Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Amazing Talking Monkey

Everyone just relax. When was the last time you saw a nigger keep the same job for four years?

That creep Obongo was on the tube today, glibly saying that his economic plan is working while the Dow plummets like a stinking rock. The liberals now have over 9,000 earmarks in the "stimulus" bill, which was supposed to be to get our jobs back. Instead it's just a gigantic Christmas present of pure pork to every liberal politician on the Hill. They're having a real party up there with our money and instituting the largest tax increase in U.S. history. But hey! Americans deserve him and the consequences of putting that monkey in power. [We didn't, actually. It won by electoral fraud in Ohio and Pennsylvania. - HAC] They voted for that abortion so let them rot!

This asshole, this dufus doesn't know the first thing about foreign affairs, but he sends the Wicked Witch of the West, Hillary Clitton to the Middle East. And the very first thing this icon of liberal stupidity does is piss off every last leader she sees. So what does Bonzo do when he gets the news that Iran, Pakistan and Turkey are all ready to declare war on the infidels? Why, he doubles all foreign aid!!!

That's right. You heard me correctly. Double. The damned liberals are ecstatic over Super Chimp's failures as if they were victories. It's the weirdest damn thing I've ever seen. Talk about nigger-worship! I honestly think he could take a shit right in the middle of the Democratic Convention's stage and they'd applaud and call it a "novel expression of his blackness" Gag.

Just last night some pro-chimp pundit got on TV and declared that Americans were "worrying too much" about the stock market and should instead focus on their day-to-day lives and leave finance to the experts. Experts? Experts? Leaving it to the "experts" is what got us into this mess to begin with! We've been forced to worry about the market because leaving it to those thieving bastards has damn near destroyed the U.S. economy.

For decades, and I do mean decades, I've watched as our evil leaders systematically destroyed our way of life. I raised bloody hell when the fat drunk Ted Kennedy introduced an immigration bill to congress designed to start the invasion of our nation back in the late Sixties. Nobody else said a word, and in fact called me an alarmist. And when our corporate heads started moving their factories overseas I raised all kinds of hell. I wrote senators, congressmen, TV pundits, you name it, and got the exact-same response: "Don't sweat it."

I watched as our neighborhoods transformed into ghettos and barrios full of ugly, nasty, murderous animals bent on converting our country into just another slice of Third World trash. Our so-called allies sent us all their rejects, criminals and mental defectives, which costs us billions every year to institutionalize or imprison because they can't be set loose in society. Other nations are using our country as a dump for their undesirables. Yet our politicians say and do nothing.

After all, it's us that have to live with these beasts and deal with their crap on a daily basis. Our elite, evil leaders are safely isolated from the nightmare their greed and ambition have caused the rest of us. We live down here in the trenches with these monsters while they relax in high security estates, guarded by security men around the clock. They're there to keep these very same lowlifes off their property and prevent them from stealing them blind like they're doing the rest of America. And all the while they're acting as if they've done absolutely nothing wrong. They glibly argue that it's the "moral" thing to do by letting multi-millions of parasites and predators into this country.

After all, they have rights! Oh yeah? Well what about our rights, hmmm? What about the rights of those that were born here, who built this nation? Don't we have any rights or any say as to who enters our home and robs us blind? This is wrong, it's evil, it's insane, and it should never be tolerated. Ever.

To do so is madness. It's also cowardice of the first rank. All any fool has to do is look around at our country today to see it has become evil and dangerous on every level of our existence. There is no safe place, no harbor from the storm. Evil is everywhere and in every aspect of American life. Obaboon is just the latest figurehead for the Jews who really control this country.

Our Founding Fathers all warned us sternly about the real dangers of allowing the Jews to gain a foothold in American politics and economics, and said that it would lead without fail to the destruction of this country. They were dead right, just as they've been right about every other thing they ever said to us or warned us about.

But just like today, greed was the weapon of choice for the Jews, and they literally bought their way in. They knew that no matter how high the price was, it would be cheap as dirt compared to the booty they'd rake in once they cleaned America's coffers out.

The Jews' favorite game plan for adopted nations is always the same and has always been the same down through the ages. First they insinuate their way into the systems of the target nation and take control of all its key industries and financial institutions. Next, they bleed it dry and bankrupt it until it collapses and is "parted out" or dismantled and split into territories to be owned by that nation's enemies. And once they've gotten all they could from the nation and destroyed the accursed goy country, they immigrate to the next one and start their crap all over again.

Like any lethal parasitic organism, they live to destroy. Down the centuries people have been warned repeatedly about the Jews and their evil, and they've been expelled from over 79 different countries for trying this evil crap. But to hear it from them and their bootlicks, it's all just unwarranted anti-Semitism. The poor Jews are innocent and have done absolutely nothing to anyone to deserve that kind of hatred. Right...

So just why is it that Jews are so hated? Did everyone just get up one morning and decide to hate Jews? Of course not. They have damned good reasons for this hatred, and the Jews know it. But like all weasels, they run from their punishment and deny their guilt. Americans and especially whites need to always, always keep in mind that liberals and conservatives both are under the direct control of Jew interests. Both teams have the same owner! Whoever has the gold makes the rules.

"The One" is just another token nigger, owned by the Jews. His typical nigger stupidity is destroying what's left of our dying economy with actions that are designed to finish us off. No person in their right mind would create and pass a stimulus bill like the one he created and expect anything else.

Obama is their amazing talking monkey, spouting liberal rhetoric while he passes bill after bill that all have one thing in common: they're destructive. Obama is levying huge tax increases, doubling foreign aid, passing the three trillion stimulus bill and giving billions to wetbacks and niggers and yes, even millions to our mortal enemies, La Raza!

You heard me right. La Raza is getting federal money, our money to finance their takeover of our country! If any single action were to prove the liberal's intent for us, this is it!

What is it going to take to get people to revolt? He's doing all this and then telling us that the economy is doing fine. Am I missing something here? We must all remember that this isn't just a minor problem, this is a WAR for our very freedom. I for one am mad as hell and ready to fight.

-The Lone Haranguer


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Anonymous brian boru said...

Sure, we're all ready to fight but no fighting ever gets done. It's a big decision to pick up your gun and go out the front door of your house and actually kill our enemies. You have to realise that you are leaving everthing behind forever. That you are very likely to be killed soon if you are lucky, or end up in ZOG's dungeons if you are not. That you will most likely, and I think this is the kicker, be alone. No, I think that things will get much worse before anyone acts in a coordinated way to hurt the kike. For now, the best option is to move to the Northwest and stock up on guns and especially ammunition. There will be some safety in numbers and some chance of success when the time comes and there is no option but to fight.

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