Saturday, March 28, 2009

Liberals, Chicken Thieves, and the Phantom Shitter

I just saw that rabidly liberal actor John Lithgow speaking "words of wisdom" on our government's actions and the liberal witch hunt that's now gearing up in Washington, as all the leftist goons that are now in power seek to get even with their political enemies, the conservatives and independents. There's nothing more ludicrous to me than an idiot Hollyweird actor telling anyone what to do about our mess.

Just last month a senior British diplomat was arrested for making derogatory comments about Jews while playing in a handball court. They charged him with anti-Semitism. Yes, believe it, it's a crime in Britain to say anything against a Jew! And you still think the damned Jews don't have a stranglehold on the Anglo nations?

This has to stop. This is the very pinnacle of evil. This is madness. I honestly don't understand why the British people don't rise up and do away with that damned liberal government before it kills them all.

Liberal thinking is the scourge of our times. I tell liberals right to their face that I think they're complete idiots. I do it all the time. But if I say nothing to them and they discover I'm not a liberal, they instantly become highly hostile and aggressive, and start looking for ways to screw with me. I'm not joking here. Liberals are every bit as fanatical as your average crazed Moslem.

But my biggest complaint with them is their love and promotion of the blacks. I despise blacks, as many of you know quite well. Almost every bad thing in life that's ever happened to me or my loved ones has been caused by niggers. The stories I could tell would make your hair stand up. And I'm just one of many, many millions that have suffered at the hands of these animals, thanks to liberal chimp huggers.

Now they've gone and elected a chimp as President. My nation will never live this down. Ever. History will always record the fact that the United State people were stupid enough to put a coon in power as their leader. My God.

I don't know how many of you realize this, but that chimp Obama has put almost the entire government in the hands of his fellow coons. And as we all know, there has never been a buck that could handle power. Every last one of these buck candidates has some scandal he's battling over tax fraud, embezzlement or bribery.

I challenge any liberal to show me even one monkoid in politics that hasn't gotten his ass in a crack over corruption. Just one! They can't. First we get screwed by the kikes, then the niggers take over the government. All the bootlick chimp huggers indignantly say that blacks aren't racist, but any fool knows better and even government statistics prove beyond debate that coons are the most racist group in existence.

Just look at Obama. The liberals aren't saying a word as he blatantly practices racism in picking his staff and cabinet. It looks like a Soul Train episode when they all get together. Criminy! Every one of those chicken stealers will be looking for ways to get over on us.

Incidentally, most of you (and me) are way too young to have experienced this, but back before 1930, niggers were commonly arrested for chicken stealing. As all of us know well, blacks just love fried chicken. Interesting, considering the bird isn't native to Africa. Hell, the kaffirs probably ate them all! HAWW!

Monkoids would constantly sneak onto whitey's property and steal his best laying hens to cook up and eat. Farmers would routinely put a load of bird shot in some thieving nigger's ass as he ran like hell with a bird in each hand, squawking and shedding feathers. And we all know how coons can run! Hell, I saw one leap an eight foot freeway retaining wall in one jump on an episode of Cops.

That reminds me of another example of Affikin-Amurkin Culchah. My granddad used to tell me stories of farmers that would hire niggers to pick their crops down South. They'd work out in the hot sun all week with the farmer standing over them, because if he turned his back even for a minute, they'd all lay down right there in the field and do nothing. On Friday nights they'd take their pay and go on an orgy of eating and drinking and porking ho's.

My grampa said they'd literally eat like hogs until they were ready to bust like a balloon, and drink themselves silly, spending every last cent of their pay on the weekend orgy. Then on Monday they'd show up badly hung over, stuffed to the gills, waddling and unable to work worth a damn.

But he'd fire them if they didn't work, which would mean no more orgies. So they'd get out there, and every single Monday several would drop dead of a heat stroke or too much booze, food and work, and would
have to be hauled out of the fields. He'd always have several extra niggers lazing around in the shade on Mondays as replacements for the inevitable dead ones.
He never ceased to be amazed at their sheer stupidity. Spending all their money, then overdoing it until they croaked.

The farmers had another serious problem on Mondays with the bucks, and that was keeping them from taking a crap right on top of their crops while they were out in the fields. They would be so constipated from the weekend gluttony that they'd be dying to defecate by noon, and they'd just drop their pants right wherever the pain hit and it was bombs away, ruining a large patch of produce with a huge, stinking pile of nigger shit.

They knew if the farmer caught them they'd be fired and beaten, but they'd do it real sneaky-like. They'd drop their pants and grunt like hell, watching the farmer the whole time. And if he turned around they'd
jerk them up like lightening, sometimes finishing the job in their pants. Many a time they'd find a huge pile of crap out in the fields and rant with rage, madder than hell at the loss, and the sneaky monkoids who were too damn lazy to walk up to the woods and use the trench. They'd rather do it where the pain hit like some mongrel dog.

These are your equals according to the liberals, folks. The only difference between those monkoids and coons today is the date. You cannot legislate something into being human. A coon is a coon is a coon and will always be a coon. Period.

That last tale reminds me of a bit of ancient history that I want to share with all of you. It's funny and crude, but captures the essence of Affikin-Amurkin Culchah to a tee.

