Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Dry Combination

[Found this in the file from last autumn.]

Climate Change, Blacks, and Illegal Immigration a Dry Combination

The New York Times reports from Atlanta: "For more than five months, the lake that provides drinking water to almost five million people here has been draining away in a withering drought. Sandy beaches have expanded into flats of orange mud. Tree stumps not seen in half a century have resurfaced. Scientists have warned of impending disaster. And life, for the most part, has gone on just as before. The response to the worst drought on record in the Southeast has unfolded in ultra-slow motion. All summer, more than a year after the drought began, fountains sprayed and football fields were watered, prisoners got two showers a day and Coca-Cola's bottling plants chugged along at full strength. On an 81-degree day this month, an outdoor theme park began to manufacture what was intended to be a 1.2-million-gallon mountain of snow."

Well, Atlanta has been under black rule for almost a quarter of a century now. Seems to me the last white mayor was back in the early 1970s sometime. So surely by now the blacks must have mastered the art of self-government and learned to deal with something as obvious and as menacing as a prolonged drought, right? And if you believe that, I have this bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you cheap.

Eventually, as always, the hated white man had to step in and do what the blacks refused to bother with. New York Times: "By September, with the lake forecast to dip into the dregs of its storage capacity in less than four months, the state imposed a ban on outdoor water use. Gov. Sonny Perdue of Georgia declared October 'Take a Shorter Shower Month.' And Saturday, Mr. Perdue declared a state of emergency for more than half the state and asked for federal assistance, though the state has not yet restricted indoor water use or cut back on major commercial and industrial users, a step that could cause a significant loss of jobs."

Anyway, the rest of the article just goes on to spin out all the usual esoteric excuses that attempt to put the blame on the white man whenever anything goes wrong.

The problem in Georgia and the Southeast as a whole is twofold. First off: yes, Virginia, there is climate change going on, although contrary to what Al Gore and his acolytes are shrieking, it is not certain what is causing this change and it may well be something completely natural and unrelated to any human activity. Any first year meteorology student can tell you that climate is cyclical and has been in constant flux everywhere since the dawn of time. But true, we are going through a warming phase now and also one of extended drought.

However, the drought is being aggravated by the presence of huge numbers of non-productive bipeds who consume all natural resources like locusts, but contribute nothing to the overall good: blacks, and millions of illegal aliens, mostly Hispanic.

The spics especially are terrible water-guzzlers: they have virtually created the drought in the Southwest through simply coming here and drinking all the water, among other activities, emptying the San Antonio aquifer to almost nothing every summers, lowering the water table until agriculture and even ranching become impossible, causing rivers in Texas like the Brazos and the Rio Grande to dry up into excrement-choked open air sewers through which only a trickle of water runs. (Hard to believe that the drainage ditch along our border was once called "Big River," eh?)

That and all the Jew gangsters and property developers and multinational corporate casino owners who seem determined to divert every single drop of water in the Southwest to keep the gamblers in Las Vegas at fever pitch 24/7.

Look at where the drought is hitting worst. How many illegal aliens are there in Texas? Florida? North Carolina? (A lot!) How many in the Atlanta area, along with the useless blacks who can't even pronounce the word "conservation," never mind understand the concept or practice it?

And still they keep on pouring over our open borders. A few years from now we may all be living with water rationing, due to our pathological inability to come to grips with the fact that we are being invaded by millions of people who do not belong here, who have no right to be here, and who must be apprehended, sent back to where they came from, and then kept out by force of arms.


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