Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Coming Surveillance State

It's pretty much an open secret that ever since 9/11, the United States government is spying on people's e-mail and recording pretty much all domestic e-mail traffic, but every now and then something occurs that confirms what's going on.

ABC News reports that a whistleblower named Mark Klein has spoken out about the domestic spying practices of one major internet service provder, AT & T.

"As an AT&T technician overseeing internet operations in San Francisco, he helped maintain optical splitters that diverted data en route to and from AT&T customers. One day he found that the splitters were hard-wired into a secret room on the sixth floor. Klein said only a management-level employee with NSA security clearance was allowed inside, but documents he obtained (well, more or less stole) from AT&T showed that highly sophisticated data mining equipment was kept there...Conversations he had with other technicians and the AT&T documents led Klein to believe there are 15 to 20 such sites nationwide, including in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego and Atlanta." (Like we haven't known this for six years?)

"It would be difficult to say whose e-mail, text messages or Internet phone calls the government is monitoring at any given time, but according to [Klein] the government has warrantless access to a great deal of internet traffic should they care to take a peek. As information is traded between users it flows also into a locked, secret room on the sixth floor of AT&T's San Francisco offices and other rooms around the country -- where the U.S. government can sift through and find the information it wants, former AT&T employee Mark Klein alleged Wednesday at a press conference on Capitol Hill."

I am not sure what good exposing anything to this spineless Congress does--they're all too busy cruising in public toilets or sending perverted text messages to teenaged boys to stand up to The One and his Jewish handlers behind the curtain--but at least this time the issue got some publicity.

"An exact copy of all internet traffic that flowed through critical AT&T cables -- e-mails, documents, pictures, Web browsing, voice-over-Internet phone conversations, everything -- was being diverted to equipment inside the secret room...Klein, who worked for more than 20 years as a technician at AT&T, said that the highly secretive electronics-focused National Security Agency began working with telecom companies to gain wholesale access to vast amounts of data traveling over the Internet. Klein was on Capitol Hill Wednesday attempting to convince lawmakers not to give a blanket, retroactive immunity to telecom companies for their secret cooperation with the government." (In other words, to legitimize the dot.com capitalists' behavior.)

ABC News reports that the dot.com capitalists have responded by trying to use the law to shut Klein up. "AT&T and government lawyers have argued the documents Klein took are proprietary and have tried, as part of a class action filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in January 2006, to reclaim them. In doing so AT&T also verified their authenticity, EFF attorneys argued today. AT&T spokesperson Susan Bean responded to inquiries about the lawsuit and the allegations by Klein in an e-mail statement today: "AT&T is fully committed to protecting our customers' privacy. We do not comment on matters of national security." (In other words, she admits that Klein is telling the truth, or as close to an admission as it's possible for a giant corporation to make.)

Etc., etc. I repeat, this is by no means a secret. The government has admitted for years that they are monitoring people's e-mails and web sites pretty much all the time. We have simply stopped paying attention to the news and have become completely careless about what we send via e-mail, as if nothing is happening, which is one reason why many of us will probably die horribly in prison once The One gets his own special legislation passed revoking what is left of our Constitutional rights, beginning with the so-called Hatecrime Act of 2009.

Remember: all this stuff that Jug-Ears did regarding peeling away our rights, Monkey Meat and his Jewish handlers now have at their command.

America. We have to kill it, before it kills us.


Anonymous brian boru said...

Anyone who believes that ZOG wouldn't use any and every means at its disposal to monitor and control us hasn't been paying attention. As far as our masters are concerned the laws which protect the people are just window dressing. The overt oppression is already here. It won't be long before the camps open and there is an official Lyubianka in Washington. The jews are wired for totalitarianism. The only thing between a US soviet system and a chance of freedom are the guns in private hands in America.

1:44 AM  

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