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Is America Going Insane?

[Found this in the archives from a couple of years ago. The answer is yes. - HAC]

After two generations of liberalism, political correctness, and now neoconservatism, I genuinely believe that it is time, and more than time, for us to ask ourselves a deadly serious question.

Is America as a nation is losing its mind? Are we becoming collectively dysfunctional and insane as a society?

Consider two recent news articles, stories that appeared on the wire services and as yet haven't excited much comment, even from professional ghouls like Nancy Grace and the Discovery Channel.

From New Orleans comes yet another story of bizarre and lunatic crime, along with the shoplifting transvestites and other high weirdness which has been going on since Katrina. A white man, Zackery Bowen, apparently killed his girl friend, butchered her carcass, and roasted her up in a cannibal barbecue.

A NOLA online news articles states that "A suicide note in the pocket of a man who jumped off the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel late Tuesday led police to the grisly scene of his girlfriend's murder, where they found her charred head in a pot on the stove, her legs and arms baked in the oven and the rest of her dismembered body in a trash bag in the refrigerator... The man, Zackery Bowen, a tall 28-year-old man with long blond hair, confessed in the note to have killed his girlfriend, Adriane "Addie" Hall, 30, on Oct. 5th." (Almost two weeks ago, so Bowen had plenty of time to engage in his version of Cajun Kitchen.)

"...Detectives found two pots on the stove, one containing a the victim's head and the other her hands and feet. Next to the pot containing the head were carrots and potatoes that had been cut up, but none had been placed in the pots."

Sounds like quite a gumbo Bowen was making. Hopefully he followed famous Cajun chef Justin Wilson's advice and used plenty of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce on the brisket.

No, seriously. I know people make tasteless and silly jokes about things like this, and you can rent a slasher film from the video store that shows worse stuff. But think about what has to happen to a man's mind before he can do something like this for real. I have written some pretty heavy sade scenes in my novels, but I damned well know the difference between reality and fantasy. Somehow or other this guy Bowen's mind just sort of melded with the Batshit Cosmos, and it's happening to more and more people.

"In the oven were turkey-basting trays containing human legs and arms, the source said. At least one of the pans had seasoning sprinkled on the human remains, the source said...[Bowen] claimed in his note to have sexually violated the body several times, eventually passing out in a drunken stupor on the futon next to his girlfriend's corpse. The next day, after he got off work delivering groceries, Bowen moved the body to the bathroom tub and dismembered her remains with a handsaw and knife....'He appeared to clean up the bathroom a lot after he did it,' one officer said."

Well, at least he's a clean cannibal.

Interestingly, Bowen and Hall had featured a year ago in a New York Times article on how people in New Orleans were coping with Hurricane Katrina. Unlike the blacks, the white couple did not flee the city, and according to the Times, Hall developed a novel way of making sure the mostly black police force patrolled their street regularly--she flashed her breasts at every cop car that passed by. Oh, and they also lived in an apartment above a voodoo shop.

Moving right along here, comes a story from the Big Apple that vies in gruesomeness with the one from the Big Sleazy. It seems that a number of funeral home directors in Brooklyn and throughout the New York City area have been running a unique kind of "chop shop"--human organs and tissue and body parts they strip from the corpses of their clients.

According to an Associated Press article, "Seven funeral home directors linked to a scheme to plunder corpses and sell the body parts for transplants pleaded guilty to undisclosed charges and have agreed to cooperate with investigators....The unidentified directors secretly pleaded guilty in the probe of what investigators say was a plot to harvest bone and tissue and sell it to biomedical supply companies, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said."

Seven of them, and judging from the article, more to come.

"The seven entered their pleas in closed courtrooms and their names were withheld, but defense attorneys said that among those cooperating was the director of a funeral home that took parts from the body of Masterpiece Theatre host Alistair Cooke, who died in 2004." One wonders, what body parts could that old coot have had that would still be serviceable? He must have been well into his seventies.

"Prosecutors allege Michael Mastromarino, a former oral surgeon, and three other men secretly removed skin, bone and other parts from up to 1,000 bodies from funeral homes, without the permission of families. He allegedly made millions of dollars by selling the stolen tissue to biomedical companies that supply material for common procedures including dental implants and hip replacements."

Up to one thousand corpses stripped down for everything from eyeballs to knuckle bones. This wasn't just the act of some isolated insane ghoul; this was an organized and methodical business venture based on hard cash.

What was going on in these men's minds when they did this shit? Have we become a society so completely devoid of propriety and conscience that they simply honestly didn't see anything wrong in violating one of the most ancient religious and moral taboos, mutilating the dead, in order to make money? Has the mindless worship of money really replaced every last sense of spiritual balance and ethics in our minds?

Looks like it. In Prohibition there were bootleggers, cigarette smugglers in New York are often known as buttleggers, and now we've got bodleggers, apparently.

People, what in God's name is going on here?

