Friday, March 06, 2009

We've Got It Coming

"I actually like Rick Santelli and think he was right on to criticize Obama--but, the problem is much, much bigger.

"America has been hyping itself to the sky ever since the last Great Depression--and getting away with it, in large part because it won WW2 and looted everything of value from Germany. That loot from Germany was the basis of America's undeserved success for the next sixty years. But worse even than that, it conned most of the world to send us its money after WW2 to keep the biggest Ponzi scheme of all going for at least three generations. Bernie Madoff is just another small-time, crooked Jew trying to catch up with the really big crooks.

"America is a kind of luxury lunatic asylum for the criminally insane. The patients are pampered in every conceivable way, and are reassured from morning until late at night that they are the "best" and "greatest," and living in the most perfectly wonderful society that has ever existed. They actually believe, as firmly as one can possibly believe anything, that they were the good guys ("the greatest generation" Tom Brokaw) in World War 2. Such imbeciles will never understand the well-deserved meltdown that is happening around them."

-Friedrich Paul Berg


Anonymous brian boru said...

No doubt, there is some serious suffering ahead for the sheeple. The question is: will the kikes get away with it again? They have a lot more enemies now than they had seventy years ago. Of course, they weren't anything as powerful then as they are now either, with their own criminal, nuclear-armed base. Other than the insignificant Berg killed by the Order in 1984 no kike has been made to pay for the vast crimes they have committed against us over the last fifty years. They have a big debt to pay off now. Unfortunately, whites seem to be less a threat to them than ever before. It's hard to visualise a positive outcome in the near future.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

I often wonder how Europe would have turned out if Hitler hadn't been a little too greedy in land reclamation. If at the very least he'd have kept from running roughshod over France and double-crossing Russia, so much bloodshed and destruction could have been avoided.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

You need to do a bit of historical research. For the last fifty years we have been lied to consistantly and comprehensively about virtually all aspects of National Socialism, the War and about Hitler himself. Hitler and Germany were victims. They were set up and then destroyed in the most brutal manner possible. Remember, France and Britain declared war on Germany, supposedly in support of 'innocent' Poland, which was encouraged to be uncooperative with Hitler's attempts to come to a reasonable arrangement over the Danzig Corridor and the treatment of German civilians under Polish rule. When Polish jews and communists started murdering thousands of German civilians with the approval of the Polish government Hitler had no option but to act. If the British and French were so concerned about it why did they not declare war on the Soviet Union too as it invaded Poland also? Churchill and Rooseveldt handed it, and the rest of eastern Europe over to Stalin and his murdering kikes in 1945 without demure. Why don't you examine the books by Victor Suvorov to see how the war between Hitler and Stalin came about? Stalin had assembled the largest army ever in preparation for the invasion of western europe. He had 24,000 tanks to Hitler's 3500. There were hunderds of thousands of Soviet paratroops. These are only used in offensive operations. Hitler didn't want war and Germany was not economically prepared for it. It was forced upon him and europe was destroyed in the process. If he had been half as evil and ruthless as he has been accused of being he would have crushed the British at Dunkirk and invaded Britain rather than letting them escape and trying to come to a sensible agreement with that drunken war criminal Churchill.
Remember, history is largely an agreeds upon set of lies by the victors, and never more so than about that period.

4:06 AM  
Anonymous John Norman Howard said...

Like our founding fathers' heinous mistake in not outlawing slavery immediately and repatriation of all Negros circa 1789, Hitler made a tremendous blunder in attempting to set up a network of work camps. Those camps had to have cost more to maintain than they ever produced, and no other good can have come from the deaths that were sure to occur due to typhus, starvation once the war was being lost, etc. Not forgetting, of course, the tremendous psychological weapon he gave the enemies of the West, a weapon they have been beating us over the head with ever since.

Let these be lessons for all future newly-established nations of white nationalists... in the doubtful chance that any to come about.

6:15 PM  

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