Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monkey In A Tuxedo

I was watching a sports channel last night. An interviewer was talking to a buck nigger in a three-piece suit, and man, was that a ridiculous looking sight. Like a monkey in a tuxedo.

Anyway, this really black, monkey looking buck was mumbling replies to the guy, hands in his pockets, when he suddenly simply fell over backwards, out cold. There Rastus lay, hands still in his pockets, an' he be dead to de' world, man. Yowzuh! Turns out he was so stoned on crack and booze it was a wonder he could even stand at all, let alone stay conscious. Stupid monkey.

And like a typical chimp hugger, the announcer tried to keep talking as if nothing at all had happened! Liberals never cease to amaze me with their gall. Always trying to cover up the stinking pile of ape shit lying out in the open for everyone to see, pronouncing it an illusion.

The news is out on the population, and they predict that the world mud population is going to almost double by 2030. We've already got millions per year starving to death as it is, and the world is about to lose it's ability to grow enough food to feed the billions of muds already alive and breeding mindlessly. What the hell are they going to do with twice as many?

It's just like I said in a recent article, The Mud Bomb. We are in bad trouble because of their mindless breeding, and mass death, war, and starvation are a given. Mindless niggers and wetbacks screwing and screwing with no thought beyond their own crotches. Even chimps are smarter. When resources are short they stop breeding. Niggers and wetbacks are dumber than chimps!

Yesterday a short brown East Indian passed me on foot. He was grinning with pride as his brood of nine mudlets filed like ducks behind him. Alongside him was his extremely pregnant wife! I looked at him in disgust and amazement and piped up and said loudly, "Must be nice to have whitey support all those brats for you, eh?" The son of a bitch turned back and grinned at me! It was all I could do not to pull out my pocket knife and castrate the son of a bitch on the spot. I had to go the other way. I was seeing red. The gall of the bastard! There was no way on earth this ignorant, little brown immigrant could support all these offspring without our money. No way...

And speaking of money, the damned Jews are scrambling to rob us of every nickel they can before the collapse. All those billions that top got from us are already gone, and they want more! They came back to Washington today, hat in hand until it was discovered that their kike owners shipped the 34 billion we gave them to Dubai, Somalia, and India, to their foreign banks! The son of a bitches sent our money out of the country! All over the place scandals are popping up with Jews at the bottom of every one of them.

Trouble is, these are the small fries, tossed to the wolves to try and keep the attention away from the big fish, the ones who raped our economy, the same ones our politicians refuse to hand over to the World Courts. And until they do, the US is going to continue to go in the toilet because nobody is going to dare to invest in us anymore until they do this.

The stink of corruption is getting so damned bad that America is ready to revolt, thank God. The liberal news media isn't saying jack about the growing anger in this country or the mounting instability, but our crooked politicians are all going around covered in bodyguards. They know they deserve justice.

More and more states are now filing motions of secession from the Union with their state legislatures, and resistance cells are popping up like weeds in a flower bed. Battle lines are being drawn and the government is preparing to beat down any dissent. The war is coming folks. Don't doubt it. If you rely on government checks to live, you'd better very quickly start making other arrangements before you get caught with your pants down.

Almost every financial institution is going to go under when it hits. In fact thousands of very old and established firms are going out of business as I write this. It's been reported that even many of the insurance companies are becoming insolvent because they took your premiums and invested them in foreign factories and banks to increase the profits of their greedy kike CEOs.

So if you can borrow against your life insurance or burial policy, you'd better do it now before they go belly up and leave you with nothing. Take out the money now and turn it to metals. Move!

Look folks, I could be dead wrong about the collapse and the revolt. Nothing in life is a sure thing until it actually happens. But every last person that knows our economy and has the inside dope on things feels exactly the same way. Things can't get much worse. The stock market is dead, the Jews have cleaned us out, our people are ready to revolt, the states are trying to secede, companies are dying right and left, and the jobless rate is higher than it was in the Depression. The odds of the sun going nova are better than the country surviving this mess.

And even if by some miracle we avoid the end, it'll only be a matter of a postponement because we cannot stand in our present condition without major changes in leadership and the structure of our government. And the only way those things are ever going to happen is by armed revolt.

There is no way on this earth our corrupt despot leaders are ever going to surrender their power over us. They'll kill us by the millions first, declaring it a "matter of national security", when in fact overthrowing them is for national security. It's to try and save the nation from them!

