Saturday, May 23, 2009

On Mushiness In The Head

[From The Brigade. Conclusion to Chapter III.]

Donner leaned over to them. “Gentlemen, there’s something else I need to mention here, and I suppose this is as good a time as any for it. Now, what we have been talking about this evening sounds very bad and brutal. It is bad and brutal, but let’s be very clear: this is the only way that this society and this foul world we grew up in is ever going to change.

“We live in a system that is specifically designed to prevent change. ZOG has turned this country into one great steel cage to keep us and our children penned like livestock all our lives, until we can no longer be milked or sheared, and then when we grow old and can no longer make profits for our masters, we’re thrown away like empty beer cans. America has robbed white people of any hope, any future. They drag our sons away to be slaughtered in Iraq and Iran. They poison our children’s minds and turn our kids into stupid white niggers, grown fat and lazy on fast food and computer games, trashed out on drugs and hip-hop, while our daughters present us with mulatto grandchildren and our old people are injected with poison and murdered or simply left to die of neglect because they’re no longer economically productive.

“The tyranny under which we live may still wear a velvet glove on occasion, but it is unspeakably evil and brutal, and only greater violence and brutality will bring it down. This was their choice. They made it this way, not us.

"You guys have to understand that in order to win through to freedom, we Northwest Volunteers are going to have to become hard, hard men. The hardest history has ever known, because that hardness of soul is one of the few weapons we can muster against an incredibly powerful enemy who holds all the cards.

"Compassion and mercy are all very well, but they are luxuries that are possible only in a basically decent world, and that world is not this one. You are embarking on a journey that will become horrible beyond measure, but our fathers and grandfathers sloughed it off onto us. We dare not pass it on to our own children, because we are the last generation that will have a chance to do anything about all of this. Can you be the kind of hard and brutal men you must be, in order to give your descendants the kind of world they have a right to?”

Lennart Ekstrom thought of the mangled body of his daughter, of her tears and nightmare cries in the night. “That will be no problem at all, sir,” he replied.


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