Okay, throughout history there have been occasional outbreaks of demented violence and macabre crime in this country, from people like Belle Gunness and Albert Fish and the infamous Benders of Kansas. But those cases occurred maybe once every half century or so, they were completely atypical, and they attracted infamy because of their incredible rarity.

In "the old days" (like when I grew up), people didn't have to worry about Mr. Dibble the local funeral director secretly disassembling old Aunt Ida's corpse for parts, and while guys occasionally killed their girl friends they did not subsequently cook them and serve them up as an Irish stew.

It's almost like when the white man lost our alpha gene, we also ended up with some kind of weird, mutated crazy gene that's now running wild. There is simply too much of this mad and bad craziness going on these days to try and explain it away as some kind of odd conjunction of sick individuals. Madness has gotten into our blood.

One theory is that since the white man has the most highly developed an complex brain of any human organism, the sheer pressure of having to live in the unnatural world of political correctness, Jew-worship, feminism, money-worship and materialism to the exclusion of all else, increasingly open sexual perversion and the browning of America has driven many white people of both sexes around the twist. This kind of weird mess is happening almost every week now.

It's as if prolonged association with Third World savages and prolonged exposure to Jews, a psychotic people who practice paranoid schizophrenia as a religion, has contaminated and warped our minds to the breaking point. There is no "normal" any more.

It has to end, people.

America. We have to kill it, or it will kill us.


Anonymous brian boru said...

Anywhere that the kikes take over becomes a depraved hell-hole sooner or later. That vile regime, the Weimar Republic, which the kikes used to reminisce about so longingly, caused despair to millions of ordinary Germans and suicide for hundreds of thousands before Adolf cleaned shop. However, the demons in human form have so infested and polluted America for so long that it is no surprise that it has become a madhouse. There is some really bad violence coming to the 'land of freedom and democracy' soon. With all the armed whites and the millions of sub-human savages and the hundreds of thousands of vicious fed thugs and the whole lot ruled over by a race of psychopaths it's easy to imagine a nightmare senario. Being poor and white in one of the major metropolitan areas will be a very bad position to be in. Now is the time to move to the North West if you want to give your family a chance of survival. The kikes think that they will be able to turn the whole place into a giant prison camp, like Palestine or the Soviet Union before it, and continue to rule while protected by their thugs. It's not going to work. There is going to be an explosion and they won't be able to keep a lid on it.
We will be living in a very different world from today ten years from now. Some of the rich kikes may not be so confident about the future, which is why they have bought estates in places like Tasmania and Patagonia where they can ride out the hell they have created in comfort. Meanwhile, the whites who believed their lies find themselves in increasingly desperate circumstances. It would almost drive you mad to think about the whole situation and what these scum have done to the world.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous BLU-82 said...

Correct. Here in Sweden the population is also growing insane. The jobs are dwindling faster than ever in history and the influx of mud-savages are extreme. Sweden is very fast becoming a veritable inferno of crime, rape and madness. If anyone , twenty years ago, would say that Sweden would turn into this incredible, nightmare inferno in which it is fast turning into today, that person would be considered to be utterly insane !... The Gods have forgotten this country/madhouse..

12:04 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

It's not surprising that the situation in Sweden is so bad when you realise that the place is effectively ruled by a few powerful kike families. What Swedes need to realise is that the vile situation in their country was deliberately created, with malice aforethought. Then they need to take appropriate action. Talking and complaining and looking for fair treatment from the system is a waste of time.

2:39 AM  
Anonymous BLU-82 said...

Yes, Brian. We should not ask the instigators of this nightmare for help. The problem is unfortunately that the swedes are at least 10 times more dumbed down than the white americans. The swedes are just standing there, like dumb sheeple and watching, when the evil mud-savages , though they be negroes or arabs, rape, ravage, violate and impegnate the dump swedish, white women and girls. Its the ultimate tragedy. Our first minister in the ruling government are a total mixbreed of negro and kike !!! , his name is mr Fredrik Reinfeldt. He is a member of the infamous Bilderberg group. The national government consist of 349 persons, they come from 7 different parties, which are light liberals to communists, they are all socialist, communists, kikes, queers and muslims !! , not ONE who represent the majority White population. This is not a functoning state anymore, it´s a a kike-nightmare of satanic,evil dimensions, that nobody could never had been able to dream up , not even in their most vicious, feverish nightmares. That´s the state of our nation today.. ;( ./

12:51 PM  
Anonymous former southsider said...

You(or maybe Richard Tedor, if he's still around) should write a true account of the Chicago NSPA in the '70's. I'm fully aware of the embarrassing elements, but I think that was the only time a bunch of Hollywood Nazis ever had a mass base of support.

The party leader (the source of the embarrassment) was even able to get something like 15% of the vote for Alderman in a ward that was about one-third black. Given that he was running against the Chicago Machine who knows what the real percentage was?

It could also be an elegy for Marquette Park, a once vibrant white ethnic community now subsumed into the Third World.

8:28 AM  

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