Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Under Attack

A murder here, a rape there, a mugging, a stomping, a home break-in, a carjacking, a store robbed, a cop shot, a kid killed in the park by a drive-by, a stolen car rolls on the freeway blocking traffic for hours, a drunk smashes into a family driving home from church, a house set fire to just for meanness, and the list goes on and on and on without end.

And it's always a nigger or a wetback. A convicted felon from Mexico is caught in an INS sweep and the liberal judge sets a date for his deportation hearing instead of just drop-kicking him on the spot, and then he's released on his own recognizance. Say what?

Sure. As if ole' Pedro the murderer is going to willingly show back up to be deported? I mean criminy! What do they think he was doing in the U.S. to begin with? He was here illegally!! That means he doesn't give a rat's ass about our laws. So just because some bleeding heart liberal judge tells him to, he's going to voluntarily show up? Just how damned stupid do these liberals think we are? They know when they cut them loose that they'll never see them again. It's a "legal" form of circumventing our federal laws.

Our society is being literally ripped apart at the seams by these bastards. And you want to know the real kicker of it all? The most recent polls show that only around half of all Americans think that illegals are a problem! I kid you not!

Of course you must remember that the polls were taken in liberal population hotspots and Hispanic communities. But even adjusting for this, the numbers are frightening. It means that the liberal campaign of brainwashing our kids is working quite well. You'd think that these dumb-ass punks would have already had their fill of niggery behavior and wetback theft and violence, but hey...when you're raised with only darky role models, its hard not to have your thinking bent. Liberals have been deliberately barring white role models and heroes from Hollyweird. But if his ass is black or chocolate they'll four-wall his slimy ass.

Just look at the modern remake of The Omega Man that originally starred Charlton Heston. This time the last man on earth was a blacked-assed splib (that's a west coast term for porch monkeys) played by Will Smith. (You know he "white-ized" his name to be more acceptable to mainstream America. It was more likely Jamal Dedufus Washington or some such crap. But there wasn't a damned thing he could do about
his chimp-ass

Or that other bomb of a movie titled Hancock. Both of them ended up real stinkers for one reason alone: niggeritis. White America is sick to death of those damned Hollyweird Jews always hitting the nigger button when they're looking for a star for their movies. Both flicks had potential, but the second whites saw that monkey-ass face chimping back at them from the previews they said forget it!

These black stars are always pressing home their blackness to the public in everything they say and do, and I don't know of a single ape that hasn't married some stupid blonde. The first thing any nigger does is find a blonde. It makes any self-respecting white want to cut their balls off, and cut the head off the slut. It's a slap in the face to all white men, a direct insult that they're deliberately rubbing in our faces. At least wetbacks stay with their own kind. That's because white women won't breed for them like those wetback hos will.

Plus, taco chokers are violent as hell. Beating up your wife is considered normal marital relations to them. And in the wetback culture, a woman has no real status until she's married and has a litter. Then she becomes a "senora", someone worthy of respect. And the fool wetback works his ass off the rest of his retarded life supporting all those snot nosed little thieves. His wogs are taught nothing about ethics and morals. It's their culture to do whatever you can get away with, live like the devil, then go to mass on Sunday and confess to a semi-psychotic priest so he'll wash the slate clean, then do it all over again the next week. Mexicans know nothing about true Catholicism. Heaven bound? You bet...right behind my

Blacks are just the opposite in marriage and child raising. They don't marry at all as a rule. And as far as kids go, like all lower primates they drop em' and leave em'. Their kids get a modicum of care, but as a rule are turned loose to run wild while mammie lays up, smokes crack, watches BET and screws her new man, which she changes like a TV preacher changes suits. I've lost count of the dirt streaked little niglets I've seen dragging an aging diaper with several loads in it while they played in areas I wouldn't toss my trash.

Sure, there are some that are honestly trying to raise them right, but when their kids hit the public schools they're immediately enrolled in "Nigger 101" and before long there's no difference between them and ole' Jamal from de' projects down the street. It's a losing battle because it's a chimp's nature to take the easy way out. Why should he go to school and look uncool to learn some job way off in the distant future, when he can have fun right now, smoke crack, get lots of money and street cred' by bein' a lowlife buck? There's no contest.

A coon will always take the quickest, easiest way out. That's because he's lazy by nature. He can't help it. It's what he is!!! And the sooner these dumb-ass bleeding hearts snap to this fact, the better off we'll all be. Can I get a yowzah?

Just the other day I heard some big-mouthed buck ranting on a local channel about how de' bruthus wuz goin' to teach whitey a lesson if de' welfare gets cut off on March 1st, which, according to ole' Governor Shaganigger, is definitely going to happen. The state of California narrowly averted this disaster last month by dipping into funds allocated for a lot of other things, but this coming month there's no money!

Yes, he could pay them if the liberal state legislature would do what he demands and cut off all that gravy money to the millions of wetbacks in our state, and to the millions more that are flooding in every month, but they're terrified of losing the Latino vote, so they'd rather the house burned down around their ears than be the ones that signed the orders.

Liberals! They're a curse and a cancer. So unless the liberals cave on some critical pork issues the crap's going to hit the fan this time. I see no way around it. And as we all know, if the coons riot in one city, they'll riot in all the cities. Martial law could come fast folks. Be ready. We may yet have a golden opportunity to take the initiative here. Let's watch closely at how things develop. Keep a sharp eye on California.

We owe all these mud bastards a hell of a lot. A hell of a lot in spilt white blood. And the flow hasn't stopped yet. Even as I write, somewhere in this country some poor white is being raped, shot, robbed or killed by some worthless, evil mud.

