Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's Not The Muslims, It's The JEWS, Dammit!

I never cease to be astounded at the fact that I still have to explain this periodically, but we all do know, do we not, that our main enemies on this earth are not the Muslims, but the Jews, right?

You know, the kikes, the sheenies, the Red Sea pedestrians? The ones who started all this crap in the Middle East back in 1948 when they stole a parel of land that did not belong to them, that racially speaking had never belonged to them? (I am not Christian Identity, but CIs are correct when they assert that today's Jews are not the Jews of the Bible, but descendants of an Asiatic tribe called Khazars as documented in Arthur Koestler's The Thirteenth Tribe.) 1948, when with Harry Truman's aid and approval the murdering Jew bastards slaughtered or drove from their homes almost half the native population of Palestine?

You know, the Jews who use American money and American weapons to slaughter children with every day, including their recent butcherfest in Gaza? The filthy Jews who started this whole bloody mess and dragged us with them?

No, Virginia, they have NOT been "fighting there for thousands of years." That is a Jewish bullshit lie which has been hammered into ignorant American skulls full of mush. Actually, for the past few centuries prior to 1948 the Middle East was a comparatively peaceful, well, actually kind of stagnant backwater, part of the Turkish Empire. Since the expulsion of the last Crusaders in the late 13th century, nothing much happened there besides a brief incursion by Napoleon in the early 1800s.

Other than a brief tangle with the Barbary pirates in the late 1790s, the Muslim peoples of the world were always friendly and well-disposed to the United States--until 1948 when the goddamned Jews showed up in their droves and stole their land, with our help.

We give Israel God alone knows how many billions of dollars in "aid" every year. American concrete and razor wire have assisted Israel in becoming the first tyranny in history ever to put an entire nation of people in jail, literally, in Gaza and on the West Bank. We turn a blind eye and actually approve of Israel's violation of international law and basic human decency. We arm them with our latest military technology in order to kill Muslims and we invade and bomb Muslim countries that in their paranoid fear the Jews have decided are a threat to them. (Saddam Hussein's ramshackle dictatorship was no threat to anyone except other Iraqis, and I notice our government no longer even pretends otherwise.)

You know, when you steal other people's land and drop bombs on their babies, other people tend to get pissed off. What in God's name is wrong with us that we cannot seem to wrap our minds around this basic fact of human nature?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last summer i was out with a pretty girl I'd met recently, and the topic of this nature arose. Knowing me, i knew I had to take it slow or she'd of been blown away by my.......idealism? Anyway, she believes the muslims, - Palestinians, are fighting Israel cause they hate freedom! Hahahaaha Americans!!!


8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DIASPORA 2 : coming to a theater near you before 2018 !

1948+70(a biblical generation)

2:45 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Muslims and Jews are both enemies of whites. Muslims and Jews hate whites. Muslims and Jews both hate Christianity. And while educated, racially aware whites avoid Christianity, Muslims don't segregate the two. So, it is a mistake to "cheer" and/or "support" the Muslims. If Muslims were to find that you are tied to America in any way (despite your own personal views about the U.S), they would have your head blown off in seconds. A sand nigger is a sand nigger. Let's not put him even a notch above the Jews, because the sand nigger has not earned it.

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Robert Riordan said...

You're going to have a hard row to hoe on that one, Harold. Most Americans simply aren't sophisticated or educated enough to understand that Whites and Muslims can and should be natural allies against a common enemy.

6:51 AM  

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