Monday, March 09, 2009

Plans, Agendas, and Mistakes

Sometimes I'm amazed at the sheer complexity of the conspiracy working against our race and the world. Enemy or not, I have to admire the sheer genius at work behind this evil. It is the most intricate web of attack ever devised by the mind of man. We are under attack on every front of our existence. If you can name it or think of it, it's under assault. They haven't missed a trick.

Just look at our modern military for example. The Army has been lowering its standards of recruitment steadily over the past thirty years to the point where few decent white boys are willing to join. That's because it's now absolutely stuffed with uppety, lazy, evil, criminal niggers, who can rise through the ranks quickly in there, becoming hell on wheels for the few whites that are unfortunate enough to be stuck serving with them. Niggers in the military deliberately harass whites and favor dey bros. It's a nigger's army.

When I myself was in the Navy, blacks were already a significant percentage of the workforce, though nothing like they are today. Even then they were a total pain in the ass, and there were several instances where I had to drag one into a closed room and give him a "tune up." Most will immediately try to report you, but if you let them know that there's far worse waiting for a snitch, they usually just keep their big lips shut and move out of radar range from then on.

The niggers on board ship work together to steal you blind, rob the ship's stores, and transport dope from foreign ports. There have been quite a number of whites that got tossed overboard in the middle of the night for seeing something they shouldn't have, and of course the nigger cover each other's asses, regardless of their rank. Niggers will be niggers will be niggers.

I don't know of a single white veteran from any of our branches of the military that didn't come away hating their guts. Even so-called liberal young men who were raised pro-nigger in school and at home by liberal parents always convert to our side once they've had a taste of niggerdom up close and personal. They're forced to sleep, shave, bathe, and eat with these nasty apes, who give off a reek that whites find offensive. It's a kind of sickly-sweet body odor, reminiscent of a corpse in the early stages of decomposition.

They also have a horrid habit of constantly farting like a mule. They let loose with the most noxious fumes ever devised by demon or orc, and take great delight in gassing out whitey, then cackling insanely with sheer delight because they can finally get away with tormenting us with their animal ways, the very same ways that helped to keep them segregated from civilized society, until liberal politicians decided it was inhuman to separate these monkeys from us. White troops and sailors quickly come to hate and despise blacks, and that sentiment stays with them the rest of their lives.

But these facts are nothing compared to the real purpose for their recruitment into the military, which has a great deal more to do with their evil agenda than it does anything about equality or equal opportunity.

The Jews and their henchmen know that if they were to call upon white American troops to fire on their own people they would revolt, instead turning on their commanders and the government weasels that instigated those orders. That would never do. But if they were to man the military branches with niggers, wetbacks, and other mud immigrants that have no love for whitey or his culture, they would be assured of an obedient army that would actually delight in killing and imprisoning millions of whites.

But here's where the kikes made their biggest mistake. That's because to these muds there's no difference between a white and a kike. They're all crackers to them. The irony is that these stupid Jews still don't realize the drastic mistake they've made, and now they're compounding the problem by lowering the recruitment standards yet again to meet their manning quotas.

That's because white boys are now flatly refusing to join any branch of the military for two reasons. First, they don't like or trust our evil government and have no desire to go off and get killed for defending the elite's oil supply while they sit in their swivel chairs and suck on Cuban cigars. Second, as I said, they're not in the market for four years of niggerdom. Most of the liberals in D.C. just can't see the problem and refuse to even acknowledge that it's niggers. Instead they have endless round table discussions as to why this dire recruitment problem exists.

To fix it, they've now come up with a novel solution: Recruit gang members!!!

Do you think I'm joking? I wish I were. Now they're taking these lowlifes, even if they have extensive criminal records, felonies, drug convictions, assault and manslaughter convictions, and a whole range of other offenses that in the past would have kept them from any branch of service. But they need warm bodies, soooo.

But to top this off we have to look at the real reasons these clowns are joining the military to begin with. Think a minute. It makes absolutely no sense for a career criminal and gangsta to join the military...unless there's a damned good reason for it. Drugs and weapons!!! Many of these gangstas are sent into the army and other branches by their gangs to learn how to operate and commandeer as many military weapons as possible. They use military clout and transportation to ship large amounts of drugs into the country from Asia and South America, and they take every weapons class they can get in order to become expert in the use of the government's toys.

That's because a hefty number of these weapons are coming up missing every year, all over the country. And it's not just gangstas. Niggers from all the ghettos in America are also stealing weapons. But to them that's small potatoes. Their real agenda is to have access to all the government's weapons should a black uprising occur. Blacks are going to be one hell of a nasty problem if things go south in this country and we have to fight, because we'll be fighting well armed niggers as well as government goons.

