Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Fat Mosquito

I'm in shock over the "Stimulus Bill". It should be called the "Final Siphon," because that's exactly what it is. It's a liberal free-for-all with money we don't have, in an economy that's about to collapse. Hell hath no fury like a pissed off America. Check out some of this:

3 BILLION to ACORN!! You know, that NIGGER owned and run outfit that went out and registered around a half-a-million dead niggers for Obama's election? Yeah, the same bucks that were intimidating old people to vote for Super Chimp or get thumped by big, muscled up gorillas. The same ones that had some coons vote 79 times!! The same outfit that's manned and run by nothing but militant, white hating coons. THAT ACORN! The liberals are giving de' hood 3 billion! Can I get a yowzuh! And who says it doesn't pay to have a brutha in de' White House?

Our economy keeps spiraling down the toilet and these assholes are spending money they don't own, that will be tacked on to our grandchildren's debt. And to top that off, they're spending this money on things that a government only buys when times are good! When things are in a surplus and the nation is booming. Not when a third of the nation's businesses are going belly up!

Insanity? Liberalism gone wild? You bet. But then liberalism has always been an insane philosophy. Millions to buy new computers for our colleges? Millions more to save an endangered swamp rat? What about the millions of white American families that can't feed their kids or keep a roof over them? But nooo! That poor swamp rat. That takes priority.

And that, my friends, is liberal logic in action. That package was supposed to restore companies that are in trouble and create more jobs for our starving white workers. Instead the vast bulk of the money is going to nigger projects and pork. And after all this money has lined the pockets of those that were already rich, or freeloading blacks that didn't deserve the help, we'll be a hell of a lot deeper in debt, and with even fewer jobs for our white working force!!

I have despised liberals ever since I was old enough to get two brain cells to work together into a thought. They stand for everything I detest in this world. They are responsible for every last stinking failure and social ill we have. Every one of them. Even the wars the conservatives are always blamed for are the direct result of liberals screwing up the foreign political scene and leaving it to the conservatives to clean up the mess. And then who gets blamed for it? Why, the conservatives, of course!

Don't get me wrong. The conservatives are just as crooked as the liberals. But the liberals made them that way. How? you ask. By destroying the moral fiber of our nation and making it okay to pull shady deals. After all, it was the liberals who invented "situational ethics" which in plain English translates to "Screw whoever you want as long as you can get away with it."

Their entire perspective on priorities is as screwed up as the brain of Osama bin Laden, or is that Obama and Biden? I keep getting the two mixed up. After all, isn't it more than a little weird that the name of our alleged worst enemy is Osama and our Prez' name is Obama? Osama Obama? Gimme a damned break here!

To me it's just one more proof that the "Lemming Syndrome" has gripped the American yuppie public. It's downright creepy. I flat don't understand why the American people haven't risen up and had a violent and bloody revolt and taken back their country and hung every last politician from the lamp poles in D.C. Instead I just saw a good looking white chick fighting with a rubber lipped ho over the attentions of a corn-rowed buck nigger with a face only an ass leech could love.

I saw that on my tube, and you could have used my lower jaw for a dustpan. Disgust and shock can't come close to what I felt at seeing that. But it's a perfect example of what I'm talking about. The American people are suffering from some weird form of mental blindness to the truth. I don't know if it's something in the water or air, or perhaps a hypnotic suggestion being transmitted over the airwaves. Whatever it is, it's scaring the beejeebers out of me. They just keep lying there limp as a noodle while that great big fat mosquito called liberalism sucks them as dry as a prune.

That damned mosquito is gorged on the blood of the millions of brave patriots that died to protect this great nation of ours from enemies just like these bastards! The only difference between our foreign enemies and this bunch, is that this group is on the inside and speaks English. But they're the enemy just the same, and just as deadly to this nation. And they should be dealt with just as ruthlessly.

But because our people simply continued to lay up and do nothing, these maggots have thrown our entire nation into a deadly tailspin. And instead of helping it in it's time of need, they're on a spending spree as if everything were hunky dory. And on top of creating no jobs, just spending more on pork, the only actions taken were to destroy years of hard work by American whites to limit the power of wetbacks to enter our country and suck us dry.

This is a real war folks. Never think otherwise. They're hitting us on every front and aspect of our lives. The right to free speech, bear arms, gather in groups, resist and\or question government actions, vote, pray, teach our kids, associate with whom we choose, and a whole range of other precious rights.

Now that these insane monsters have complete control of the government they don't know who to screw first. They're actually drunk on their newfound power. I flat can't remember when I've seen them act with such blatant arrogance and impunity.

