Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tele-Stupid And Economic Doom

Well, the truth about Super Chimp is coming out in spades...pun intended. Turns out he's more of the typical stupid buck than his bootlicks want to admit. He can't even make a short speech without using the teleprompter because he's too stupid to remember his lines! Hell, that's supposed to surprise me?

Just look at the cranium on that monkey! Like most coons, there's no room up there for any gray matter. Ooogabooga Mr. Prez...

It's a scientific fact that blacks have a skull that's twice as thick as a white man's. That's why my father used to always teach us never to punch one in the face because we'd just break our hand. He's right. Just like their lower primate cousins, blacks have an extremely thick skull. This takes away from vital space needed for brain tissue. But in their case nature decided it was better to give them a thick skull than to waste time trying to give them brains. Ole' Mother Nature's a pretty sharp girl. Niggers are far more likely to get their asses kicked than come up with a new light bulb.

Ole' Super Chimp is already blowing it big time on the economic scene, as almost every financial expert is howling. As we teeter on the brink of total collapse, the liberals and conservatives still refuse to hand over the Jews that robbed all of us and put the world's economy in a tailspin. And just today the EU's financial experts said publicly that until they do, they will not invest any more money into the U.S.

I wouldn't either. Of course, as you can guess, only Fox News and some of the New York Stock Market publications are airing this announcement. The liberals are making sure these demands never hit the TV airwaves. Because if Americans ever got wind of it and forced the issue, two-thirds of Washington would get locked up along with those thieving kikes.

I just heard today that a bevy of Jews have loaded up and fled to Israel. Are you surprised? I'm sure as hell not. Rats leaving a sinking ship; The one they sank, the bastards. We need to hunt them down and nail every last hook-nosed maggot.

Obongo's panicking because he's been relying on white liberals to keep him afloat. Trouble is, those same liberals want the system to collapse. This makes Obaboon their scapegoat nigger. They're not about to help him fix things. How can they ever implement martial law if things don't go in the toilet?

Soooo, Monkey Meat better run back to Nigeria, because he's going to be asked some hard questions in the weeks ahead. Things like: "Hey you stupid coon! When are you going to fix our economy?"

I'm loving it! The only thing that stupid chimp can fix is a plate o' ribs! Just watch the news guys. Things are going to get really hinky quick. If you have any money left, get it out of the banks Now! Good luck to us all.

-The Lone Haranguer


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