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Why Democracy Can't Work

[Okay, before our female comrades start throwing things at me, re-read my Northwest novels, please, where I have made clear my own views on the Wimmin Thing. I'm posting this because like it or nor, Richmond Ron speaks for a lot of people in our Racially Conscious Community. Not necessarily me in all things, but a lot. - HAC]

Every single time there's an election I watch in disgust and abject amazement at the sheer stupidity of the American public, as they continue to reelect the same old corrupt career crooks, over and over again as if they were actually helping them instead of actively destroying the very country they live in. It's madness.

There's no rhyme or reason to their choices, and we all end up paying the price for their decisions. Why?

Because democracy doesn't work! Indeed it can't work in its present format. I'm flat amazed this nation has held together for as long as it has. There's no real justification for it. We've done everything wrong for the past 200 years.

In our early history only white men voted. There was a reason for this, a darned good one. First off, men were the thinkers, the leaders, and the educated ones. Women were the child bearers and home makers, no small feat in those days, but one that left no time or energy for affairs of state. And education was reserved only for white men because it was hard to obtain and wasted on women as a rule because they had no practical use for it. Also, women were known to be highly emotional and prone to acting rashly in stressful situations, allowing their volatile emotions to rule their actions and words. Though today's women will strongly disagree with that sentiment, at that time period it was a given.

Blacks and other races were considered too stupid and dishonest to be allowed to vote, and the centuries have proven our forefathers to be correct on all counts, even though today's political correctness will vehemently argue the reverse.

All these factors left only white males to make the important decisions. And because most people at the time possessed strong morals and deep character and integrity, due to their strong religious upbringing, political decisions were based more on morality than greed.

Unfortunately all these things have now been turned upside-down. Blacks and all other lower races vote, as well as the women of all races in an effort to show how "enlightened" America now is. In truth this new dogma has destroyed the American way of life and culture and replaced it with a third world crime pit of despotism, decadence and perversity.

The white man no longer owns his own land or country, which has been handed over to his mortal enemies by the very people put in office to protect his interests. He is now a prisoner in his own land. And if he dares to fight back or complain publicly, he stands good to be placed in prison on trumped up charges, claiming he is an enemy of the people and a "racist terrorist", something our children are now being taught is as bad as a child molester. This is madness. This is evil.

Whites run for cover, afraid to be labeled this horrific title, allowing the predators in D.C. to have a free hand in the organized rape and destruction of our country. Not anywhere in the history of the world has there ever been so many evil, corrupt people in control of such vast wealth and power, all of it stolen right out from under our noses while we cower from their accusing fingers that point at us and call us "racists", "bigots", xenophobes", and God forbid, patriots.

Conditions are now in free fall, and still Americans do nothing. Despots take over our political system and make a mockery of our laws, constitution and elections, and still not a squeak comes out of white America.

The truth is there for all to see, glaring at us like an accusing finger of condemnation. The cure to our problems is literally within our grasp, but the American psyche is now so screwed up and bound to liberal mind control and brainwashing, i.e. political correctness, that they run from the cure as if it were more deadly than the loss of all their rights and freedoms.

We are going to have to take back our heritage and our authority by any and all means necessary. We are under the subjugation of an enemy government that has millions and millions of us imprisoned or too impoverished to fight back, while those that are still free and able to resist run like scared rabbits. They no longer want to stop the takeover. They now just try to be one of the last ones that get their luxuries taken away, resigning to the inevitable like slaves.

The anger I have inside me for my own people is almost equal to the rage I possess for my country's enemies, because I hate cowardice as much as I do liberalism. Evil I understand. It is moral bankruptcy and greed bound together. But cowardice is a sickness of the spirit that's far more disgusting. It's highly contagious and spreads among the weak willed in our ranks. I'd just as happily shoot a race traitor as I would any other enemy of my race, because that's exactly what they are. One of the most vital ways to restore the balance is to outlaw all voting rights to minorities and women once again.

But this time we don't revert back to our original format entirely, we make some changes that will ensure that future generations of vipers will never be able to come into power again and perpetrate the outrages this batch has done.

