Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mess With That Nigger's Head

[This came in as a comment on another post, but I think it deserves more prominence. - HAC]

Here's Obongo's "Recovery" website for tracking the "stimulus plan:

People are supposed to use this website to report to the chimp in charge that money the government steals from you is spent "responsibly."

You can clog the site with comments that waste their time and frustrate them. I'll leave it to your imagination how you can do that. If you're worried about tracking, there are many proxy services and away-from-your home computers available.

Peace Out


Anonymous Obama-Rama said...

Glad you liked it!

Peace and Love, my Brothers and Sisters

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't appear to be up and running yet, but we can all have tun when it is.

Dave 02122009 / 1617

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Obama-Rama said...

No, it's not up and running yet, but Obongo announced it in one of his "town-hall" meetings.

Peace Out.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous John Steele said...

I stand by my prediction that Yo Mama Obama will, in the end, be
considered the WORST president in U.S. history. Ironically, much of it will
have absolutely nothing to do w/ his race (or 'lack thereof', when you
really think about it....) but rather history. He has inherrited the
excesses of both the Clinton and Bush, jr. regimes. Even if, by some
impossible twist of fate, 'we' had managed to elect Ron Paul or one of the
NSM candidates into office, he/they could not have fixed this God awful
If I might offer up humble suggestion to other racially aware Whites
reading this blog: This is NOT the time to openly bash the new regime. No,
the 'honeymoon' atmosphere is still too strong. Large numbers of people (of
all races) still believe that Yo Mama-Obama is our savior, our man on the
multi racial horse/mule/donkey. Just let history take its course as it
inevitably will do so.
If we try to expose them at this point, we will be perceived as
'haters', 'negative', 'fear mongers', ad nauseum. But..............!!!! I
do truly believe that the day of truth is just around the corner (Yes, I
know, the 'right wing' has been peddling that horse shit for decades, but
this time, empirical evidence points to it REALLY happening in the next 5
years or less!)

Just wait and see....Let the 'new deal' fail......Let your 'everybody
is equal and you Nazis are full of shit' brother in law lose his 25+ year job at the steel mill.....Watch as your liberal/leftist 'I don't know why you people hate the jews so much! I met some very nice and intelligent fellow students who happened to be jewish americans at the cafe......blah blah blah' college graduate neice fails to find work even at the local fast food joints. THEN....once that has happened, be there to tell them (without
undue anger or 'fanaticism') the truth of modern day 'america.'

In other words, I say let's take a, "Wait and watch it fail!"
attitude....... ;)

7:21 AM  

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