Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What Now, Magic Negro? What Now?

Americans aren't stupid--well, yeah, they are, actually, but they're not stupid where their money and their jobs and their material goods and lifestyle are concerned.

Americans know darned well that those 20 million (really about 30 million) illegal Third World aliens are taking American jobs, and they're not all picking lettuce or skimming the rich folks' swimming pools. Many of the jobs that illegals take from Americans are reasonably well-paying factory and assembly jobs in industries like food processing, meat packing, canning, lumbering, construction, fast food management, janitorial and custodial work, etc.

Stuff that pays maybe $15-$16 an hour, some of it, which by my standards is well-paying. Jobs that those hundreds of thousands of Americans getting laid off now are going to need. It used to be that Americans wouldn't work for crap wages and no benefits; soon they're going to be so desperate for a paycheck, any paycheck, that they're going to be lining up to flip Big Macs and work on the Armour packing line and plant trees in nursery forests and can those fish, so forth and so on.

So what will Monkey Meat do about his promise to amnesty all the illegals and give them "a path to citizenship?"

I won't say Americans won't stand for it, because Americans have proven that they will stand for anything, eat every drop of excrement this corrupt and putrid regime shovels down their throats and grin while they do it.

But when you stand in the rain outside a McDonald's for three hours waiting to put in an application for back line, and you look in the window and you see Mexicans flipping those burgers and then you get told that store "is not accepting any further applications at this time" and you go home and tell your wife and your children it's canned lima beans and pumpkin mix from the food bank for supper again tonight...well, I hope that while you still have a job you'll order a copy of The Brigade so you can read it that night and remind yourself of how a man reacts to tyranny.


Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Well, if someone tries to work at JewDonalds then they aren't "getting" the white racial thing anyway. Buying from JewDonalds is one thing and is not acceptable. Working for the Jew is another and takes it to another level of bad.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

General Secretary Obama and his cohorts in the Senate caved to their international masters today.
They removed the BUY AMERICAN clause from the "stimulus package". This clause would have ensured that billions in public funds were only spent on materials from American companies.
Now, the billions can pack the pockets of foreign companies.
This move intentionally screws American companies and workers (those who are left) who thought they would get a boon from the "stimulus". Not.

11:26 AM  

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