Sunday, April 05, 2009

Don't Do This Stupid Shit

Have I ever explained to you guys how the System is finally going to get me, either destroy me outright or in some way silence me?

One day, possibly sooner, possibly years from now, some White male is going to flip out with a gun. Most likely he will be a dysfunctional youngster, but he might also possibly be a dysfunctional, heavy-set middle-aged man with divorce and an alcohol problem in his background, a Richard Jewell type whose weight the media reptiles can make snide comments about.

Someday such a person is going to walk into a shopping mall, or a McDonalds, or a former workplace, or God forbid a school, (possible Columbine scenario) and he is going to start shooting at everything black and brown he can see. He will kill a few worthless cholos or street niggers, certainly not any kind of worthwhile political or military target. As the cops close in, he will stick the barrel of the weapon in his mouth and pull the trigger, so that no one can ever question him as to exactly why he did what he did.

Then the police will find my Northwest novels in his grubby furnished room, hits on Northwest websites on the history of his hard drive, and possibly some Northwest Revolution e-mails from me on his computer. Most likely, I will never even have heard of this man at all. If I have, he will be a peripheral character, like a certain John Hinckley was back in 1981.

But through the tortuous twisting of the laws of civil procedure in which this filthy society and its abominable courts so excel, I will be held legally responsible for the behavior of someone whom I never met, and probably never even knew existed. It happens in consumer product lawsuits all the time. Since I don't commit illegal acts and do not urge or conspire with others to commit illegal acts, I will be victimized by Morris Dees or one of his imitators using the back door of the bogus and malicious civil lawsuit in order to do an end run around the First Amendment and silence someone the Establishment does not like.

At the very best, for some years I will have to drop everything and deal with nothing at all but "The Case," spending every last penny I can scrape up on attorneys. Etc. etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda. We've been there often enough over the past 25 years. I refer you to the article I posted a few weeks ago,
The Law Is An Ass.

I know this is going to happen one day. I accept it, as I must, because there is nothing at all I can do to prevent it.

In this country there is simply no way to prevent being victimized by a wealthy man or group who are able to hire the courts to do their dirty work. Dissidents either give up in fear of losing their precious material possessions to a judgment (which is the intention of this kind of behavior on Dees' part; it is a form of institutional terrorism) or else, like me, they simply accept that one of these days they will draw the short straw and will have to make whatever stand they can against Morris Dees and the evil he represents, and that they will probably lose.

This is why I keep telling my own people that one way or another, I am not going to be around forever. I wish to hell some of you could wrap your minds around this, quit fucking around, and GET WITH THE PROGRAM. But we won't get into that now.

That having been said, let me now address our own small but gallant band of brothers.

DON'T DO THIS SHIT. No, really, I mean it.

I am surprised I need to say this, and hope I don't, but I figure I'd best cover all my bases. You need to understand that we are not going to be saved by some Buford Furrow-like kook who hears voices in his head. We will be saved by a revolution to establish a sovereign and independent White nation in the Pacific Northwest. Revolution is hard work for mature, serious adults. Kooks and freaks need not apply.

I did not write the Northwest novels to tell young White people what to do. I wrote them to show them what they should be, if you understand the difference.

Our goal is not to kill people, any people, at least not per se. Our goal is to free people, our people.

Mindless violence is not a political program. We're not Rwandan niggers who will one day go berserk with machetes and start hacking up all our enemies, as much as they might do with a bit of hacking. A gun is not a phallic symbol or a revenge fantasy, it is a tool, just like a screwdriver or a drill press. You don't just destroy with it, you make something with it.

Our goal is not to achieve any personal revenge on anyone, no matter how much most of these assholes in this society have got it coming. Our goal is to change the world. Never lose sight of that. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Comport yourselves accordingly. Your lives are precious, more than you can imagine since there are so few of us. Your lives do not belong to you, they belong to your people and to history. They are not yours to waste on a gallant gesture, or even worse, an idiotic one.

Your lives are not yours to throw away in some tantrum against people who have done you personal wrong. If that were the case I would long ago have--well, never mind. I think in the back of their minds they know what they did, they know that I know, and they understand how lucky they are that I have a job to do and my own eyes are on more important things. But you get what I'm saying?

I keep saying that I could find a thousand men who are willing to fight and die for the Northwest Republic, but I can't find ten who are willing to work for it. That is your challenge, people. I am not asking you to die for your country, or to make any of these pernicious vermin die for theirs. Not yet, and not for a long time.

What I ask of you is something harder. I want you to live for the Republic and work for it. Believe me, our friends with the long noses are much more terrified of adult men and women willing to do that, than they are of any hysterical kid blazing away in a shopping mall with a semi-auto.

-Harold A. Covington


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very true..
and we know you mean it.

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