We do this by adopting the following laws. Laws which will be permanent, and part of our constitution. We will also put a new codicil in the constitution that outlaws any and all attempts to alter it's contents, wording, accepted interpretation, or implementation. This way no corrupt Supreme Court will be able to twist its meaning to further an evil political agenda.

[May I draw Ron's attention to our Constitution of the Northwest American Republic, which has been published several times on this site? - HAC]

LAWS: All potential voters must meet all of the following criteria to become qualified to vote. No exceptions:

1. Must pass an I.Q. test and have a minimum I.Q. of 100.

2. Must pass a mental stability test.

3. Must pass an educational standards test. Just having a diploma means nothing. Millions of lowlifes possess a diploma that can't read or wright.

4. Must have a working knowledge of our political system.

5. Must have a working knowledge of the issues and the candidates other than just their names. (This is one of the reasons women won't qualify to vote. Millions of women voted for Clinton because they thought he was "cute.")

Just these few basic requirements could have saved this country centuries of grief, and we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today. I have no doubt they sound extreme to many, but extreme measures are going to be very necessary if we are to have any hope of saving our country. This isn't a debate. This is a fact.

True democracy as it's commonly understood cannot work in any society for very long if it intends to survive, because human weakness and evil always corrupt that system, who's very survival depends solely on the integrity of its participants.

Early in our history most people were honorable and voted their conscience, because they had one. Not any longer. Now they vote for whatever might get them something, not what's good for the country. It's become a "me-first" society.

Democracy allows the ignorant masses to make the critical decisions in a country. This is madness. We have millions of dumb lowlifes that don't even know the capitol of this country, and they're voting for the next President. They have no clue about the men they're voting for or the consequences of their voting the clown into office. Blacks vote for whatever crook promises them more welfare. Wetbacks vote for no-immigration politicians. Liberals vote for communists. Young girls vote for the cutest. They all have narrow-minded personal axes to grind and are incapable of thinking about the welfare of the country.

Only an elite few can be allowed to make important decisions. Voting will be open to all, but they must pass the criteria first. That is the only way any election can work. No, it's not a true democracy, but democracy as we know it is a failure.

That's because the human race in large part is a failure. We must have a system that's immune to our imperfections and weaknesses. My way is the only way I've found that can possibly work. It's either that or a dictatorship, and we all know those don't work. We must have a system that prevents the idiots among us from destroying us once again, now and forever.

If my system were in place Pelosi, Kennedy, Boxer, Reid, Obama, Carter, Feinstein, that wetback mayor of LA that just won again; "Villagrossa", and all the other enemies of the country would not be in power today. They are kept there by the lowlifes in this country who have absolutely no business voting for dogcatcher, let alone the welfare of the nation.

War is coming. What our enemies don't understand however is just how venomous our hatred is for them and their evil. And when it does come, blood will flow like a river as whites everywhere finally go berserker. Whites are funny that way. They take a hell of lot until their enemies think they'll take anything. Then one day they suddenly snap and start cleaning house with a ruthlessness that would make Attila the Hun run for cover.

That day is almost upon us. If civil order does collapse, God help our enemies because we sure won't.

-Ron from Richmond


Anonymous Anonymous said...

in the early days of the United States, female landowners could vote. They were small in number, but for example, a widow who was bequeathed property by her husband could indeed vote.

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Democracy doesn't work because most people have been turned into morons by the goddamned Jews.

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Ron D. From Richmond said...

The first President that our newly enfranchised ladies gave us was Warren G. Harding, a tall, distinguished looking and handsome man who looked very Presidential, who had a room-temperature IQ and who was as crooked as a dog's hind leg, the most personally corrupt President until Clinton came along. I rest my case.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

White don't have the balls to revolt against that monster in the White House.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I commend you Ron on this article. It is all truthful.

Islam and Christianity - old foes - should become friends in a temporary allience to counter the damned Jewish control.

I wish all Arabs, Africans, and Asians would leave the US to the white Europeans . This will allow Christians to regain control over threir government and remove Jewish influence. This is because Jews are easy to identify in a monolithic-race society.

An Arab blogger

The recent burning of the Quraan was initiated by Zionist Jews who want to increase the rift between Muslims & Christians.

I for one, have left the US in 1985.

3:15 PM  

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