Saturday, May 09, 2009

Once More From The Top

Okay, guys, once more from the top:

1) If we do not cease our endless peck peck peck tap tap tap on these stupid keyboards and act, our race will perish from the face of the earth.

2) Our goal is state power and a land of our own where we, and not they, will rule. To pursue any other goal or agenda has now become criminal folly, verging on race treason.

3) There is no more time. The point of no return demographically is between twenty and thirty years in the future. We must make a plan now, begin implementing that plan now, and stick with it from now on.

4) There is no other plan besides the Northwest Imperative. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nix. Not even. Zero. Sweet Fanny Adams.

5) There will be no other plan. If there were any alternative, we would have come up with it before this.

6) The objections to the Northwest Imperative are, to put it mildly, inconsequential in the face of the overwhelming urgency of our racial survival.

7) The Northwest is do-able. It is beyond the strength and capabilities of no one among us. Nor is there any way that the enemy can prevent us from doing it.

8) The Northwest is desirable. Most parts of the Homeland are far superior places to live and raise families than where we are now. All racial ideology aside, it simply makes sense as a personal career and lifestyle move.

9) After Bob Mathews and the Weavers and the sacrifice of Richard Butler, for us not to go is craven and dishonorable.

10) Look at your vacation schedule, start surfing the Net and writing off to various Chambers of Commerce, etc. and generally preparing to Come Home. Eventually there will be a Northwest Agency to help you, but don't wait on me.

I think every one of us knows, deep down, that from now on the Homeland is it. The only question is how long we are going to shuffle our feet and cavil and try to sneak out of it like kids trying to avoid mowing the lawn or doing their homework.

Sorry, guys. Playtime can't last forever. Childhood can't last forever. We as a Movement and a community must grow up sometime, and like it or not, on Black Tuesday we graduated.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually do not like to pick at other 'leaders' of the movement, because I have made my own follies and have my own faults; but what do these guys like Duke and that retard, Metzger, presume to do? They have no plan. They have sales. What I respect about Harold, is he devotes his life to the cause, where they pursue the cause as means to cash. Anyway, have they plans? or just cheap tricks?

We all know what its going to come down to. They will slowly, albeit, surely, leave the political landscape. Dumped dead in rivers or bought off, and a few will be left standing in the dirt- Julius Evolas "Men among the ruins".

Nick 88

2:41 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

While Harold and I don't necessarily agree on the exact direction of the movement, Harold is the only one of the bunch who cares more about his race than himself. Can you imagine Duke doing something that a)isn't a photo op and/or b) voluntarily takes part in an uncomfortable activity?

4:32 PM  

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