Friday, April 24, 2009

Now For Something Completely Different

Sometimes I'm sure we all wonder in the privacy of our own thoughts (which is about the only place left where we're able to wonder about these things) just how low they can go. Just how incredibly silly can political correctness get?

Well, let's try this one for size.

USA Today reports: "Next year, San Francisco will issue municipal identification cards showing the usual name, birthdate and photo. What the card won't include: gender. When other cities considered issuing ID cards without regard to legal status, the debate was over illegal immigrants. In San Francisco, where the Board of Supervisors approved such an ID on Tuesday, transgender activists added gender to the discussion.

"Transgender is a broad term for people who do not identify with their birth sex. Those who refer to themselves as transgender include cross-dressers and transsexuals."

In other words, being a drag queen who dresses up in women's clothing, like being a sodomite, is now supposedly not something a strange person chooses to do, it is something they are. No. I am not making this up.

"'The card really makes gender a non-issue,' says Kristina Wertz, legal director of the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco. Wertz says legally changing a name and gender designation can be time-consuming and cost hundreds of dollars. IDs that don't match appearance could out people and make them vulnerable to discrimination or abuse, she says."

Does this silly woman or whatever he/she/it is really believe that with California's draconian mandatory Political Correctness hanging over everything, there is really anyone left in San Francisco who would dare to discriminate against or abuse a drag queen? I honestly think all the normal people fled from there years ago.

"Martin Rawlings, 30, is a female-to-male transsexual." (I.e. the bullest of bull dykes.) "When he legally changed his name in 1999, he had trouble getting his employer to change it on his paycheck. His bank, though, had changed his name. As a result, he had trouble depositing his checks. A municipal ID would have helped, he says. 'It's often a barrier to finding work, not having an identification that matches your presentation,' he says."

Okay, I guess we all need to stop worrying about the collapsing economy, the ongoing Obama Depression, Iraq and Afghanistan, millions of home foreclosures, massive illegal immigration, crumbling infrastructure, the destruction of the middle class and rampant nigger crime, and we must all concentrate on the terrible problems facing sex-change freaks.

"Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who introduced the measure, says illegal immigrants will benefit most. They will be able to open bank accounts and use the card for city services such as checking out library books. He expects others, including transgender individuals, to find it useful."

Uh...illegals can already get pretty much anything they want in San Francisco by way of ID, benefits, free housing, free medical care etc. It's a "sanctuary city," which is another reason why normal people have pretty much all fled and the place is a basket case. So how will Juan and Jose and Rosalita benefit from having no gender on their Monopoly money ID cards that San Francisco gives them?

Do these idiots ever actually think about what they're saying?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Cue Sir Alec Guinness voice:)"San will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

It's entirely fitting that the United (Abomi)nations was founded there.

Dave 04242009 / 1127

11:27 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

These people don't think. They respond to their conditioning, or brainwashing. Subconsciously, they understand that to thrive in this brave new world they must behave in a certain way that is approved by the puppetmasters. Thinking would require them to reach up and cut the strings. When the system eventually breaks down they will have a hard time adapting to reality.

2:29 AM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

Ah yes, the mantra that sexual orientation is not a choice. Proof positive that deviating from 1 man-1 woman sexuality eventually destroys one's thinking capacity.

4:11 PM  

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