Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Interesting New Terms

Got some interesting new terms for you guys out there to consider adopting. Neither of them is original with me, but I think they have merit enough for us to steal them.

The first one comes from Rush Limbaugh, of all people. Where as we refer to the Jewish Media, and that's certainly an accurate characterization, Limbaugh has started referring on his daily talk show to the "state run media," which I think is now entirely accurate during the Sanctified Reign of The One.

The Obamanable Snowmen don't have to nationalize the media like they have done the auto and banking industries; they already had the media a long time ago.
What's happened since the advent of The One (Holy! Holy! Hosanna in the Highest Be Unto Him!) is simply a de facto formalization of a situation which has existed for several generations. The media are now officially an arm of the Democratic party and its government.

The second term comes from the immortal Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who referred to the Soviet secret police of Stalin's time as "the Organs." This is entirely apropos to today's situation, I think.

I have counted no less than seven federal agencies--the FBI, the CIA, the BATFE, the NSA, the DHS, the Secret Service, and the ICE, all of whom have the legal power to arrest, detain without charge, surveill, wiretap without a warrant, bug without a warrant, torture prisoners, "extraordinarily render" prisoners to secret prisons in Third World countries where they can be tortured even more and then secretly executed, etc. etc.

Under Jug-Ears' obscene "security" laws such as the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act of 2006, (which Monkey Meat just can't seem to get around to repealing despite his promises during the fraudulent 2008 election campaign) it is now possible in the United States to be arrested in secret, tried in secret, and executed in secret
by any one of these agencies. The parallel with the Soviet secret police of Stalin and Solzhenitsyn's era is becoming more and more exact every day.

I think "the Organs" is a good generic name for these vile functionaries, don't you? If nothing else it has the eclat of tradition.


Anonymous brian boru said...

ZOG can have people arrested, tortured and murdered outside the US in secret so it's no big step to doing it inside the US also. I wouldn't visit that place on a bet. Most tourists don't realise that they have no rights whatsoever when they set foot in the 'land of freedom and opportunity'. I suppose most Americans don't realise it either. They are going to learn pretty soon when the chief nigger orders a clamp down on 'dissidents'.

12:44 AM  

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