Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November"

[From Organizational Letter #9, dated 15 November 2008. I don't usually let orglet material out on the internet, but this might be appropriate. - HAC]

Black Tuesday: Our Founding Day

Per the inspired suggestion of Comrade Adrian Van Helsing of Arkansas, I strongly suggest that from this day forth, November 4th, 2008 shall be known as “Black Tuesday,” and that we make every effort on the internet and elsewhere to make sure this gets into the language and becomes common usage.

Let’s take it one step further. Remember how, officially, the founding date for our little erstwhile Party, the Northwest Front, was supposed to be April 19th, 2008, Lexington and Concord (and also Oklahoma City) Day? I propose our official birthday be changed to November 5th, 2008, the day after Black Tuesday.

The Palestinians have a word for the day in May of 1948 that Israel came into official existence. They call it the Nakba, which means “The Disaster” or in a more nuanced meaning, “The Utter Cataclysm” in Arabic. It was the day their country ended in the eyes of the world, leaving only the people behind. It has scarred their psyche as a nation and they still die because of that day, every year in thousands.

That is what happened to America on November 4th, 2008. It was our Nakba, our Cataclysm, the day our nation founded in 1776 ended. Now White Americans are like the Palestinians—a people without a country. And regardless of his ostensible religion, we will be treated by our new President just like the Jews treat the Muslims in Palestine. Payback is a bitch.

The Palestine Liberation Organization actually came into existence some years later, but they always dated their official existence from the day of the Nakba. I think we should do that as well. We date the founding of the Northwest Front, the beginning of the first serious attempt to salvage something from the ruins on the day after the

This means we also share an anniversary with Guy Fawkes Night in Britain. Our official movie can become V for Vendetta, once we can figure out how to make cleaned up copies with about ten minutes of homo and lesbo garbage deleted. We can maybe even wear those funky Guy Fawkes masks V wore in the flick, and every year we can chalk on the walls, “Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November...”


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A stirring speech from a fat asshole who does nothing but tap on the keyboard for the WN cause.

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