Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Moral Supremacy

Dear HAC:

White supremacy is moral supremacy. We are superior to all other races as a result of our being the most civilized race, and that includes even the Asian races.

The poverty of the third world is the result of their immorality. We in America have become a third world country as a result of allowing Jews to run it instead of white Christians. "If you are not a liberal when you are young then you have no heart, but if you continue to be a liberal when you get older then you have no brains." (Churchill)

A racist is someone who has been educated in the real world and knows that non-white races cannot be trusted. This education can come by personal experience dealing with other races. For example, do not work for any Mexicans because you will not get paid. Never lend any tools to a black man, because he will pawn them. Black men show up on construction sites trying to sell hot chain saws and other equipment.

Never give money to black African governments to help their poor. Why? Because the money goes straight into the pockets of the local politicians. There is only one black chess grand master. Only one. The current world champion is from India.

Pygmies have no religion. Religion requires what is known as the 'God center" in the brain. Such a development requires superior evolved beings. Primitive religion suggests a primitive or backward brain.

-Paul B.


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