Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Disgusting Congress

I caught an hour of C-SPAN today and it ruined my lunch. I should know better than to try and eat and watch stupidity and corruption at work.

It was a brown-nosing fest, and a total fiasco of botched legislation, liberal agenda-ism and government incompetence. I learned that one of the main monkey wrenches in passing any and all bills is a little weasel named King, a Representative from Iowa, who was no doubt the hall monitor in grade school, and the class snitch in high school. This little ferret stood in the way of several important bills passing because they all hadn't dotted the "I"s and crossed all the "T"s. A real government bureaucrat.

One of the growing problems in this country is grave desecration by two different groups: niggers and wetbacks stealing the monuments for the bronze and copper, and stupid kids who wouldn't know a real National Socialist if Adolf Hitler pulled up outside their house in his Mercedes who are destroying gravestones, burning flags, and for some odd reason having nothing to do with actual Nazism, spray-painting Swastikas in their place.

But back to the circus: Each politician insisted on rising up and spewing their own long, drawn-out bag of hot air and bullshit about the problem of desecration, copying almost to a word what the previous dorks said, just so they too, could get their name in the limelight. It had nothing to do with the welfare of the nation, but rather the welfare of their careers, as it always does.

And not one of them mentioned the fact that the reason America now has a desecration problem is the massive flood of poor, greedy, and disrespectful wetbacks that couldn't care less about the sacrifices these brave boys made, but rather their own worthless hides, and how much cerveza money they can get for their headstones and medals.

Congress is tripping all over itself of late, desperately scrabbling to find excuses for the continuing collapse of our infrastructure because of the massive drain on it by the mushrooming population of greedy invaders. But so far they're failing, and getting even more desperate because of it. The liberal philosophy is in the process of self-destructing, as I always knew it had to.

After a lengthy debate the bill was about to pass, and the chairman was going through the very final words of passing, when once again that weasel King starting yammering and interrupting him. He started squawking that the vote couldn't be taken because all the members of congress weren't present. Hell, they're never present!

On top of that, the whole damned debate was whether or not to bend the rules and pass the bill anyway because of the urgency of the problem. Everyone agreed and the foreman was passing it when ole' weasel piped up...again. I could have throttled the little pencil pusher. So he won and the entire bill got shelved, all because of this, this, maggot!

But that wasn't his only wrench. Then they tried to pass an emergency bill to get some of the Iraqi translators moved over here out of harm's way, because their fellow Iraqis don't appreciate their cooperation with an army of occupation that is devastating their country and destroying their society. Since Iraqis aren't lame and yellow pussies like White Americans and actually resist being tyrannized and brutalized, these American collaborators are actually in some danger.

There was a mistake in the endless immigration forms for their entrance. Even though they're approved to leave Iraq, they're stuck there dodging bullets and bombs until next year, when the new forms are printed up. Why they don't just send them all to Mexico and tell them to sneak across the border on their own, I don't know.

Everything was set to pass the emergency bill....then old ferret face piped up again (the guy looks like Tom Tancredo with AIDS). He whined loudly because they weren't following proper procedure and should wait for the proper forms. Once again, because there was a dissenting voice, the bill got put on hold.

This one little weasel is always present at every session, sitting there, waiting like a spider to pounce on anything that doesn't follow his idea of proper government forms in triplicate. There's no telling how much damage this bastard has done to our nation over the years. Both sides of the fence despise him, but he just sits there and refuses to budge.

But he's just an example of the losers we vote into power, and a fine example of how democracy never works, as long as there are no screening criteria for candidacy. We require stringent testing and standards for people filling much less important positions, so why on earth aren't we screening national leaders? Talk about insanity! We let them in, simply because they're rich. And Americans wonder why this country is in the mess it's in.

Nobody checks out their moral standards, judgement, or ethics, or gives them an IQ test or mental fitness examination, all of which should be mandatory. The late and unlamented Jug-Ears is a fine example of someone that would fail all of those tests. Talk about a stupid, corrupt buffoon.

My visit with our Congress today was an education in corruption and bureaucratic ineptitude. We are in bad trouble boys and girls, because these clowns are interested in only one thing: themselves.

We know what needs to be done, the question is, when are we going to do it? Now, or after it no longer matters?

-The Lone Haranguer


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