Sunday, March 01, 2009


In his speech to congress, Obaboon said that Americans need to "tighten their belts."

Oh yeah? Why? Why in hell should we be the ones doing all the damned belt tightening when it was they who screwed everything up?

Why should we suffer when the stinking thieving Jews that ripped us off are still sitting in their swivel chairs, laughing their fat asses off as they count their stolen billions?

Why should we be starving and losing our jobs and homes when those corrupt bastards on the Hill and on Wall Street never got indicted, arrested, or tried for high treason, or had to pay that money back?

By the way, that money went somewhere. It didn't just vanish in some corporate magic trick of electronic debits. That was real money that they stole.

Where's our money? How come Americans aren't beating down their doors demanding an answer to that question? Why aren't they in jail? Who gave those bastards a pass? What are the names of the politicians that were in cahoots with those kikes in the biggest swindle in the history of the world?
Why haven't they been arrested?

There's some really underhanded, crooked activities going on in the Capitol right now, and I'm appalled at the apathy and sheer cowardice of my fellow whites at the evil these bastards are perpetrating on us! Where are our balls? Are we such worthless sheep that absolutely nothing will stir them into action any longer?

The sum total of the liberal field day in our coffers comes to a staggering three trillion dollars! And get this: Only four percent of all that money is going for jobs! All the rest is going for their pet pork projects! All of it!!

Hundreds and hundreds of politicians are becoming billionaires from this latest boondoggle! And just who is getting helped by this money? Why, the niggers and wetbacks of course!

Who the hell else did you expect??? ACORN got three billion as a reward for the vote fraud in Ohio and Pennsylvania that put that bubble-lipped monkoid into the White House on Black Tuesday, while they also earmarked a massive fortune for wetback foreclosures! I shit you not! But not one peso for working whites who are going under!!!

WAKE UP, you stinking, worthless cowards! You're screwed whether you fight or not, so why not kick ass?

Make these people BLEED for what they've done to us!

Make it cost them dearly! Be a royal pain in the ass to every liberal, every politician, every coon, every wetback, and every Jew!! Make em' wish to God they'd never messed with us! Chaos, starvation and war are all coming soon guys. Are you going to just lie down and take it without making these bastards pay dearly for it??

They're going to be siccing our own army on us! I know, many of you think our own boys won't fire on us. Wrong, dufus!! Those are not our boys! For decades now the military branches have been systematically recruiting niggers, wetbacks, and now gang members into their ranks! They're arming them, training them, and giving them access to all our bases full of advanced weapons!

Now just who do you think all those niggers are going to shoot? You, or some ghetto full of dey bloods? Get the point?

Don't look for help or mercy from those bastards, only from your own kind. It's all going to come down so fast that it'll leave most people dazed and in shock. They won't be able to believe that their own government could turn on them so completely and quickly. And that incredulity is what's going to get millions of them killed in the very first few days before they finally pull their heads out of their asses and start fighting back.

I can't stress strongly enough how vital it is right now to buy tons of ammo and weapons, food, medicine, heavy clothes, shoes, etc. GET READY!! And get the hell out of the cities! NOW!!

The clock is ticking. It could literally happen overnight or take another year, but it's coming and coming soon.

Don't be fooled. Your government despises you and wants you dead or enslaved. It's your choice.

Fight or die.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

f this, i'm outta here..
hello Italy.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Make it cost them dearly! Be a royal pain in the ass to every liberal, every politician, every coon, every wetback, and every Jew!! Yet it is conservatives that promote and keep the Jewish system going. Why give conservatives a pass? Next time, you're getting rammed in the ass- turn around- you'd be surprised who's back there.

5:34 PM  

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