When I was a fresh recruit in the Navy, my first duty station was aboard a destroyer. Blacks had been recently allowed to integrate and things had started going downhill from there, fast.

Sailors were constant victims of theft because the coons would steal them blind whenever they went ashore. Niggers stayed on board most of the time because they lost their money almost as soon as they got paid. They would spend their first weekend off ship gambling and chasing ho's and come back broke. That left them alone with our possessions, and they just helped themselves. And with the chimp huggers in full swing it was almost impossible to charge one, even when he was caught red-handed with the goods, and they knew it.

But the one real problem we had onboard my ship was what we called "The Phantom Shitter." Sailors would return from leave only to find that someone had left a big, steaming pile of shit under their pillow! The real mystery was how they got their ass in-between those narrow bunks to do the job. There was only 18 inches between bunks. Other times a pile would be found in one of the urinals or on one of the steps of a ladder going up to the next deck.

People had to really watch their step because more than once we would hear some poor guy yelling, "Awww! Sheeeit!!" as he stepped in a steaming pile. Another time a pile was found right on top the mess hall table at lunch time.

Everybody was fed up and wanted this asshole's head. The last straw was when the cooks found a big fat turd floating in the soup pot. The captain ordered the crew to find the culprit.

So a trap was laid in the mess hall because it was discovered he shit in a pattern. They figured it was time for him to crap in the mess hall again, so Marines laid in wait in the dark all night, listening for him. Around 3am they heard a slight noise and flipped on the lights and came dashing out...only to find another huge, steaming pile.

He was caught purely by happy accident one day as a young sailor was mopping the deck inside the berthing compartment. He opened the door to the chief warrant officer's cabin and there stood an Affikin-Amurkin sailor with his big black ass in mid-deed, hanging it over the chief's bunk. It was one of the real niggery looking bucks on board that was always giving whites a hard time. This particular buck had been brought up on theft charges several times and had always skated due to fear of violating his ciboh raaahts.

But the captain was in no mood to play bleeding heart liberal anymore and threw the book at Rastus, sentencing him to a year in the brig. Ole' Rastus somehow ran into a bulkhead repeatedly, according to the guards. (Actually several of us had gone down to the brig and worked
his black ass over but good.)

Of course all the other blacks on the ship proceeded to oogaboog,
but the captain warned them that if they didn't shut the fuck up and get back to work they'd join their fellow chimp in jail. Many of us suspected there was more than one involved, but we could never prove it since the crapping stopped.

Typical niggers. This is what you get when you try to put monkeys with humans. Maybe we should all tune in to John Lithgow and absorb his
liberal words of wisdom on how blacks are our equals and brothers under the skin. Maybe if we hear it often enough we'll start to believe it, and all the crap they pull on us every day won't seem so bad after all. Yeah, yer right. It doesn't work for me either.

Well, so ends another rant on the evils of niggerdom. I just hope these peeks into reality slowly sink into a few stupid people out there and get them to start facing the truth about these apes. We're all going to have to deal with niggers and their handlers, and soon...or they're going to deal
with us.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMFG!!! This article had me ROFLMWAO!!! Emailed this to a friend of mine (a paraplegic from a spinal cord injury who has bladder-control issues as a side effect of the paralysis) and she laughed so hard that she nearly pissed herself!

My uncle used to tell me about the "Phantom Shitter" niggers back when he played High School football for a nigger-infested (but formerly all-White, before forced busing) school. After almost every practice, a steaming, stinking pile of chimp shit would be found somewhere in the locker room. This was back in the 70s before "boomboxes" became common, but these chimps would frequently disrupt classes with their portable 8-track players and the chimp-hugger teachers did nothing. From the end of the 70s into the early 80s, I attended the same school. Lo and behold, things were the same as was described and, by then, worse! By then, boomboxes were carried by most niggers, and the models got bigger and louder with each of my 4 years there, but the noise and the Phantom Shitters weren't the worst of it! My Freshman year, there was a stabbing followed by a race riot! Several girls were cornered in deserted hallways and gang-raped! Drug-pushing was to monkoids what apprentice gigs at factories was to Whites, the ultimate career ambition!

I don't blame the chimps for it, though, as they're only wild animals turned loose to live by the only law they know, the law of the jungle, by that Satan-spawned race variously called yids, kikes, hymies, sheenies, etc. who falsely call themselves "God's Chosen" "Israel" and "Jews" ... the inventors of chimp-hugging, tree-hugging, butt-humping, Communism, Socialism, Terrorism, thoughtcrimes, etc., etc. , etc.!!!

These kikes owe a debt of six million plus interest to the Aryan ... for their vicious libels against Adolph Hitler and their libel and persecution of the German people.


3:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand that the Chicago police department have switched from Doberman Pincers to Coon Dogs as the department has not had that much trouble out of Germans!

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was drafted during the Korean War. The petty little Truman was president. Too stupid to run a haberdashery successfully, of course made him qualified for president. Anyway, Harry was in the process of integrating (that is, ruining) our military. My first two encounters with niggers in the military, at Fort Meade, Mayland and later at Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky, involved niggers going thru the barracks and stealing the soldiers' wallets. I kept mine under my pillow so it was safe. Now I understand the services are overrun with the damn apes!

12:45 AM  

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