Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back To The Subject At Hand...

[Sorry about my lapse into the family soap opera. I'll see if I can post some extra goodies in compensation. Here's an e-mail I got from a guy in Texas. - HAC]

Doomer Doug on the Tree of Liberty blog states that CW-2 began on April 20 when a citizen shot an AZ traffic radar van tech, though that may be a bit premature. I love to see violent resistance to the obsequious shakedown, though would prefer see it happen to federal treasury goons instead of a civilian contracted to a lez-governed state. What a great day to begin taking this country back, though- God knows that the government provocations are numerous and increasing!

In any case, citizen dissatisfaction is nearing the boiling point as jobs vanish, taxes & expenses escalate, and the wetback invasion continues unabated.

Without the coming martial law, the ZOG will not be able to hold things together much longer as more & more citizens discover they have nothing to lose and nowhere to turn. With the sinking economy, it is inevitable that manurity crime against whites will make a sharp upturn and be met with stiff armed resistance which ZOG will attempt to crack down on, further alienating white citizens. increasing numbers of whites will realize that the ZOG is their enemy and that peaceful coexistence with manurities is a liberal pipe dream.

Noted is that last week, 86% of respondants to a Channel 13 poll in Houston stated they favor secession. Wait 'til the unemployment rate hits 25% and Gore & Soros slap their global carbon tax on us!

Viva la revolution!


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