Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fighting For Air

A few days ago, I guy I know that runs another convenience store only six blocks from here was attacked and robbed by four niggery-looking niggers dressed in baggy pants, pantyhose on their nappy heads and unlaced tennis shoes, all the uniform of the day for the up and coming maggot. They beat him bloody with a crowbar and took the whole damned cash register, laughing and kicking him on the way out.

To add insult to injury the cops didn't even try to catch them but instead tried to stuff him in a $2,000 ambulance, which
he would have to pay for on top of the robbery. As it was, he had to have his folks drive him to the hospital, where nine hours later he was treated. It took so long because the staff was buried in hordes of wetbacks choking their waiting rooms with snotty nosed little wetlets.

That's the standard problem here in California. You can't even get ER care for the damned muds. He lost a lot of blood and had to have 54 stitches. On top of that the hospital charged him $1,500!! Why so much? To compensate for all the non-paying niggers and wetbacks. He not only got robbed once at the store, but the damned muds robbed him again at the hospital! This is what we whites must endure here in the land of the liberal.

I just got back from the dentist. This particular one has the personality of a Komodo dragon. He extracted a shattered tooth and put me in an extremely bad mood because he hurt me.

On the way back I stopped for gas. Before I could even stick the pump nozzle in my truck, another damned coon comes slinking up behind me, wanting me to "donate" some of my gas for his huge old Chevy van, which, by the way, was bristling with lazy niggers. He couldn't get the gas money from any of them because they're always broke. And even if he did have the money, if a nigger thinks he can con a white into footing his bill, he has no qualms about begging.

Pure nigger. He too, was replete with pantyhose on the head, ultra baggy pants that looked like he took about ten dumps in them, and three-hundred-dollar tennis shoes which were no doubt stolen from one of the malls in town.

The gall of niggers never ceases to amaze me. After all they've done and are always doing to us, this bastard had the sand to ask me for gas? He took one look in my eyes and realized what a huge mistake he'd made and he beat feet. Good thing too, because the more I thought about it, the madder I got. Before I finished pumping, Rastus and his crew had driven off. Good thing too. I was in a homicidal mood.

I got about three blocks from the station when I noticed some guy out front of his home doing a war dance. He was yelling and throwing stuff around in a fit of rage. I glanced at his house and saw why. During the dark of the night some wetbacks had spray painted their gang graffiti all over the wall of his freshly painted house.

"Damn!" I said under my breath and shook my head in disgust. There's just no limit anymore. There was a news blurb on the local news last night about another hatecrime perpetrated on some poor, innocent blacks by some mean old racist whites who naturally were completely unjustified in this assault on said coons. It appears that three niggers were found shot full of holes outside an apartment building in a white area, where they obviously had no business other than no good. Looks like some whites decided to head them off at the They were beat and shot. Good riddance.

A few blocks down from there I witnessed a very close call as some fat nigger ho waddled across an intersection on a red light, knowing she wasn't supposed to walk. But niggers here ignore all the street lights and traffic laws because they're black and too good for that shit. She almost caused a serious accident by forcing several speeding cars to slam on the brakes because of her. Bitch. She just stuck her fat bubble ass in the air and actually grinned! It was all I could do not to hit the gas and flatten her worthless ass right on the spot.

Finally I arrived home. sore, angry and shaking with rage and frustration. Every day it's like this in this stinking state. Not just for me, but for every single white here. It's a damned nightmare, one deliberately created by our so-called leaders.

Just trying to do day-to-day business can get you into a boatload of trouble because these bastards target whites. If they see you, they're going to make a beeline straight for you to try and get either money, gas, smokes, or some other thing of value off you.

That's what niggers do, and what they are: predators and parasites. To muds, whitey is simply a source for all things of value. That's why all these stinking wetbacks are here, to take what we've built and earned. Greed, pure and simple. It's why so many millions of mud immigrants are clamoring at our doors to get in. They don't want to be Americans, they want to take what Americans have.

With each passing day my tolerance for these parasites grows less and less. My only question is why my fellow Americans don't all feel the exact-same way. What's it going to take to wake them all up? At this point, even if all of them chose this very week to see the light, I'd still never respect them, simply because they took too long to do it. They waited until the damage was done. There's no excuse for that.

Living in this nation today as a white is like fighting for air as you drown in a sea of sewage.. There's no clean place to simply exist without the government jamming these animals down our throats. The only way out, the only rope that can pull us from the quagmire is the one that revolution can toss us. There's nothing else left.

-The Lone Haranguer


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