Monday, June 08, 2009

The Big Four

The damned Jews are on a campaign of propaganda against us, the likes of which hasn't ever been seen, coupled with a massive increase in their interbreeding propaganda, making blacks looks smart, heroic, and superior to all whites.

It's sickening. Most Americans know the truth, but their lifelong conditioning prevents them from even registering the fact it's there. Television is their biggest weapon and tool against us. It reaches into every home in the country every day.

In a recent episode of JAG the writers depicted white militias as child stealers, kidnappers, and villains of the highest rank, capable of blackmailing a noble Tomcat pilot with the threat of killing his sweet little family. They made the militia leader look like an ugly little grub worm, full of hate and stupidity, with "Harm" towering over him in his naval uniform while the leader's cuffed and on his knees, calling him a "wannabe". A good psychological ploy. And from now on, anyone who sees anything or anyone connected to white separatists will instantly connect the dots to those fictitious child stealers, just as planned. Score another goal. And of course the captain of the aircraft carrier was a coon. Two for one. Gimme a break!

In an episode of ER the other day, they had another "survivor" of the "Holocaust" come in on a stretcher, mugged by a white of course. And of course she had to go into a discourse of "recognizing true evil," implying that the Germans were nothing more than unjustified monsters for exacting justice on them. Never mind all the uncounted millions of whites that Jews have killed over the past few thousand years.

At the end of the episode they had to have (of course) the obligatory Hanukah ceremony, replete with lighting the Menorah right there in the ER. I wanted to gag. But like they say, "There's no business like Shoah business." They also had a sub-plot about a bushel of niglets, half of which were either deformed or retarded that were in a custody battle. And of course they were treated as if they were made of gold, with all the white liberals picking them up and fawning over them. God!

And not a word was said about the fact that darkie overbreeding is the single biggest problem facing the planet today. Even as I write this, millions of mud racers are breeding like rats in ghettos all over the world with no concern whatsoever about the consequences.

I'm a firm believer in forced sterilization, at gunpoint if necessary. My motto would be "Get cut or get buried." Turning the channel, even the Cartoon Network was waging a Jew smear campaign. Little Mandy was being chased by a short, fat nigger who wants to do her. They had "dolls" of the two kissing..the proverbial blonde and coon. In fact the entire plot was about the romance between the two.

Next was Robot Chicken. It's an adult and highly irreverent spoof of everything, but the creators are a couple of hook-nosed Jews who always do their best to inject anti-Christian hate material and blasphemy. If they tried that crap with the Moslems they'd be dead. But Jews know whites are cowards and will let them walk all over them.

Even if you're an atheist, you should be pissed at this assault on our culture and heritage and chew their worthless asses. I did. I phoned them and called them walking piles of pig shit and threatened to pull their heads off and cram pig guts down the bloody stump.

They also never miss a chance to have storylines with some nigger and of course, a blonde getting it on. Like all shows on the air anymore, half of all its plots revolve around liberal\Jew propaganda.

I won't even go into Crossing Jordan which is nothing but a liberal propaganda platform. In fact I think that's the entire reason it was created. Every last episode revolves around the "big four" as I call them: Black\blonde breeding, black superiority, anti-white rhetoric (which includes anti-Christian and anti-militia rhetoric), and "poor picked on Jew" propaganda.

These are the mainstays of liberal television. I challenge any of you to sit down for a week with a pen and paper and list every time you see a nigger in an unrealistic role such as brain surgeon or carrier captain, President, nuclear physicist, or struggling with some lofty spiritual or ethical crisis. Also list every time you see an advertisement or show depicting black on white sex or romance or flirtation, or the encouragement thereof.

Then list all the anti-white rhetoric you see, including white groups of any kind, such as whites being depicted as hate-filled, bigoted racists or showing them as fat, cowardly balls of jelly (that last one isn't far from the truth for many white yuppies today. Most of those aren't worth the price of the bullet needed to put them out of our misery.).

List every time you see a "super nigger", like Shaft, Blade, Men in Black, Wild West, etc., etc. Also list all the anti-Christian and pro-Jew propaganda you see. You'll find all of this crap infesting the airways. When you're done, your list will sober you and you'll wake up and see the intensity and virulence of this hate campaign against us.

Most whites are so numbed to it by now that they don't even realize just how much of it there is, or how deeply it's affecting there very attitudes and thought processes. For like all psychological conditioning, repetition is the key. They just keep pounding and pounding away at you until you are changed in a fundamental way.

Most Americans don't even realize how deeply this poison has affected them. They honestly think their views on things are their own. And that's exactly what they want you to think. That's why so many of our rights and freedoms have been stripped from us over the past ten years and why \we've been flooded with immigrants, yet nobody has said or done a thing about it. Not being angry or scared about the turn of events in this nation and the rest of the Anglo world only proves how far gone most of us really are. They're destroying us without firing a shot, and many of us are actually defending them! Now that's what I call scary.

Those of you who defend liberalism and "equal rights" must ask yourselves, "Why?" Why am I defending that? Is it because everybody else does it? Is it because I'm afraid to stand out in the crowd by disagreeing?

Can you really look at the destruction of this country all around you and still refuse to see who is doing it?

That's called having your head up your ass, in case you didn't know. I've never met a liberal yet that could prove to me that blacks or any mud race was my equal, let alone my superior. But I have been able to prove just the opposite. The proof is all around us. Hell we're drowning in it.

How many of you that defend the Jews have read the Talmud? No? Then shut the hell up until you know what you're talking about.

All our problems in this country and in the other Anglo nations of the world revolve around two things: the ignorance and mind conditioning of the public. And until we destroy the ignorance we can't destroy the conditioning. The Jews know this. That's why our airways, books, and school books are all so heavily censored.

But they can't ban their own Talmud. That's their Achilles heel. For once a person reads it and sees the Jews for who and what they really are, their eyes open and they start seeing things clearly for the first time. Anger follows, then rage as it slowly dawns on them what dupes they've been. Knowledge is power. It can defeat anything.

Time to go back to school.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Team Euro said...

I would have more sympathy for the Christians, but they are usually the ones today who are pushing for more multiculturalism in the name of global "soul saving." Go to any church in America and witness the anti-White male propaganda that has infiltrated itself into their scriptures. Most of them even disregard immigration laws in the hopes of bringing back new members from their mission trips in third world holes.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

It's really quite simple. Instead of getting lathered up, simply turn off your television. If everyone else did the same, there'd be no market for the Jew tele-propaganda machine. Does anyone really think that Jews sit around and watch this shit? Even if they did, they're what- 2% of the population.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of your best writing, LD. Hope it rattles a few dense craniums. I saw how noxious the propaganda tube was 31 years ago and haven't watched since. I think if you forced me to watch this crap you're describing I'd put my fist through the screen.

8:14 PM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

I thank my parents for teaching me enough good sense and critical thinking skills that I didn't become a blind boob-tube-believer. The televisions at my abode sit silent except for DVD/VHS playing and the very occasional viewing of Junkyard Wars, nature shows and such. Anything else, I can get on the Internet with less fuss and in less time.

1:22 PM  

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