Sunday, May 24, 2009

In Which Harold Loses Himself Some Money

Obviously, I would prefer that you guys actually purchase The Brigade in proper book form off or through Barnes and Noble. However, the fact is that I don't write these things to make money, and unlike some multi-millionaire rock star who sues some poor kid with a computer in his bedroom for file-sharing, royalties aren't my first concern.

I wrote The Brigade and my other Northwest novels to impart a vision of possibility, the possibility of White freedom in a land of our own. If you want to share in that vision, and you are just plain too goddamned cheap to come up with $23.99 or in some cases (not most) you just honest to God don't have it, you can download a free copy of the novel in MS Word format from

Yeah, I know, I ought to make Morris Dees and the FBI and such-like scum pay for their copies, but I figure they must have bought theirs by now.

I'm shooting myself in the foot here financially, but that's not important. What is important is what's in your minds, not what's in my pocket.



Blogger Montana Sky said...

If you can possibly afford the book please buy it--HAC deserves compensation for his efforts and it stops draining our resources. He sent me a copy for free when I didn't have the money but as soon as I did I paid for the book and then some.

10:17 AM  

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