Monday, May 25, 2009

The Coming of AIDS

Reuters recently published an article on the origins of the AIDS virus which is remarkably disingenuous even for Establishment media treatment of the retrovirus, and which goes far to reinforce the status of AIDS as the world's first politically protected disease.

28 years after the epidemic officially began, it is apparently still forbidden to tell the truth about where the disease comes from--black-inhabited regions--and how it is transmitted--i.e. sodomy and intravenous drug injection, two terribly destructive social behaviors.

Reuters tells us: "The AIDS virus invaded the United States in about 1969 from Haiti, carried most likely by a single infected immigrant who set the stage for it to sweep the world in a tragic epidemic, scientists said on Monday."

Single infected immigrant, huh? Well, at least that's another case to be made for controlling our immigration.

[Sigh] Let's see how many things are stupid and wrong with the above statement. In the first place, AIDS did not appear in this country until the late 1970s, so where was the disease hiding during the ten years that this "singled infected immigrant" was bee-bopping around?

Secondly, the disease first appeared in New York City and in San Francisco among what are euphemistically termed "promiscuous gay men" in the disgusting milieu called "the bath house scene," which I won't get into because it makes me want to to puke. How did this "single infected immigrant" end up in that scene in two major American cities?

Reuters admits the difficulty: "The timeline laid out in the study led by Worobey indicates that HIV infections were occurring in the United States for roughly 12 years before AIDS was first recognized by scientists as a disease in 1981. Many people had died by that point. 'It is somehow chilling to know it was probably circulating for so long under our noses,' Worobey said in a telephone interview."

So, the American medical profession is simply incompetent, then? Now that we already knew.

"The researchers analyzed samples from five Haitian immigrants dating from 1982 and 1983. They also looked at genetic data from 117 more early AIDS patients from around the world. This genetic analysis allowed the scientists to calibrate the molecular clock of the strain of HIV that has spread most widely, and calculated when it arrived first in Haiti from Africa and then in the United States. The researchers virtually ruled out the possibility that HIV had come directly to the United States from Africa, setting a 99.8 percent probability that Haiti was the steppingstone."

What they're doing here is re-inventing the wheel, re-writing history. I can remember the first spasm of publicity that AIDS got back in the late 1980s when all of a sudden it became the "in" disease to have, with a new TV movie being made every week about it. The medical profession and the CDC knew back then that the damned virus came from Haiti. This is not anything new, except that now a discreet veil is being drawn over precisely how it got from Haiti to the United States.

In the 1970s, faggots from New York and San Francisco who liked dark meat used to take perverted sex cruises to Haiti and other exotic Caribbean locales. There they could indulge their unnatural cravings much more safely than they could in Spanish Harlem or Oakland, where one's dusky bugger boy might conclude the business by sticking a knife in the faggot and robbing him or killing him.

These affluent urban fruit flies brought the disease to America. It spread through the bath houses and then into the addict population through homosexual prostitution which junkies practice in order to get money to buy drugs. Junkies also sell their blood and plasma to raise money for drugs, and thus AIDS spread to some degree into the general population for a while, but it is still very largely a disease of bugger boys and dope fiends.

The simple fact is that in spite of a few horrific cases of genuinely accidental infection like Ryan White and Kinberly Bergalis, most of the victims of HIV aren't anyone society can't quite nicely do without, thank you. Nor can the disease be spread to a male through normal heterosexual intercourse, although women can be infected. (Hands up, everyone who really believes Magic Johnson got poxed by normal sex with a woman. I didn't think so.)

But apparently history is now being re-written. Okay. Our Lords and Masters have determined that "one single infected immigrant" caused the whole mess, and that is what we are now required to believe.

Well, then, do we dare draw the obvious conclusion that we need to halt Third World immigration in order to prevent more horrible Third World diseases from coming here?

Don't be silly. "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, the origin of the GRIDS (the original name of Buggery Blight before its politically-motivated name-change to Anally-Injected Death Sentence) virus was probably a Jew-run, U.S.-taxpayer-funded bio-weapons lab over in Occupied Palestine. Evidence, reportedly, has been uncovered by a doctor in the U.S. (a darky, though, so probably got his M.D. by Affirmative Action inflation of GPA) of some U.S.-funded research in approximately 1974 into developing a man-made virus designed to attack the Immune System and subsequent doicumentation of the first synthesis of such a virus dated 1978. Perhaps this was why teen star John Travolta was cast as a innocent victim born with an Immune Deficiency disease in that mid-70s made-for-TV flick called "The Boy In the Plastic Bubble" for those old enough to remember the film. Perhaps the Jews of Hymiewood created the film to prepare the sheeple for the Yid-made plague abourt to be unleashed and to place the image of the sick little kid from the film into the public consciousness to prepare the slaves to feel programmed stimulus-response Sympathy for the bugger-boys by proxy through the fictional sick kid in the movie? Probably the closest explanation for the origin of the disease to the truth that anyone can determine without tracking down and waterboarding a few Jewish bioweapons developers until they spilled the truth about it.

-- WhitePride65

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the media thinks our collective memory is too short to remember keywords and phrases like "strecker memorandum" and "man who created aids", huh?


10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its pretty funny you keep bringing up issues of censorship and what not; you censor this blog like there's no tomorrow!

7:03 PM  

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