The Other Shoe Drops

And let's not forget Obaboon's plans for a nigger army, a "Civil Peace Keeping Force" manned by ghetto niggers in an attempt to "rehabilitate" them by giving them positions of authority over the populace.

Yeah, right. Ever seen any nigger that could handle even the smallest amount of authority without becoming a tyrannical chimp? More armed niggers roaming our streets. Great...only this time they've got the blessings of Super Chimp.

But that's nothing compared to the next little tidbit of news. Turns out that Obongo (or rather the Jews who are pulling his strings) is going to cut our nuclear arsenal to the bone, dismantling and destroying over 90% of our nuclear weapons. You say "Aww, that's ok. We still have enough nukes on our subs to level the planet. Right? Right??

Well you see, ole' Super Chimp (or rather the Jews who are running him) didn't leave them out of the equation either. After all, those autonomous subs really pissed the kikes off! All those sub commanders totally immune to their power and control! Their baby-shit brown sock puppet flat chimped out when he discovered that!

So what did he do to fix things? You're gonna just love this. Some years back, Jug-Ears tried to alter the way our nuclear subs received their orders to launch missiles. Since their creation, the sub commander had the final say whether or not any nuke got launched, and he had the authority and the ability to launch all on his own without orders, should he feel the situation warranted it, like a nuke attack on the capitol, etc. But just before he was able to implement it, a closed session of the senate stopped him cold.

He wanted to take that authority away from them and keep it all to himself! No dice. That would greatly endanger national security. How? What if only the President had the codes to launch, and all our subs were rigged with computers that prevented anyone from launching without them? And what if the Prez were taken out in a first strike? We'd be sitting ducks, totally helpless and at the mercy of our enemies! But Jug-Ears didn't give a rat's ass about that, or our safety or the welfare of the country, only his power over everyone and everything.

By the way: How many of you knew that Jug cried for damn near a solid week when his last term as President ran out? I just found this out myself a couple of days ago from a friend who's son works in the White house as a page or gopher. Obongo's troops, cutting military & nukes, sub changes, etc. He said that he was so attached to all that power that he couldn't deal with giving it over to Super Chimp. Hawww! Typical politician. Power's all they live for, the bastards.

Well anyway, the Jews who are pulling Monkey Meat's strings have revived the plan and have succeeded in getting it pushed through nice and quiet-like, thanks to an almost completely liberal senate. Now all our sub commanders are no more than puppets for Super Chimp and the Jews who in turn tell him what to do. If that gibbon gets a case of scared nigger-itis during an attack and runs off to hide under the bed, we're all dead because the commanders won't be able to fire their nukes.

And guess what? Our enemies already know about the change!! How? Think a minute. Just how porous do you think our security system is now at the Pentagon? It's the joke of the planet! Our own teenage hackers are breaking into their mainframe. There's been four major break-ins this year already by Red Chinese espionage hackers...that we know of!!

The damned liberals have bitten off way more than they can chew, and it's starting to backfire on them. First they now have to worry about heavily armed niggers and gangstas, and now the Red Chinese and other enemies hitting us with a surprise nuke attack. It's only a matter of when, not if we get nailed. By what means is also up for grabs considering there's now a half-dozen different ways Fate can do us a real number.

The upshot of all this disturbing news is that as usual we're stuck in the middle as evil, insanity and stupidity battle for control over us and our country. This should serve as a warning to those of you that haven't made up your minds yet to fight, that you're running out of time to make that decision. Because whether you resist or not isn't going to alter their plans, but it just might save your life and the lives of those you care about. They are going to attack us openly, they're just waiting for the bell to ring...

Live free or die fighting.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The upside to this is it makes our task just a hint easier in the Northwest!


12:58 PM  
Anonymous blu-82 said...

Perhaps they want the US to be defeated,that have to be the puppetmaters main purpouse. Probably they have already sold out to red China and the little man running North Korea. A true communist New world Order World awaits all of us.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Why is it that only racially aware whites do not consider Jews to be "white"? I think that we know the answer.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

Ye gods and little fishes. Small wonder we're getting our butts kicked in Bumf--kistan if this is indicative of what our armed forces have to work with.

The stories of gangsters and thugs becoming worthwhile citizens, although widely touted, are in reality few and far between. For all our research and high technology, we still can't turn large quantities of pig's ears into silk purses!

7:27 AM  

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