Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HR 1207

[Okay, I normally don't engage in democracy games. The purpose of democracy is to prevent change, after all. However, this has the potential to rattle the Obamanable Snowmen's cages a bit, so if any of you are so inclined, hop on the bandwagon. - HAC]

Ron Paul's bill to Audit the Federal Reserve Bank, HR 1207, has now garnered 55 co-sponsors and has been referred to the House Committee on Financial Services. This is a major development. The bill will now be debated and voted upon in the Committee and will then either go to the House for a debate and vote or will be defeated.

Most bills die in committee for lack of support. There is no way to know how long it will stay in committee. That means it's all up to you.

It's a major step forward for our movement to get the House to even consider a bill which questions the autonomous authority of the Fed. We must make the most of this opportunity!

We need to step up and give the situation all our attention now. This is our chance to shine!

Imagine the news on Tuesday morning: “Flood of phone calls shuts down Congressional Switchboard”. YES WE CAN!

On April 25th:
Rally for Sound Money and Support HR 1207 at every Federal Reserve bank and fffice


During the festivities on April 25th, let's maximize our petition signature collection efforts as well as educational efforts. Try to include a location which allows for interaction with the public in your plans. After April 25th, let's renew our efforts to support these bills and redouble our signature gathering.

On April 27th:

Audit the Fed! Melt the Switchboard Day


On Monday, April 27th we will follow up our nationwide End the Fed! rallies with an "Audit the Fed! Melt the Switchboard Day".

We must all call in on that day and get everyone we know to also call in to our Congressional Representatives.

The Congressional Switchboard number is:


Let's focus particularly on the members of the House Financial Services Committee.


Let's also call to praise and applaud those Representatives who have co-sponsored the HR 1207. See =co-sponsors here:



Blogger TRUTH EXPOSER said...

The secret relationship between Whites and Jews:


9:57 AM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

Ron Paul - the last hope of democracy.

Forget Caribou Barbie. She's a grade-A ditz with a slutty daughter who's a disgrace to the family and her faith. Screw McSame he's Bush Lite at best.

The only hope for TRUE change is a third-party canidate, and of the ones that exist only RP has even a snowball's chance of winning. The next election will be America's last chance to redeem herself with the ballot box rather than the bullet box.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

You have got to be joking! Do you really believe that there is still a chance to achieve something in America by voting? That possibility passed a long time ago. There is as much chance of overthrowing ZOG with votes as the Russians had of overthrowing Stalin and his kikes by voting. Shooting white traitors and their kike controllers is the only way to achieve meaningful change now. Hitler managed to overthrow the kike Weimar Republic by legal means because he lived in a homogeneous nation of healthy Germans and because he was a great leader, supported by many able men. No remotely comparable situation exists anywhere in the white world anymore. Times do come when violent revolution is really the only option. The time has certainly come in every jew-controlled white country now. Unfortunately, the US is the only one left with an armed population which could achieve it. All the rest of us have been disarmed, just like the kikes did in Russia before they began their great slaughter.

1:46 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

No, Brian, I don't believe it. I just put that article up there for those who do. There is nothing like trying to accomplish something through democracy to make someone understand that it doesn't work.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voting's for change is almost like playing the slot machines in Vegas (which I don't do anymore): They let you win every once in a while, just to convince everyone that it CAN happen. Then they stand back and watch all the suckers lose their shirts.

Dave 04212009 / 1739

5:40 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Paul has too much racial baggage to put trust in. Why is it that because someone has an idea or 2 that folks come all over themselves praising them as the messiah?

6:39 PM  
Anonymous A. Non. said...

"You have got to be joking! Do you really believe that there is still a chance to achieve something in America by voting?"

Spoken by someone who has probably knows very little about how well revolutions in past history usually turned out for the common Joe and Jane. (hint: not too good)

Any sane person should consider armed insurrection as the absolute last resort, PERIOD. Our forefathers were mostly skilled farmers fighting troops far from home with a similar technology level. When the war was over with a victory for the revolters (rare enough), instead of the entire thing going to hell in a handbasket the states hammered together the beginnings of a unified nation.

Quite simply, by historical standards, our first revolution's success was as insanely lucky as winning the slots in Vegas. The chances of that happening a second time are pathetic.

Unfortunately there's not much I or any other single person can do at this point. Returning to sanity via either peaceful or violent methods is such a long shot at this point (pun unintended), I don't know what to think or do.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

Actually, I am quite aware how revolutions have tended to affect the ordinary people. The problem is that most of the revolutions in the last four hundred years were manipulated by the jews and other powerful groups. Cromwell was finance by Dutch jews.The French peasantry were conned into supporting the overthrow of the aristrocracy in the hope of improving their condition. Hundreds of thousands died in the Revolution and in the wars which followed. The Russians were conned by the well-organised and finance jews into overthrowing the Tsar. Few of them would have bothered if they had known what was coming.
If you take the attitude that violent revolution should be avoided at all costs then nothing will be done about our plight. We, the white race, are facing extinction in a few generations if current trends and policies are not stopped and reversed. That is a statement of fact. Explain to me why if you think it isn't so. It is also a fact that the democratic process which whites could peacefully have used to achieve this has been totally subverted by the jews and their puppets in all white countries. Explain to me why if you think it isn't so. In the past the jews have not been so overtly in power all over the former white world. A revolution against this power structure would be hard for the jews to manipulate.
Violent revolution can succeed. It worked for the jews; it can work for us. The Irish succeeded as did the Spanish in the 1930s.
The fact is, the jews will not voluntarily give up their power. They will also continue to use that power to destroy us. It's a big step to understand that all the rules and regulations and mores and standards of your whole life might have to be discarded. Most white people of today have never experienced major disruption of their lives comparable to what happened to the Russians after the jews took over or to the Germans during and after the war. They can't believe that it can happen. The lights can go out and the water stop flowing and the stores become empty. Brutal thugs can kick in your door and make you disappear. There are evil people out there in the world who wish you and all you value harm. Fighting back and making them suffer is the only way to deal with it. Wringing your hands just won't cut it anymore. Maybe you should just go back to voting Republican.

3:21 AM  

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