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Heretical Two Denied Political Asylum In U.S.

[See my comments at the end. - HAC]

5 April 2009

Dear Harold,

You were right. Our asylum claim has been denied, as has witholding of removal. We were thinking of appealing and sticking it out, but really this place is replete with people hanging on hoping for a miracle that's never going to happen, and we don't want to join them.

Our barrister told us when he visited to testify for us that this immigration judge, Rose Peters, has granted asylum to an IRA murderer who had killed two policemen, supposedly on political grounds, so that's the level of hypocrisy we're up against. Better we think to go back to England, face the music, and get it over with.

The ground for refusing asylum was that our prosecution in the UK did not constitute persecution (i.e. the government attorney and the IJ, both women, agree with it. The government attorney even argued against the First Amendment.) I believe that because this is a subjective assessment it is quite difficult to appeal against, and we could spend years taking it through various courts.

Best wishes,
Simon Sheppard
(also signed by Stephen Whittle)


Believe it or not, there are times when even I know that it's best to cool my jets a bit. If I were to say right here and now what I think about this unspeakable crime against the spirit of reason and the conscience of humanity, I would probably cross the increasingly shrinking parameters that the Obongos have bracketed around what remains of our freedom of speech.

Remember, in October Bill White was arrested for posting to the internet information which was a matter of public record, and which could (and still can) be found in five minutes by anyone who knows how to use a search engine. He has been denied a trial and held incommunicado by the federal government ever since.

So, what I will do is I ask those of you who are as sickened and enraged to the point of madness by this utterly contemptible act as I am, to go to

and order my novel, The Brigade. There you will find my answer.



Anonymous brian boru said...

I was genuinely surprised that Sheppard and Whittle ever thought that they would get fair treatment in the US. How could they imagine that the centre of jew power would treat white nationalists in any other way than what they experienced? The Anglo American Jew system is what has created this nightmare world we presently endure. I suppose the only thing they have achieved is to show how meaningless the First Amendment has become. Now, they will be handed back to Airstrip One and end up rotting in some nigger and wog filled hellhole. They would have been better off running for Russia or even some Asian or South American banana republic. At least they would have remained out of jail. The vast majority of white people in Britain are completely unaware of their ordeal. It has been totally suppressed by the media.
The 'Brigade' way is rapidly becoming the only way.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For how much longer will our people believe this system offers any form of justice?!?!


3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to be an American.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

Frightening. Whatever happened to welcoming in those "yearning to breathe free", oh America?

The number of safe havens is growing ever smaller; the last sizeable and decently civilized one I know of is Australia. After that, those wishing for true freedom of speech are down to a very short list to pick from.

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It as you said in your novels Harold, we will not get respect from these creatures until we start killing sizable numbers of them,

Mike Petersen

10:56 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

I wouldn't put much faith in Australia. It is kike controlled from top to bottom. The 'Waltzing Matilta' world is long gone. Sheppard and Whittle would probably not have been allowed in there either.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

After a few Google searches, I'm afraid I must agree with you brian.

So that's it. Now its down to island nations and banana republics.

God help us all.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell, I was in cell block D there once. What with all the lazy monkoid and beaner deputies watching female officers asses instead of the inmates, it shouldn't be too hard for them to just WALK out of there . . .


7:11 PM  
Anonymous SnowBunnyBeck said...

the only people here in u.s. that can expect 'ASYLUM' are fucking illegal mexicans and south americans who cant even fucking speak english. Just ask NANCY PELOSI who said arresting and deporting illegal aliens was UNPATRIOTIC and UNAMERICAN.
Apparently she was only talking about third world scum bags, not white english speaking intelligent people from the country where most of our ancestors came from.

THE THOUGHT POLICE, THOUGHT CRIMES? The freedom of belief and thought, the freedom to form your own opinions, that is the only real fundamental right i think humans have....and its the one they are trying to hard to destroy now.

LIVE FREE OR DIE !!!!!!!!!!

9:50 AM  

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