Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tipping The Scales

Some people have asked me why I rant so much about blacks and wetbacks and not the other dark races, since they're also a major problem in our nation and the world.

My answer is simple: It's because the liberals pump pro-black and wetback propaganda at us with an intensity that borders on brainwashing. Someone has to counter that influence with just as much venom in the opposite direction.

Sure, there's other voices and sites, but not nearly enough and we all know it. The voices of truth in this nation are radically outnumbered, and now the liberals are trying to silence those as well with the revival of their evil "Fairness Doctrine" which is nothing but a fancy name for total political censorship of any opposing voices.

Next they'll do like the Jews are doing in Europe and make it a felony to speak against them. Just a few days ago I was banned from a so-called conservative website that "fights for the truth" when I posted a blog that said the stinking Jews in Washington and Wall Street should be ousted so our economy would have a chance to recover without being siphoned to death by those thieves again. I was allowed to say just about anything..until I started speaking the truth about the Jews. And just like European websites, I got banned for opening my mouth.

This is what we're calling freedom of speech today boys and girls. I talk about the rotten antics they pull, their evil attitudes, their evil plans for us and our nation, the breeding problem that always follows them, their genetic inferiority, their inability to blend into any advanced culture, and their parasitism. All these things are a very real threat to us and our nation.

Most white Americans, that is, those with their heads pulled out of their butts, know full-well just how lowlife these two races really are. The trouble is that a large percentage of our very own people are so brainwashed by the liberal propaganda machine that they've become completely blind to the truth. They're no more than bootlicks of the liberal elite, and by proxy their Jew masters, though almost none of them know it. And that makes them even more dangerous than the muds.

When I see some idiot white girl in a relationship with one of these wild animals, the rage in me builds to overflow and I have to put distance between them and myself for the sake of keeping the peace, and my sanity. Just yesterday I saw a report on a young white woman in her twenties that had given birth to a nappy-headed, ass-ugly little chimplet, courtesy of a scheming, horny buck nigger with a face like a gorilla and lips like a pontoon boat. When she dumped him for yet another stupid coon, he got jealous and murdered her brutally. Of course her liberal parents were grieving her and now charged with raising this ultra-dumb niglet. It was one of the ugliest little wogs I've ever seen. I had absolutely no pity for the slut however, because she got what she deserved. You reap what you sow.

If anything, I blame the parents for her death because they didn't raise her right. They should have taught her to avoid those apes like the black plague. If it were up to me I'd beat the living hell out of both of them for being morons and for being the cause of her death. I don't blame the ape as much as I do them because a nigger is going to be a nigger. He follows his nature. If given the chance he'll screw a white chick every time. He'll steal, rob, kill, smoke crack, run from work, eat watermelon, and brag. That's what niggers do. So if you put one in a situation where he can do one of these things, he's going to do it. Bank on it.

Until Americans face the truth about the enemy from within and what they're deliberately doing to us and our nation, I'll continue to rant about these parasites with all the sincerity and energy I have. That includes our corrupt and evil leaders in both parties.

No, the conservatives aren't much better. If it weren't for their support of corporate greed and the money grubbing schemes of CEOs and Jews in finance, our job situation wouldn't be in the mess it's in today. But billions and billions were systematically siphoned off our economy by these thieves and placed in foreign bank accounts where our government couldn't touch it. And they still can't.

But you know what the real joke about all this is? It's the fact that the very same thieving kikes that pulled off the greatest theft in the history of civilization are still in power! Not one of them was ever charged, arrested, or prosecuted for these crimes, because to do so would have exposed a bushel of politicians in D.C. The entire house of cards would have come tumbling down.

Most of those big-wigs in Europe and Asia are flat refusing to extend anymore credit to the U.S. because of this fact. They've given a vote of no confidence in our system and are now watching it collapse as the greedy bastards that caused this are still sitting in their swivel chairs, smoking Havana cigars, and grinning like a possum eating shit out of a hairbrush. They're all untouchable and they know it. So they continue to bleed what's left from our coffers before the inevitable happens, then they'll board their jets and head for New Zealand or Israel, laughing their fat kike butts off.

And most of our politicians will be right behind them. Two years ago I gave an expose on the politicians that have sold their homes in D.C and elsewhere, bought large estates in New Zealand and Israel, and then quietly moved their entire families and households there. The list would stagger you. And you already know that they've transferred the majority of their ill gotten gains there as well.

Why? Because rats always leave a sinking ship. They know full-well that this country's days are numbered, and they know who's responsible. They are! We need to catch these bastards before they escape. Justice will not be denied us. These filthy maggots are guilty of high treason and they're going to pay.

And as long as liberal bias and their overflowing deluge of lies keeps flooding our media and nation, I'll continue to keep tipping the scales back in our favor every time I rant, rave, and expose these lowlifes for exactly what they are. We all have a responsibility to fight these monsters tooth and nail, and with every tool at our disposal.

And remember, truth is our best weapon. It can't be kept down forever. Truth has a really nasty way of popping back up no matter how many times evil people try to bury it. And one day soon the truth is going to bury them.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please link your referenced expose on US politicians buying estates in New Zealand and Israel. Thanks.

10:52 AM  

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