in the economy.

Blacks commit 50 times more violent crimes than whites. I could list figures like this for an hour, but what's the point? Either you're going to see the truth or you're not.

You say it's poverty and a lack of opportunity that drives them to behave like animals. Ok, then explain this away:

South Africa was a very rich nation. Lots of industry. In fact they had to import a lot of labor because the blacks there refused to work, and the ones that did stole them blind and had to be fired. They even had diamond mines.

When the U.S. government placed an embargo and trade sanctions on South Africa, blackmailing them to follow the liberal agenda of "equal rights" for blacks, apartheid was lifted and blacks were allowed into mainstream society.

Did they prosper under black rule? Everything was there. South Africa was the richest nation in Africa, thanks to centuries of hard work by immigrant Germans and Dutch that had turned a hostile jungle into a paradise. Did blacks take overthe industries or take jobs?

No. Instead the blacks elected a convicted murderer as President and had him released from a life term. He immediately armed a black militia with machetes and turned them loose on the white population.

They looted and burned stores and shops and killed whites by the hundreds of thousands, going into white suburbs in huge mobs, chopping them up alive and raping all the poor white women and even the babies as the helpless fathers watched in horror before they too were hacked to pieces. Desperate pleas for help went out on all the shortwave channels, but the US government blithely ignored them, pretending they weren't there because it wouldn't look good for their "joys of diversity" propaganda campaign to let the world know the niggers had reverted back to savagery.

Mandela emptied the nation's coffers and sent the money overseas. Tens of thousands of white refugees fled into neighboring countries as their entire world was overrun by crazed, murderous niggers.

What about Zimbabwe? It was British Rhodesia until US pressure got Britain to give it it's independence. But as soon as the niggers took it over they renamed it a good niggery sounding name. Six months later the economy was wrecked. There is now no electricity and no running water, as a recent visit to one of the main pumping stations showed why. The niggers had taken sledge hammers and smashed up the pumps for the copper windings, so they could sell it to recyclers for booze and crack money. All that's left are ruins of a multi-million dollar setup. Typical nigger run nation.

What about Liberia? Every one of its streets in every city has garbage piled as high as a three-story building on both sides of the street, wherever you go. Flies, filth, and disease are rampant. The white contractors left because the coon government ripped them off for money owed, and they now can't get any of their own lazy niggers to work to clean it up. So the filth only grows and grows.

You need to wake up. You, and all other liberals. We're facing people that are sub-human and downright evil in nature. And like my late father said, "You can't negotiate with evil, you can only kill it before it kills you."

I could give you a thousand more really solid reasons why your philosophy is full of shit, but if this letter won't make a dent, then nothing will, and you need to shut your ignorant face and go live in your dream world all by yourself. Liberals, like the dodo, are on their way out. They'll soon be extinct because their own stubborn ignorance will kill them. Because they'll have this look of astonishment on their faces as the niggers and wetbacks overrun their homes and murder their families, wondering why they can't reason with these, their equals.

-The Lone Haranguer


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