Monday, April 06, 2009

Comments on Yesterday's Article

Guys, I have had to delete a number of comments on yesterday's post, because in my opinion they might have placed the poster at risk.

I don't want to have a chilling effect on my own readership, but I need to remind you that in August I got a little visit from our friends in the silk suits, due to some unkind and irreverent remarks I made about The One on another blog. We can now be completely certain that every word I post here is monitored and gone over with a microscope for prosecutable heresy, and that comments including IP addresses are being catalogued as well.

Please remember that we now live in a Third World dictatorship where anyone failing to show proper respect for the Baby-Shit Brown Messiah is subject to police harassment and persecution which is perfectly "legal" under Jug-Ears' totalitarian "security" laws, which the baboon just can't seem to find his way clear to repealing. (The Funky Monkey could halt this kind of secret police behavior with a simple executive order. He hasn't.)

This is going to become an increasingly unpleasant time to be a dissident, especially as things get worse and Obongo starts getting hysterical. We need to start exercising some common sense precautions of the kind which are second nature to people who live in a police state.


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