Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lights Out For America?

The people of the United States may soon be getting a dose of what we've been dishing out to the people of Iraq--intermittent power blackouts or no electricity at all for long stretches of time.

America's ancient electrical power grids are now stretched to the breaking point. Every summer there are massive breakdowns during heat waves and every winter blizzards wipe out electrical power from millions of homes at a time...and don't even get me started on hurricane season in the southeast.

As millions of illegal aliens pour into our country, the first thing they do is start overloading the outlets in the crummy apartments and rental houses where they live twelve to a room. Electricity is yet another thing of ours they're stealing, and we may soon be running out of that, along with medical care and the water table.

An article in the New York Times informs us that "Companies are not building power plants and power lines fast enough to meet growing demand, according to a group recently assigned by the federal government to assure proper operation of the power grid. The group, the North American Electric Reliability Council, in its annual report, to be released Monday, said the amount of power that could be generated or transmitted would drop below the target levels meant to ensure reliability on peak days in Texas, New England, the Mid-Atlantic area and the Midwest during the next two to three years."

This outfit is apparently well aware that there is no chance that any of the money which is being pissed away in stupid foreign wars will ever be diverted to support America's crumbling infrastructure, now that The One has simply ignored his campaign promise to leave Iraq and is in fact increasing the Imperial military presence in Afghanistan.

"The report says...that utilities should be encouraged to pursue financial incentives for customers to cut use during peak hours, thereby lowering demand for new power plants and transmission lines. Financial incentives could reward customers’ installation of more efficient equipment or, more drastically, reward a factory for closing on a day when electricity supplies are expected to be tight."

In other words, load responsibility for fixing the electrical power grid mess back onto the customer, because we all know that the federal government is never going to fix the grid or shore up the levees in New Orleans or build an adequate forest fire fighting system, or do anything of the kind we want them to do with our tax money. There are simply too many Muslims who need to be slaughtered and too many foreign countries with petroleum reserves to be invaded and looted by the American oil industry.

"The report predicts that demand will increase by about 19 percent over the next 10 years in the United States, and slightly less in Canada, and that the construction of power plants and transmission lines to carry that load will fall far short of what is needed."

Now, question--how much of that 19 percent increase in power demand over the next ten years will be due to the millions of illegal aliens who are pouring over our open borders and plugging in their boom boxes to play their salsa music, and washing clothes for the mamacita and fifteen little brown bambinos who shouldn't be here at all?

Does anyone have any idea at all of the kind of mess this country is headed for in ten to fifteen years?

Does anyone care?


Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Certainly not any whites who still hold on to the skin deep belief that Christian Identity is not tied to Judaism.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The WAPA and NERC have been concerned about a NATURAL event leaving the nation (or the world) in the dark for a few decades. In fact, as pointed out in a Congressional hearing titled


"During the last solar cycle, a geomagnetic storm caused the Hydro-Quebec power grid to black out on March 13, 1989, leaving six million without electricity for nine hours."

Their concern is that a large CME would overload enough of the system to take out a large part of it before they could isolate it from the rest of the country. It took about 6 months to order and transport a transformer from back east to replace one that blew in Phoenix a few years ago. If enough of them blew, we could be left in the dark for a lot longer than it takes for a society to revert to pre-electrical technology.

The strain illegals are putting on our power system could have the same effect.

We could have to re-learn what our great grandparents knew about farming, candlemaking, cooking on wood stoves, hunting . . .

10:19 PM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

The few of us who do care are mostly living paycheck to paycheck, or something similar, trying to keep our immediate families from hunger and local thugs and want.

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can thank the "environmentalists" for THIS particular mess. You see, in order to save the left handed Lithuanian lesbian suckerfish, we mustn't build a power plant that would raise the water temperature 2 degrees by its discharge into the LLLS's habitat.

We would also have to mine for extra copper and aluminum for transmission lines, cutting terrible gaping wounds into the Earth Mother's flesh. Now don't you feel terrible?

Environmentalists are like watermelons: Green on the outside, red on the inside. I really think they watched too many Disney movies when they were growing up.

Dave 06072009 / 0712

7:12 AM  

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