These evil, insane bastards have robbed us blind and destroyed our country. It's high time they were all brought to justice. And if the kikes flee to Israel to avoid justice, we'll announce we'll nuke Israel if they don't cough them up, and our money. But first we deal with this mess here at home. Then we can focus on the other important issues like the mindless breeding of our chimps and the billions of mindless muds that are dooming humanity to extinction.

Nothing we do is going to matter unless we get control of their crotches. Red China alone has over a billion chinks. On top of that our greedy CEOs have taught them all our technology, effectively industrializing the largest nation on earth. They are bringing online one new coal fired electric generating plant every single week. And I'm not talking about plants like ours, I'm talking about no pollution standards whatsoever. Those plants are belching out millions of metric tons of thick, black carbon and ash into the atmosphere every month, speeding up global warming at a rate that should terrify all of us. The damage these greedy bastards have caused us may not even be repairable at this point without a major nuclear war. Once again the planet can thank the Jews.

As I watched that stupid liberal interviewer glibly continue on as if he didn't have a 250 pound ape in a suit lying in the middle of his stage, I realized that I was looking at a cross-section of America. Niggers have no more business being treated like white men than our leaders have in office. Both notions are ludicrous, but both are realities because we as Americans have tolerated far too much for far too long. And the one thing all lowlife liberals can be relied upon to do is push and push and push until they've completely destroyed our culture.

The only limits they have are the ones we set. And if we fail to set any they'll kill us all with their madness and sheer stupidity. Yes, revolt really is coming and it's going to be bloody and messy. There's going to be a great many idiot white goons that will be fighting the kike's fight for them as they kill to protect the system and their masters, all the while thinking in their brainwashed hearts that they're actually the good guys.

Fortunately there will also be quite a few that join us. Oh, we'll win alright, but it's going to be one hell of a fight to do so. One thing about white Americans that these bastards have forgotten is that we're vastly different than all other breeds of white.

We can't be subjugated by evil. We'll happily die killing it first. So the next time someone tries to convince you of the wisdom of the liberal way, think of that announcer and the huge ape in the suit lying there beside him out cold with a silly grin on his stupid nigger face.

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Excellent Harold. LOL!!

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-The Lone Haranguer said -- "They are bringing online one new coal fired electric generating plant every single week ... belching out millions of metric tons of thick, black carbon and ash into the atmosphere every month, speeding up global warming at a rate that should terrify all of us..."

This is the only truly erroneous section in this entire, otherwise spot-on, article.

The truth of the matter is that "Global Warming(TM)" is as much a yiddish lie as the "Holocaust(TM)" and is, on its face, a Communist tool to facilitate the transfer of wealth (industry and technology) from those who are productive (the White nations, inventors of industry and technology in the first place) into the hands of whose who do not produce anything (the yids and their mud-colored pets). The entire concept of man-made climate change is pure junk-science, supported by deliberate skewing of data. Factual meteorological studies, aggressively suppressed by political forces within academic institutions, have proven the exact opposite of what the "Global Warming(TM)" propagandists claim. Fact-based studies confirm a gradual climate change, but one which is neither the result of any human activity whatsoever nor reversible by any change whatsoever in human behavior. The real data confirms that the Earth's axis is, in fact, gradually tilting with respect to the plane of its orbit about the Sun and has "wobbled" slowly about this same small arc since time immemorial. That regular, cyclical shift, occurring with a period of millennia to each cycle, has been responsible for such events as the Ice Age. In fact, the non-doctored data cornfirms that global COOLING is currently taking place, as another Ice Age looms totally beyond our control regardless of how much tyrannical restriction of our activities we permit or how many Whites we permit to be systematically buthchered as cannon fodder for that Socialist litterbox in the Middle East. It galls me to see members of the Movement, some of our best and brightest, in fact, fall for this hogwash of yiddish brain-scrubbing! The "Global Warming(TM)" scam works like this: convince the White goyim that their industries are wrecking the planet; enact "Environmental Protection(TM)" laws which force the export of industrial activities (jobs) from First World (White) nations to Third World (mud) and Second World (commie) cesspools where, conveniently for the yids who manipulate the shells of the old yiddish Shell Game, no such regulations ever seem to get enacted, much less enforced; further drain the blood of the goyim with "carbon taxes" on consumption of "scarce" resources which are only "scarce" because the jews have stolen control of those resources for themselves.


6:26 AM  

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