Friday, February 27, 2009

Forcing The Issue

Just yesterday the local paper's headlines reported that over 86,000 muds won't be getting their welfare checks on March 1st, and that's just in my county alone. Looks like the cat is finally going to fall in the blender. That's because there is no way in hell all those niggers are going to stand still for no extortion payment!

And that's exactly what it is. We pay them a monthly check so they don't have to go to school and learn a trade and work a responsible job like everyone else. No, this way they get to lay up and be what they've always been: lazy, worthless parasites that'll work harder avoiding work than just doing the damned job. There's something about work that just scares the crap out of niggers. And because we give them their extortion money every month, they don't riot and loot and burn crap to the ground, complaining that whitey is prejudice and racist and not being fair to the blacks.

Well, whether or not the politicians manage to scrape up the money to pay the bribe this month or not, it's a slippery slope because they can't continue doing it. The money just isn't there anymore.

Why? One word: wetbacks.

Liberal politicians have done everything in their power to keep these invaders on the welfare rolls, even though they're still pouring over here by the tens of thousands per month (don't believe any of that government bullshit about the numbers dropping. It's pure lies designed to pacify a growingly hostile white populace), and breeding like the proverbial Mexican cockroach. They know what has to be done, but they'd rather have all their teeth pulled without novocaine than do it.

That's because Hispanics mean votes. And all those illegals that got amnesty twenty years ago are now voters, and relatives of most of the bastards sneaking over here. So if you deport aunt Lupe, Pedro is gonna be pissed and vote for somebody else. These corrupt bastards only care about one thing and it damned sure isn't the welfare of the nation, it's their damned careers. That's all any of these worthless turds care about, and the reason this country is in the mess it's in today. No honor.

So now the dilemma is scratching and snuffling at their door, and it's got hairy paws and long, sharp claws. And the hard truth is that soon they're not going to have any choice left but to cut these thieves off.

And you want to know something funny? The blacks will be all for it once they snap to the fact that it's the wetbacks that are taking their welfare from them. Blood will flow. Any way you slice it trouble is gurgling down the pipe and will come spewing out any time now. And all those greedy, self-centered politicians that have robbed us for decades to further their corrupt careers will be boarding jets to Barbados and New Zealand to get away from the punishment they so richly deserve. Some will escape, some won't.

I don't pity them either. I can't think of a single faction that doesn't despise those bastards. But before there's any kind of an adjustment to the inequity going on, there'll first have to be a lot of blood spilt to get their attention. Governments are notoriously slow to act. They always wait until after the crap has hit the fan to do anything about it. Why? Because they don't care! And they don't want to be bothered.

So how do they react? They drop a hammer on a piss ant. They always overreact, causing a bigger mess that the one that they went in to fix. That's because they never take into consideration the effects of their actions on the people. That's because the people mean squat to them other than a means to an end. That, my friends, is the elitist attitude and why we're in the mess we're in. They should all be arrested, prosecuted, and shot for high treason as a warning to future politicians that we won't tolerate their brand of crap anymore...ever.

Whether it happens on March 1st or June 1st, the welfare collapse is coming. I for one am getting ready because whatever state it starts in will only be the first in a chain reaction that sweeps this nation like a brush fire. The next series of riots are going to make the Watts mess look like a tea party at Granny's house. The lights are growing brighter, the drum roll has started, and the curtains are starting to part.

The show's about to begin.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just happen to be on vacation for the entire month of March, for an entirely different reason. And there's a gun show on the two days before March 1st.

Must be a sign that I'm low on ammo. But not after Friday.

Dave 02272009 / 1154

11:54 AM  

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