Monday, February 16, 2009

The Forbidden Words

Just today, while lying back and trying to heal, I caught part of a Law and Order episode. This particular one enraged me immediately, and the more I watch it, the madder I got until finally I had to change the channel and forget it for the sake of my TV's survival. Because five more minutes of that tripe and I would have jammed my jackboot into the screen (and yes, I actually do wear steel-toed, high-top, lace-up boots).

I've jammed those boots up various deserving asses through the years, though never enough. Or as my late father used to say, "If I kicked every ass that needed it, I'd spend my entire life standing on one leg..." I got my ass kicking skills from my Dad, who landed in jail more than once for stomping black ass, but that was during de' ciboh raaahts movement and the liberals and kikes hadn't yet invented hatecrime, or he'd have died in prison.

Anyway, this particular episode was written by Hollyweird kikes who are always looking for ways to hammer home their hatred for whites and white separatists, always creating plots where we are foaming at the mouth, murderous mad dogs that go around killing innocent, hard working and honest people that just happen to be black.

The liberal propaganda position is that the only difference between whites, blacks and any other race is the shade of their skin. Period. And they make it look like there's absolutely no justification for hating them or wanting to live separate from them. You'll never, ever hear anything on any of their episodes that knock anyone but whites.

And boy, they're vicious with whites. They say things about us on those shows that if they were said about niggers we'd have riots in the streets. They always, and I mean always portray a white separatist as a mental defective that's filled with unreasoning bigotry. They'll lord over him and cut him to pieces in the witness chair, then flash to the face of some cute little niglet girl with a tear in her eye for being called a nigger.

Gimme a damned break! Their methods are reprehensible. They use every dirty trick in the propaganda manual. They're playing on the emotions of millions of gullible white females out there, and sheltered "Soft Bobs" as I call them. You know, the guys that work a 9 to 5 in a cubicle every day, then drive their BMW home to their gated community house, where the wife has an expensive meal laid out. Then he watches some liberal tripe on TV and goes to bed, never seeing any of the world outside or sharing in the reality of our crumbling society.

The danger here is these same idiots go out and vote. And when they do, they always vote liberal because they've been spoon fed from birth that anyone that isn't a liberal isn't cool, isn't "with it", and is an automatic bigot.

The trouble is that liberal lies do make a dent. And when their kids go to school their liberal teachers work on them more about political correctness than they do about the three R's. That's because they're working hard to raise up the next generation of rabid, mindless liberals. And the best place to start, as all good communists know, is with our children, the son of a bitches.

I listened on the radio to an interview with a Polish scientist. Poland today is a more advanced and free society than we are. In fact they refuse to allow liberals into their political realm at all because they know the consequences of doing that. This scientist was talking about the U.S. He said that in Poland they don't suffer under the yoke of our political correctness. He said that he'd seen the rise of this before in Nazi Germany and in the Soviet Union where anyone that said anything against the propaganda was sentenced as a dissident to the gulags in Siberia for as long as 30 years. Some were just taken out and shot. We too are rapidly reaching that point.

With the installation of Obongo's "Dream Team" of rabid liberals across the board, this country hasn't seen trouble yet like it's about to see under their control. The plans they have for this country would make your hair stand straight up. We're all going to start experiencing this "New Order" in the next few months.

The fateful day will be when the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" is enacted by the liberals in the senate. This evil new law would give them the power to muzzle all conservative, Christian, white resistance, and anti-liberal speech anywhere in the nation, and make it a crime to say anything negative about them or their evil policies.

Sure sounds like a dictatorship doesn't it? There would be no more Rush Limbaugh, O'Reilly Factor, or any other show or pundit that has ethical views. The forbidden words will be anything that talks of taking back our freedoms and our authority that this government has so slowly and carefully stripped from us. There's a nightmare coming down the tracks straight for us folks, and it's name is political correctness.

Don't be fooled. It's much more than a propaganda tool, it's the first step in finishing the job on what's left of our individual rights. And if we don't lock and load and prepare to fight tooth and nail when the time comes, we'll be reduced to nothing but valueless chunks of meat, to be used as the State sees fit.

-The Lone Haranguer


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