How many hundreds of thousands of us must suffer and die? How many atrocities are we going to allow the liberal media to bury? How many times are we going to let them make a national incident out of some small infraction of some white against a black, while they ignore the hundreds of major black on white crimes occurring at the exact-same time?

The hypocrisy must stop. We have to stop it. It's a safe bet those bastards never will. The liberal media in this country is just as guilty of those crimes against our people as if they did them themselves. Why? Because they enable them to continue unpunished while they attempt to press forward with their evil pro-nigger agenda. As long as they ignore the tidal wave of atrocities being committed against our people it can only escalate. These animals see that we're too weak and cowardly to fight back. Why should they stop? Who's going to stop them? That's the way they look at it. Those naive' liberals and yuppies think that these beasts have morals and will behave because it's the moral thing to do. Right. And the tooth fairy will be along tonight too...

When the time comes to clean house it's going to be a war on two fronts. That's because we're going to have to fight our own government along with these animals. Both are equally guilty. We are under attack and it's not going to stop until WE stop it. Anyone waiting for things to get better on their own might as well give up now because it'll never happen..ever. Evil never surrenders. Ever. It must always be forcibly stopped or destroyed. Always. This isn't my opinion, this is simply a hard cold fact of life that any experienced soul will tell you. We must fight back. A short window of opportunity will open soon for us to set things right.

And when it does we can't sit on our hands and wait for a "better time" because it won't be coming. Even when the right time comes it won't be ideal. Opportunities never are. They're simply times when the odds are most in our favor. When this government collapses, and it will, that's our window but not before. We let them hang themselves with their own corruption, then move into the power vacuum and set things right in this country. Either way you slice it there's going to be a ton of bloodshed, even without our participation.

But once we're in power, the changes we will make will be met with a lot of resistance and blood. It's inevitable because the damned liberals have pounded into the minds of millions of muds that they deserve what whitey has made and earned. Stopping this constant siphon and putting them back under control is going to be a real war.

But in the end America will be back on track. We must do this to save the nation, or watch it fall the rest of the way into the cesspool of third world status. Because whatever race controls a nation dictates the caliber of that nation. Just look at all the countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Enough said.

We are under attack by forces that are both extremely evil and insane. Therefore there's no reasoning with it. We must treat our foes like the mad dogs they are. No mercy.

But that time is not yet. We must sharpen our swords and clean our weapons and prepare for battle, but we must wait. Only a fool gives his hand away before the game is played. We cause no trouble, attack no one, obey all laws..and wait. Our opportunity is coming as surely as the sun rises, and soon. Our enemies will show us the time.

You'll know it when the evil system we're trapped under finally collapses in on itself, as it's about to do as I speak. Until then give our enemies no excuse to impinge any further on our freedoms. We will be wise, we will be patient, and we will win...

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever this "Lone Haranguer" guy is, he's fucking BRILLIANT!

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how that "no welfare money as of March 1st" story hasn't hit the controlled media.

I'm going to warn my friends.

Dave 02182009 / 0812

8:12 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

Quite true about the movies. The film 'I am Legend' would have been excellent except for that bastard nigger, Smith. How kikey of the producers to put a nigger in the role of a genius. A genius who solves the problem which almost wipes out the human race no less! The villains of the plot are whites, of course. I am so sick of the kike world view. The constant pushing of muds in our faces. The twisting of reality and history. It's all going to end in bloody chaos. I only hope the kikes pay for what they have done.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I made a mistake with the HTML tags when I tried posting this EXCELLENT cartoon earlier. Sorry for not "previewing"!

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I kind of liked the Richard Matheson remake of "I Am Nigger." It had skinhead mutants eating high on the nigger food chain. The nigger acted just like a nigger -- it was not 'acting.' It had all the liberal-nigger prejudices on open display. It showed ZOG leaving White women and children to die while it let semi-infected niggers get a free ride on the helicopter, which crashed, like anything having to do with niggers. I think it was an educational film. The skinhead mutant was smarter than the nigger doctor. It has some stupid twat doctor bring about the disease by curing cancer for whiggers with the virus mutating. "I am Nigger" rubbed a lot of nigger and jew crap into whigger faces. I laughed a lot when I seen "I Am Nigger."

The free domain Vincent Price version was a lot better and smarter film. The mutants were not as violent or dangerous, more like zombies. It was the slightly changed who were the most dangerous. You can download it for free off the Internet.

"Handcrock" was a crock. The pretty blond lusting after the nigger superzero was pretty stupid and disgusting. Too much nigger crap right in our face. The daughter of South Africa, Charlese Theron should know better. I didn't like it as much as the idiotic "I Am Nigger."

4:04 PM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

"It's a losing battle because it's a chimp's nature to take the easy way out. Why should he go to school and look uncool to learn some job way off in the distant future, when he can have fun right now, smoke crack, get lots of money and street cred' by bein' a lowlife buck? There's no contest."

This, cubed.

I've talked to a handful of black parents who actually give a hoot about their progeny's choice of lifestyle, and each time it's the same thing: bitter tears and lamenting that their child(ren) can run circles around their authority on a daily basis. The police are limited to trying to catch them after the fact and their teachers have been long since stripped of any disciplinary power. It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear them.

Thanks goes to the ACLU, the Great Society debacle, our welfare system, and the hordes of limp-d**ked 'experts' who've undermined corporal punishment, among others. In place of honest wood-cutters and water-carriers (even if they do need an eye kept on them) we now have a race of thugs and thieves spawning bastard children for the welfare benefits.

10:42 AM  

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