The really scary thing about all this is they're still just as blind to the destruction their philosophy is bringing down around our ears. Our country is on the very brink of total collapse and utter chaos, and yet these idiots are moving ahead full-bore with their insane agenda. And when things finally do collapse, they'll immediately start pointing their fingers at someone else. They always, always do this. I have never, ever seen liberals take responsibility for their actions, and I've watched them for over thirty years.

Few people today ever do any deep philosophical thinking. Everything is simple, cut and dried, black and white. Nothing is very complicated to them. The trouble is that life just isn't that way. Life is complicated. Very much so in fact.

Most modern people don't even accept the existence of evil. To them it's an abstract concept created in the minds of men to justify bad behavior. I truly wish it were so. It would make life a lot simpler to deal with, and people too. But the hard truth is that evil does exist. It is a palpable, real force in the universe just like radiation or heat or light.

It exists. It is the conscious motive behind chaos. It's what drives chaos, motivates it, and controls it. Evil is created by men and rules a large portion of humanity, mainly the mud races. But it also has a home in the Jews and their lackeys the liberals.

Evil is a force for greed, cruelty, and destruction. We've all seen it looking out at us through the glittering black eyes of some ghetto coon or hateful wetback. It's send chills of revulsion and hatred through you, and if you're weak it creates waves of fear. Personally when I see it, my fists tighten until my knuckles go white, and see red like some crazed bull about to charge the matador. That's because I understand the nature of evil and its thought processes. It creates a rage in me that overpowers my better judgement, and I have to fight hard to control the urge to destroy it on the spot.

That's because I know what it's thinking, and the very audacity of it makes me blind with rage. Evil enjoys causing grief and pain. It loves the feeling of watching people suffer from loss or death or injury. This is alien to decent people. They can't get their head around it at all. They just can't comprehend the motive behind such heinousness.

But what they just don't understand is that evil is it's own motive. It needs nothing else. That's the very nature of evil. And the more evil a person becomes, the more insane they become. It's a truism that never changes.

And that's why we all look at the actions of liberals with such shock and confusion. They just don't make sense to us. What they do seems insane to us. Well, that's because it is. And the sooner we accept that and deal with these freaks accordingly, the quicker we'll defeat them. Don't worry about the "whys" of their actions anymore. Just fight to stop them like you'd stop any mad dog.

They're a lot like a mosquito, a big fat bloated one that can never get enough. The U.S. is already bled dry, and yet the Jews and their bootlicks are still there on the Hill and in New York, sucking every last dreg they can get before our country takes it's last fitful gasp and dies. To compare these maggots to some insect is appropriate in the extreme.

Americans must wake up to the reality of who and what they are. It's far too late to save this country. That should have been done thirty years ago at the minimum. Now all we can do is mete out justice when the time comes. I hope and pray enough of you have the guts and the commitment to make the sacrifices it will require to do this when you're called upon by circumstances.

Don't sit around waiting for an official Aryan phone call to tell you when to act. You'll know when by the events taking place all around you. That's when you seek out your brothers and unite.

No, it's not going to be easy or fun, or cheap, or safe. But if you think that by sitting still like a good little sheep is going to save your cowardly butt, you've got a rude awakening coming. The government will come for you. Bank on it. Your only hope of survival is to unite and fight back at that time, because there'll only be a weak shadow government in place then, not the official one.

Crooks at all levels will be jockeying for power for years as the whole shebang on the Hill collapses and politicians run for the Lear jets. Until then all we can do is watch the show and continue to prepare.

Personally, I hate mosquitos.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Haranguer guy is GREAT!!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

I'd like to take you to task for something you stated LH. The patriots who died for the US, and it wasn't millions, may have thought that they were fighting for liberty, justice and all that is good. However, they were actually fighting to bring about the evil system that exists in the world today with its headquarters in Washington and Tel Aviv. American soldiers for the last hundred years have been, as General Smedley Butler said, mercenaries and goons for big business and the Zionists. They destroyed real freedom fighters and defenders of western civilization. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. American patriots sat on their fat asses while the kikes and liberals destroyed the country. American patriots enthusiastically helped turn Europe into a heap of rubble and handed half of it over to the greatest tyrant the world had ever seen.
You need to forget about patriotism. You don't have a country to be patriotic about any more. You need to think about saving your race. The United States is an institution of monsters. The sooner it collapses and vanishes from the world stage the better for white people. Forget about Iwo Jima and Normandy and all that. White patriots need to think about creating a country where they can physically survive the hell that is coming. The North West Republic is the best idea that I have seen. You have no chance of taking the whole country back again. It's gone forever, and no thanks to all those patriots.

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jews' "Wailing Wall" is a FRAUD. It is NOT a Second Temple wall at all. And they know it.

it is a nearby Roman Fort Antonia wall.

11:12 AM  

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