Monday, June 01, 2009

Dead Doc In Kansas City

This one will probably get me in all kinds of trouble with The One's Thought Police, but to hell with it. We now live in a society where freedom of speech carries tangible risks, thanks to our own spinelessness in refusing to safeguard our rights from liberalism and our electoral process from vote fraud. Anyway, at the risk of another visit from our friends in the silk suits:

Scott Roeder essentially chose to commit a spectacular form of suicide. His life is now over, except it will be years before he dies, and during that time he will experience something which is probably as close to hell as human beings are capable of devising for their fellow man.

Was it worth it? For him personally, probably not, as he will all too soon come to realize. The wrath of Zion when bloodied is terrible indeed. Like all tyrannies, the monsters who rule us lash out in roaring rage at the slightest sign of rebellion or disrespect on the part of the serfs. But on the ultimate scales of justice and cosmic karma--I'd say yes, Roeder's deed was a plus.

You see, Scott Roeder had the balls to do something most of us (including myself for the moment) will only talk about. He really did change the world. He actually made one of them stop doing the unspeakably hideous thing he was doing.

That's really all most of us want, you know. Most of us aren't fanatical ideologues of any stripe. Most of us aren't revolutionaries. Most of us don't want to transform all of society. We would be quite happy with this one, if we were not confronted every day with the constant demand to burn the pinch of incense on the altars of strange gods we don't believe in, and to shout in the Two Minute Hate against whoever our lords and masters are hating at the moment. Most of us don't want to hurt anyone. We just want them to stop.

We want them to leave us alone. We want the rodents and reptiles in the Congress and the government to stop stealing from us and lying to us and tormenting us. We want to turn on our television and not see niggers and faggots, and not hear arrogant Jews showing us all how clever they are, telling us things we know to be lies and demanding that we believe or suffer the consequences. We want to go into a store and not hear the gabble of Spanish and a dozen other Third World tongues and faces that do not belong here.

We want creatures like Morris Dees to respect our right to think and believe differently than he does, and stop trying use the law to destroy people he hates in his worm-eaten mind. We want liberals and faggots and feminist bitches to leave our children alone, to stop killing them as babies, stop poisoning their minds with filth and dragging them away from us to die in foreign deserts for an evil bandit regime run by Satanic pushcart peddlers. And so forth and so on.

That's all. We just want to make them stop.

Well, Scott Roeder damned well made one of them stop. He had to understand the price he would pay for it, but he made one of them stop.

Because of what Scott Roeder did on Sunday, there are hundreds of human infants who will come squalling and howling into the world demanding to be fed and changed and cuddled, as babies are supposed to do. They will not simply fade into the blackness into which that monster sent God alone knows how many thousands of other tiny souls.

Scott Roeder gave up his life so that the most precious and defenseless of us all might come to know the light of this world, for better or worse. If that is not the definition of heroism, I don't know what is.


I suppose I'd better run this down again.

I just stated an opinion on a matter of public interest. Whether I will be allowed to get away with it--this time--is something I suppose I will find out in the form of the sound of my door being kicked open in the dawn, and the sight of bellowing faceless things in black body armor roaring threats and shoving gun barrels in my face in bed.

I am supposed to have the right to express an opinion in this country, but we all know that's not true in practice any more. For example, right now there is a man named Bill White lying in a solitary confinement cell in Chicago. He's been there seven months now, without trial. Bail hasn't even been discussed; I don't think it's allowable at all under the Patriot Act.

Bill White's crime is that he published something on the internet which the federal government did not like. The fact that it was a matter of public record that anyone who knows how to Google could have located in three minutes is beside the point. Bill White was about to publish a magazine opposing the "election" of The One, which will no doubt eventually be produced for a "jury" of Chicago niggers, if our lords and masters are ever so kind as to grant him some ridiculous travesty of a trial. (White's court-appointed lawyer is some kind of Hindu, which gives you some idea of his chances.)

I want to make some things clear, not because I hope it might stop The One's gun thugs coming for me in the dawn--it won't--but since now or later I will probably be accused of "inciting" something, most likely under the Hatecrimes Act of 2009 once it becomes law, I want my own people to understand me.

My writings, specifically my novels, are not intended to incite anyone to commit acts of violence, however morally justified they may be. My books are intended to incite everyone to change the world.

I am not attempting to tell young White people what they should do. I am trying to show them what they should be. Do you understand the difference?

I do not desire, nor would I approve of, anyone going out and shooting niggers in a shopping mall, or plugging an abortion doctor, or gunning down lawyers in their plush offices as tempting as that would be, or even killing a judge or a politician. Don't do it. And no, this isn't Harold just trying to cover his ass while giving a nudge nudge wink wink on the side. I mean it. Don't do this shit. Are we clear on this?

Yes, they're dogs and they deserve to die. Nobody's denying that. But you need to learn to keep your eyes on the prize. You are not out for personal vengeance. You're not doing this for yourself at all. Stow that ego away for the duration. You don't come into the equation at all. You are doing it for others who will never know your name, in a world we cannot imagine. A new world and a new life that does not yet exist, and which will never exist if you don't start thinking instead of feeling.

I will say this again: I can find a thousand men who are willing to fight and die for the Northwest Republic. I can't find ten who are willing to work for it.

That is what I demand of you--that you all belt up, stop the bellyaching, stop all the introspection and arguing about how many angels or how many Stormtroopers can dance on the head of a pin, and get to work.

I would far rather have Scott Roeder here in the Homeland, alive and free and working for the 14 Words, than I would have wanted that abortion doctor dead, because in the long run Roeder alive would have done more to change the world.

That said--I wouldn't give ten cents to bring the son of a bitch back to life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! What can I say, Harold, but wow!

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn! You've still got it, Harold!

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I notice the "pro-life" kosher konservatives all ran for cover. God, what assholes!

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way I see it, Karma just caught up with Tiller the Baby Killer. Condolences to Mr. Roeder and his family.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Harold! You prove again and again why you're the movement's cats meow.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

profound thanks to Scott Roeder, who took it upon HIMSELF to finish the job Shelley Shannon is in jail for.
I only wish he didn't get caught.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This act of individual courage on the part of one man gives me hope that it is possible we will one day recover our valor as a race,

9:34 AM  
Blogger harpax said...

Harold: I liked and support your views, and naturally, you said it best: We just want to be left alone. But they won't leave us alone. The difference between a WN and a 'conservative' is the WN understands WHY. Where the conservative sees a fly, the WN sees a vampire. As for Roeder's actions, i remember what Salinger said in CATCHER IN THE RYE. A man can die for a noble cause, or live for one.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

Rest in pieces, 'Doctor' Tiller the Baby Killer. (good one Gentle Annie) May the "silent screams" of the countless children you brutally murdered haunt your wretched soul for all eternity.

Unfortunately this event may well be used as a trigger to pass all manner of free-speech-gagging and 'spook-snoop' laws. You should visit one of the libtard news-sharing sites like reddit, Harold, the pro-baby-murder crowd is in a frothing RAGE over this, as are the pro-buggery bunch and militant atheists.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found this blog, and I have to say this post is one of the most impressive things I have ever read on the internet. I am going to read the whole blog from beginning to end, however long that takes, and then I will be in touch.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Nicholas T. said...

Magnificent as always, Harold.


5:40 PM  

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